Jake Gyllenhaal’s Biceps

I know what you’re all thinking. Something along the lines of ‘huh?’, ‘the hell?’, ‘seriously? we’re all talking about what he did and GC comes out with what, biceps?!’

Well yes, biceps. Because I don’t even want to mention what the rest of the world has been shouting for joy about these past two days, I’m that brokenhearted.

Just kidding.


Luckily that glorious, manly, soft (oh yes I’m sure it was soft *sigh*), rebellious Beard that Jake dared to shave off *gasps* usually grows back quickly so it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing how long he’ll resist the submission to the daily routine of *gasps * shaving.

And anyway, among the myriad of tweets and FB and Instagrams and blogs and forum posts and all other means of information-sharing, carrier pigeons included, no one and I mean no-one deigned to mention that something else had grown along with what Jake shamelessly disposed of *gasps* and that’s…his biceps.  OK, will you look again at this and forget about his chin for a moment? See? biceps. Capital B-iceps. That’s all I want to focus on and I’ll ignore the rest until I finish sulking (I usually act more maturely than this but I’m traumatized and therefore entitled to be silly).

This rather idiotic post is obviously just an excuse to celebrate something that I’m already missing, with the hope that it’ll return back where it belongs soon, namely on Jake’s face. I mean, honestly folks, what’s there NOT to like?

Not to talk about these very good points (which my friend Sasha kindly shared with me)


Look, it’s not like I would kick Det. Loki out of my bed, I’m not THAT idiotic.


Especially if he resembles Jack Twist so much

Speaking of Jack Twist, I got chills down my spine reading about the boots Jake wore and apparently brought home from the set of Brokeback Mountain: ‘It didn’t feel right to leave them’, he said. Shame on me that I didn’t know about this.



7 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal’s Biceps

  1. Who do I need to contact to nominate this gem for a Pulitzer prize?

    In the meantime let’s just marvel at the beauty of his biceps together, shall we?

  2. Hi GC!
    Whenever I read the names ‘Jack Twist’ and ‘Detective Loki’ in one sentence (alright, maybe two), I’m happy!

    You had me laughing out loud with this post. And I didn’t know about the boots as well. Thanks for sharing! xxx

  3. Glad it made you laugh, BlueJean! Such a silly thing, really, but as one of the few bearded-Jake lovers I have to figuratively raise my voice from time to time 🙂 Nice of you to stop by.

  4. Great post, GC! Love that you love the beard so much, love that the biceps are back, love that we will get to see Jake in an athletic role (boxer in Southpaw) eventually, love that Nightcrawer will soon have a release date… Loving The J and Jake lovers everywhere…

    • Thank you Susan. Well, what can I say. I think The Beard looked great on his face, it made him look manly and sexy. Not that he doesn’t look absolutely edible with a clean face, he certainly does. But I like the darker, rebellious side of my Jake 😉

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