Someone recently pointed out to me that there are Jake Gyllenhaal fans who haven’t been fans for long.

I didn’t consider the fact that many fans have known him for films like Prince of Persia, Love and Other Drugs or Source Code and these people might have missed important steps in Jake’s past career.

I asked myself how could this blog help Jake’s new fans know him better and I came to the conclusion that there’s no better way to fill in those gaps than let Jake’s words do the job, so I decided to give him a space to talk about himself, hence the new page JAKE INTERVIEWS.

I’ll be posting interviews from magazines, talk shows, radio, whatever I can dig out of my embarrassingly wide archive. I won’t follow any particular order, just random interviews, starting from one that meant a lot to me.

I hope you enjoy.



12 thoughts on “JAKE INTERVIEWS

  1. That is such a neat idea, since I am one of those “Post-POP” fans as well. I tried to read as much as I could, even the older stuff, but I am more than certain I missed gemstones like the OUT interview. So thanks a lot for that.

    • My pleasure, Sasha. You know you’re one of those who made me realize that I could do something with this blog other than posting Jake news. His past is just as important, his words even more. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. My thanks as well for the neat idea. I’ve been a fan since October Sky, but I was never able to follow his career as closely as I would have liked until Prince of Persia. This will be a great resource to revisit the old gems as well as find new treasures. His interviews are usually so much fun!

    • Glad you liked the idea. Wow, since October Sky? you’re a veteran fan!

      Some of his interviews are a real hoot, especially the talk show ones. You have no idea how many times I found myself in public places laughing out loud and spilling coffee on my laptop or iPad. Embarrassingly funny.

      • October Sky was a very special experience for me. A close friend of mine is Homer Hickam’s wife’s BFF, so we’ve hung out together. The buzz for us was all about his book Rocket Boys being made into a movie. None of us had heard of Jake then. When I saw it in the theater, those amazing blue eyes had me hooked. Jake made that story so real and so touching! I left the theater wondering how to pronounce Gyllenhaal, but I had memorized how to spell it!!

      • Amazing! I think this is the loveliest ‘how-I-became-a-Jake-Gyllenhaal-fan’ stories I’ve ever heard, thanks for sharing it here.

        Despite his young age Jake was already convincing in October Sky, not to mention absolutely adorable.

  3. I love Jake in interviews. That way we have a chance to get to know him more privately. And discover how fantastic he is! Good idea,

  4. As another relatively new fan, thanks for adding this section to your blog. Maybe I’m weird, but for some reason I get shy when watching video interviews of Jake, however I’ll still watch them as you add them. It’s a shyness I don’t get when watching him act.

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