It’s Jake Gyllenhaal (a ‘just because’ post)

Thanks to the magnificent IHJ for the complete ElleMenChina photo-shoot. Honestly, could he look any hotter? (maybe with a longer beard, but I’m enjoying the stubble, too).

And another ‘just because’, because Skyping with Jake must be every fan’s wet dream (mine for sure). 

I didn’t particularly enjoy the bit about buying an Oscar but maybe it’s just the sore spot I have for Brokeback Mountain talking here. I also wish Jake would have just said once and for all that yes, there are indeed homophobic pricks in the Academy but that’s just wishful thinking and we love our guy just the same.

Don’t miss Jake on The Ellen Show on Dec 9, 2013 and tomorrow morning on Studio 10.


7 thoughts on “It’s Jake Gyllenhaal (a ‘just because’ post)

  1. Hi GC! I would just like to confirm that I did indeed survive the Thanksgiving holiday and while all of my family were together in one house for an entire week we managed not to kill each other. If you only knew what an accomplishment this truly is… 😉
    More importantly – dude! what a fantastic photo spread! Thanks for sharing it all here, all together like that. Very swoon-worthy. I’m not a huge fan of the Det. Loki hairstyle, but Jake makes it work, doesn’t he?
    Yes, it would be satisfying to hear Jake say out loud and on the record that there are indeed homophobic pricks in the Academy, but he just doesn’t do things like that in public as far as I know. He’s courteous and polite, but he’s also smart enough to know that it won’t do anyone’s career any good to sound mean-spirited. I think he, like most people, is aware that homophobic pricks are in the Academy just like they are everywhere else. In a few years when he is a really powerful force in Hollywood – as an award-winning director/producer/writer/actor – he will use his influence to effect social change via movies that provoke thoughtful reflection as well as entertain. At least I certainly hope so.

    • Hi Susan, glad to hear you survived the Thanksgiving massacre 🙂

      I certainly didn’t mean that Jake should have used the same crude terms that I used, but maybe he could have at least hinted that maybe homophobia might have played a role with the choice of Crash that infamous day. I agree with you though, maybe one day he will. I know Brokeback changed many people’s lives, Jake is constantly reminded of that, and we know he’s very proud ot it.

  2. I know what you mean, GC. I apologize if my response came across as anything other than agreeing with your desire to hear the truth spoken out loud. It’s just difficult for me to think of homophobic pricks in any kind of terms other than crude. But who knows? If Brokeback had won best picture that year, it may not still be sparking intelligent debate and drawing negative attention to attitudes that should have phased out with the dinosaurs.

    Did I hear Jake correctly in the skype interview that Enemy is scheduled for release in March? I hope I’m in an area by then that has theaters willing to show it. I don’t think my local hometown cinema will offer it. Also got fingers crossed for a quick release to disc after a theatrical run. That might be one I will enjoy several times just for the sheer strangeness of the whole thing.

    • No need to apologize at all Susan, I know exactly what you mean and I’m content with the huge success Brokeback had despite the many who would have wanted it to be ignored by the audience.

      Yep, I heard that too about Enemy in the interview and I will also rely on the disc for the multiple viewings that I’m sure the film requires to grab its multi-layered meaning, not to talk to enjoy the double dose of Jakes.

      Very happy to hear that Enemy is among TIFF’s Top Ten Movies and will be screened again with a Q&A session with Jake and Denis Villeneuve in January. Lucky Torontonians.

  3. waiting with impatience the day that finally (or at least i hope) i will know the release date in Italy of Enemy…the fact that the movie will be at the Courmayeur Noir in Festival give some hopes but not certainties. I really loved Prisoners but Enemy…don’t know.. it arouses more my curiosity…I loved the book and the plot or.. maybe for the double Jake?eheheh

      • unluckily no 😦 it’s hours far from my home…if i was a single lady maybe this was a kind of madness that i’d probably do but i’m not ..and hubby’s patience is not so big..however hope that there will be good articles about it.. this would means more hopes to see it in cinemas

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