In Loving Memory

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I was informed last week of the untimely and sudden death of my dearest, sweetest TwitterQueen and this shocking news left me dumbfounded. I had to take some time to let it sink.

She was @mermon7 on Twitter. Recently I had given her the nickname of TwitterQueen for her unrelenting search for everything Jake on social media, but her name was Marzena and she was a lovely girl, generous, altruistic, always joyful and full of life. Today her young daughter, her family and her friends have gathered to pay their last respects to our girl and I wish at least one of us were there to show all her loved ones how deeply our little community of Jake Gyllenhaal fans has been affected by this tragedy and how Marzena managed to touch our hearts and make us love her even if none of us had never met her in person.

And still I’m speechless. I wanted to tweet and post about Jake, something I haven’t been doing a lot lately anyway, but I couldn’t make myself do it. I guess it’ll take a while. Knowing that Marzena will no longer comment on my posts like she used to do makes it impossible.

Thus for now, in loving memory of our beloved friend and fierce Jake Gyllenhaal fan, I’ll share some random comments she posted in my blog. I have read them all more than once these days. It helped some.

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And sadly, her last



7 thoughts on “In Loving Memory

  1. Tearing up here at work. I didn’t see this yesterday. I wish I had known so I could have thought of her at the time of the service. But I have been thinking of her, every time I make a post or reply.

    Thanks for doing this! It’s a wonderful tribute.

    Thinking of you, too! And of her family and friends.

  2. Hi GC. “‘Fierce’ Jake Gyllenhaal fan” describes Marzena perfectly. I know she had many more interests and loved all aspects of life, but I certainly connected with her first through our mutual and very intense Gyllenhaalism. Thank you for your heartfelt tribute. I’ll never be able to see another of Mr. Gyllenhaal’s films without thinking of her. Or go on Twitter for any reason, for that matter.

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