Happy Birthday Jake Gyllenhaal


As it’s become a tradition for this (shamefully neglected) website, on the day our man was born I make a post with the latest pictures of Jake with fans, as a reminder to us (and him, should he ever google himself and find this place) of how happy he makes people. I’ll add some shots from new/old photo-shoots just because I haven’t updated in forever and this place needs some ‘fresh air’. It also needs me to have a private life again so I could update more often than once in a blue moon but hey, new year’s resolutions and all that. 

So here’s to you, dearest Jake, Happy 34th from this very-crazy-Gyllen

Keep loving life and never stop dreaming

I’m also very glad to add the first publicity still from Everest, just to rejoice at the sight of The Beard
(which I noticed is nicely growing back, by the way)


And a couple more, from the play Constellations (previews currently on Broadway). Gorgeous shots.




Last but not least, Happy Holidays folks!

I hope that 2015 is good to you


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jake Gyllenhaal

  1. So nice to see your update, GC! Looks like 2015 may be the “year of the Beard” and no one is as happy about that as you are. Personally, I am partial to the hairstyle Mr. Gyllenhaal has adopted for Constellations. Those are some truly stunning stills from the play. Be warned – I am expecting a FULL report from you after you see Jake on Broadway. I suspect I’m not the only one, either! All of us who aren’t going to see the play are relying on you. Happy Holidays to you as well!

    • Thank you darling, you know I will. Thanks for being a faithful reader, I know I have disappointed you and many others and for that I feel truly sorry. Let’s hope next year will be more generous time-wise. Oh and yeah, I’m proud to be alone in my Beard loving LOL I agree his hairstyle looks great!

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