Jake Gyllenhaal on Charlie Rose

Jake and Denis Villeneuve on Charlie Rose. Enjoy!


Also enjoy these new photos from the Prisoners press conference in Toronto

(more on IHJ, of course)



9 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal on Charlie Rose

  1. Hi, GC. Thank you so much for the Charlie Rose video link. I have been battling a nasty head cold and just now getting to catch up on what’s happening in the Gyllenverse. I must say, he’s looking finer than fine, as usual!

    • Hello Susan, I’m fighting myself with what I hope is just a 48h bug and I feel like crap, glad you’re feeling better and able to catch up. Fantastic news today, Enemy won in Courmayeur. I’m so proud I’m bursting.

  2. Hi Gyllen,
    Thanks for sharing. Catching up after a week of the city for work.
    Sorry to hear Susan and yourserlf are sick. I’m fine myself so far… :o)
    Now looking forward to Christmas holidays to have more time for fun.
    Prisoners DVD has been released today in the US hasn’t it?

    • Thank you and good to see you back! It was luckily a 48hrs bug and I got rid of it pretty quickly, thank heavens. I’m in the middle of a move and a flu was the last thing I needed.

      Yep, Prisoners is out in the US today, I’m sure the DVD will sell well and add to the big success of the film at the box office.Too bad the awards people are ignoring it, I’m beyond pissed.

      • Thanks! Nice to read you again.
        Homes move? That’s stressing enough, to need the flu.
        Why do you think it is being ignored for awards? It has had a lot of publicity compared to other Jake’s movies…..

      • I have no idea but it’s frustrating as hell. The film and the actors’ performances have been almost unanimously praised, the box office agreed, and it would have been just natural that awards would follow.

        Yeah, I’m moving to a new flat. I’m surrounded by boxes. At least I’ll have many ‘presents’ to open at Xmas LOL

  3. Thanks, Eureka. I’m finally coming out of the fog that accompanies a nasty head cold. For the first time – ever – I have not already bought my copy of the latest Gyllenmovie (Prisoners) the day it is released. I have made some very strong hints to family that I would love to receive it as a Christmas gift. Now we’ll see if they really love me… 😉

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