Why Brokeback Mountain

Because this film turned my life upside down and definitely changed it. For the best.


36 thoughts on “Why Brokeback Mountain

  1. Haven’t written anything about one of my favorite movies yet… That’s a shame.

    Brokeback Mountain est un film d’une sensibilité et d’une subtilité infinies. Ang lee manie le scénario et ses comédiens d’une main de maître, avec intelligence et sobriété. Il nous embarque dans une histoire d’amour complexe avec des ruptures déchirantes, des retrouvailles bouleversantes, des personnages qui évoluent dans un climat social borné et qui ne trouvent jamais la quiétude d’un amour partagé. Les moments de bonheur sont éphémères et pourtant d’une intensité et d’une authenticité rarement vues au cinéma. Ces deux cow-boys aimeraient fuir le conformisme pour vivre leur amour. Pendant près de 20 ans, ils essaient, ils s’aiment et ils échouent. La vie, la peur, l’intolérance des hommes les enferment dans une profonde solitude et vers une fin déchirante. Un grand moment de cinéma et sans aucun doute l’une des plus belles histoires d’amour jamais exposée sur la toile.

    Gyllencrazy, I don’t know if you’ll understand everything I wrote but it’s too difficult for me to express all my feelings in English. This movie turned me upside down and I would like to be “perfect” to express exactly what I think but I think… I won’t be able…

  2. Like I told you Julie, my French sucks but I managed to understand everything you said. Thank you for adding your thoughts, they sure are welcome here. As you can see this page is still empty but it’ll soon be complete. Again, thanks for posting in this particular page, which is dear to me in a way that I can hardly express. I agree with everything you said anyway, Brokeback is indeed one of the most beautiful and heartwrenching stories ever written.

    • Thanks Gyllencrazy. Be sure I’m really glad and proud to have written some words and added my thoughts on this page.

  3. I’ve just seen the vid of the BAFTA ceremony. I love what Jake says about the meaning of the movie to him. He’s so right and I do hope that things are gonna change now. As we say in my country “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité”… Time will tell…

  4. BBM will always have a special place in my heart. When I first saw it last year, I was teary a lot of the time for about two weeks after the fact. It’s sad that they weren’t able to live together.

    Do you think Jr. knew that her dad was gay? I was wondering that since she mentioned to Cassie that maybe he wasn’t the marrying kind.

    • Rebecca, lovely to see you here.

      I don’t think Junior knew about Ennis. Homosexuality in rural Wyoming was not a common talking point (I bet not even today) and I doubt Junior had the means to figure that out. She just saw her father’s anti-social ways and probably learned during the years Ennis was married to Alma and especially afterwards, as a grown up, that being married was not for him.

      • Do you think Jack’s parents knew the extent of his relationship with Ennis, that it went beyond being good friends?

  5. I’m told mums are intuitive so I guess yeah, in a way I think she knew it . And judging by the way Jack’s dad acted in front of Ennis, I’m sure he at least wondered about it.

    • When Ennis told Lureen that him and Jack worked on BBM after she said it was his favorite place, do you think she suspected they were more than just friends? I wondered that based on her facial expression after Ennis told her about their summer working there. I could tell that Jack and Ennis truly loved each other even though they never actually said the words. It seemed like they were each other’s only friends.

    • Watching movie I was sure Jack’s parents knew about his relationship with Ennis. His father talked to Ennis about Jack’s plans to live together.

  6. It’s impossible to say for sure. The awareness of the wives about their husbands’ affair as well as how really Jack found his death are left to the audience’s personal judgment. Ang Lee’s touch is clear in the phone scene, where he directed Laureen in such a way that she seems to be lying. As regards to Ennis and Jack’s friendship, I think that’s one of the few undisputable steady points of the story. That they loved each other is made clear almost from the beginning.

    • I love at the very beginning in front of Aguirre’s trailer how Jack checks out Ennis. That face had “I’m hot for you.” written all over it.

    • Why do you think all those gay rumors swirled around Jake after BBM and not Heath? I just assumed that Jake was being his talented self and was secure in his sexuality. I love Jake whatever his preference. I’m sure he could get most any man or woman of his choosing.

      • I have my theory but I’m not going to discuss it here. I’m trying to keep this place as gossip/speculation free as possible. I failed to abide by this rule in a couple of occasions in the past but that’s not to be repeated.

        Loving Jake regardless of his sexual preference should go without saying. Too bad people have decided that they have a right to judge whatever he does, wears or sports on his face, whoever he bonds to, who he dates, how he dumps them…the list unfortunately continues.

      • Speaking of insights, I love Jake’s extra soft and sweet voice in BBM. Of course his voice is always sweet sounding just a little more so in BBM. That voice sounds so safe and secure.

      • There are rumors about both. They differ in volume and variety. But on the surface level (of BBM movie that is), the one that most caught on had the “benefit” of being associated with the role who initiates, revels in his sexuality *onscreen*. The other role is far more conflicted, at odds with himself also *onscreen*. When the differences *onscreen* is so stark, the springboard effect to whip up collective interest, launch stories and keep them going (because interest fades for different celebrity gossips) is crucial.

    • I do think that laureen had something to do with jacks’ death. The way she was saying to ennis about jacks death, made me think about womans intuition, you know. Like she knew what was going on with jack. But i might be wrong. Nevertheless, i sure would of hoped for them two, to have ended up together.. LOVE..<3

  7. BBM is one of the most precious movies ever made. As far as I’m concerned it’s my “Best Picture.” I love the tenderness with which Jack looks at Ennis, even when pissed off. I’m sure Jack would’ve made a lovely uncle for Junior and Jenny and Ennis for Bobby.

  8. I just finished up the second half of BBM on my phone. Got to thinking that Junior would be a good person for Ennis to reveal some of the pain and turmoil he’s gone through losing Jack. However, I realize that it would be highly unlikely for Ennis to open up like that. Anyone going through that could use some extra love and moral support. So sad and tragic.

    • Rebecca, your comments make me wonder whether you know about the Brokeback Slash fandom. It’s a website that collects stories written by Brokeback fans. If you want to read about Jack and Ennis having a different, better ending to their affair, you might want to check that out. DM me on Twitter if you want the link.

  9. Mine is probably a biased judgment but I couldn’t imagine any other Jack, or Ennis. Brokeback was born under a perfect star alignment. The direction, the location, the music, the actors.

  10. The musical score from BBM is the best I’ve ever heard from a film. Jake and Heath should’ve got Academy Awards for their parts. I’m glad the music got one, though.

  11. I love this movie. I went through this. However, i am gay but my boyfriend was not sure. He likes women. We broke up after a year. It hurt me so much. When i had a chance to see this movie, it made me cry because all the thoughts came back in mind. I sure hope some day i do find true love. I love ennis del mar and jack teist.i sure wish i could get an autograph. But maybe it is impossible. Love you very much

  12. I have watched this movie over and over again. Why? Because it gives hope to me as a gay individual, as well as a himan being. I loved the way everything is set up and everytime gets me emotional without any words. My favorite scene is, well, when jack cleans ennis’ face when he falls of the horse, as well as the scene where ennis takes both shirts and hangs them. That right there makes me think how much he loved jack…i will watch it until i …..

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