Jake Gyllenhaal Meets his Double

Updated with Trailer #2

A couple of new scenes from the film in this interview with Denis Villeneuve for The Morning Show

The first theatrical trailer for ENEMY, my most anticipated Jake’s film ever, has just been released. It’s minimal, scary, disquieting, intriguingly wicked.

In fewer words, I’m sold.

It bugs me to read that the film will have a ‘limited release’ but maybe things will change. You can catch the film online though on February 6 on DirecTV, a whole month before its official release in the US:

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Enemy is the first picture the satellite company will offer on VOD exclusively for 30 days as part of the new deal with A24.

A DirecTV exec told the Journal that it plans to introduce a new movie every month with a “huge marketing push.” It will charge as much as $12.99 for a seven-day rental, with Enemy making its debut early in 2014 [source]

Thanks to IHJ we have screencaps

normal_000001 normal_000016 normal_000013

I wonder if Jake himself decided to use this old shot. Brilliant!

normal_000025 normal_000047 normal_000067 normal_000069 normal_000091 normal_000071

We also have a new poster. I think of the three I like the red one better.

enemy-poster (1)



The anticipation is bloody killing me.


8 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal Meets his Double

  1. I am frantic! We are not subscribed to DirecTV and I will miss Enemy’s early debut! The “limited release” bothers me as well – is Richmond, VA a large enough market to get a “limited release?” If I have to wait for the disc, I may expire from anxiety before I can see it!! Gaaahhhh!

  2. Just watched the trailer. Thanks for posting it. It seems more trailer-like. But in a good way. I fear they show a little too much, but I know it can never be enough for Jake fans.

    Hoping to get some DirectTV access so I can watch Enemy again over the weekend.

    • Hey Sarah, good to see you here. Even if I haven’t seen the film I sense there’s too much showing in the trailer but you’re right, how can it ever be enough for Jake’s fans? I know it’s not even remotely enough for me. I have never felt this excited for a film before, but you already know that. The scenes where the two Jakes talk to each other are almost too much to bear. How will I ever be able to survive the entire film? LOL It’ll be the death of me.

    • Yeah, intense and disquieting. Always wonderful to see Jake behind the scenes working on his character, even more here with two! What an amazing job he did, he sure deserves the praise. Good to see you LM!

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