KCRW – Guest Dj Project – December 2009

This interview is very dear to me for two reasons: Jake’s choice of the song The River by Bruce Springsteen (and his reaction to it while filming a scene for ‘Brothers’), and his words about his father. Both things cut deep into my soul.

Here’s what this interview is about:

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal was heavily influenced by his parents’ musical tastes and repaid the favor with a Guest DJ set dedicated entirely to family – from the folk song that his dad sang him to sleep to the live track that makes him sob on set. He also puts his performer hat on, with a host of great imitations – including a few of Director Jim Sheridan, who directed him in the new film “Brothers.”

You can listen to it and read the transcript HERE, I know you won’t regret it. You can also download it.

The folk song his dad sang to him (‘The Fox’ by Burl Ives) seems to be a very dear memory to Jake, he mentions it often. And he even sang it with his beautiful voice (I know I’ve posted this before but I will never tire of it)


6 thoughts on “KCRW – Guest Dj Project – December 2009

    • Here are my favorite twins!

      I’ve listened to that interview so many times you wouldn’t believe it. I don’t think any adjective for Jake’s voice there would make it justice.

  1. That’s one of my favourite interviews too. I love his soothing voice and his sensitivity/sensibility/whatever. Touching, great to listen to.

  2. One more thing. It was very nice to read how important were parents to Jake, to his music’s liking and choices. It shows how important and valuable is time, parents spend with kids. I have to prize myself, that I was always spending much time with my kid. Playing her my favourite music, which she likes and remembers. I got nice complement from her that I have good taste in music. Knowing how big influence had both parents on Jake I was so sorry to hear about their divorce, imagining what it did to him and Maggie.

    • Hi mermon. The relationship and bond with parents are crucial for every kid. Kudos to you for spending so much time with your daughter, she appreciates it now but even more so she will in the future, when she’ll be a grown up woman who’ll pass your teaching to her children.

      Despite the unavoidable Hollywood-like spoiled environment Jake’s parents have managed to instill strong family values to both Jake and Maggie and we all can appreciate the result with two down to earth, loving and caring human beings.

  3. Exactly! As a mum, I’d always love to ask Jake’s parents about their tips to raise kids, cause Jake&Maggie are both so special and unique. It must be in genes, but in a way of raising certainly as well.

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