90′ with Jake Gyllenhaal

To overcome the disappointment for neither Jakes winning an award for Enemy at the Canadian Screen Awards (but Canadians thought its Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Music and Actress in a Supporting Role deserved them, which is great but, really? practically an award for everything and everybody BUT Jake?) I’ll lick my wounds by listening to him for 90 solid minutes in this interview recorded in November 2013 for the Sag Awards Foundation. Enjoy.

(hey Canadians? these two deserved that Award)




4 thoughts on “90′ with Jake Gyllenhaal

  1. GC, have you seen the pics (apparently leaked by an amateur photographer) from the set of Everest? Jake’s lovely derriere is the star of that show. Nudity on Mt. Everest? Now THAT’S a manly man – unafraid of a little cold weather. 😉

    • LOL yeah, I saw them and still wondering what the hell he was doing. I mean, apparently there’s a scene in Everest where he wakes people up but butt naked?! Anyway, if that was a publicity expedient to raise curiosity then they probably succeded 😉 I wasn’t looking forward to seeing Everest but now well, I might reconsider!

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