It’s hard to be a blogger and a fan when promotion starts and things with Jake get fast and furious, and when your job absorbs the most of your day so that you only get 4/5 hours to close your eyes – calling it sleep would be a stretch – believe you me, it sucks. Now not only I’m running behind my schedule as if I hadn’t worked 14 hours a day since I got back from my mountains but I can’t see the end of the tunnel, either. By any means this blog and its followers deserve an apology for not being up-to-date. I’m keeping an eye on this incredible promotion of course, just can’t find the time to post and I do apologize for that.

Just one thing I have to share, because you all know how eager I am to know more about ‘Enemy’ and I know there are a few GC followers who do too so don’t miss this Playlist article about it.

Gyllenhaalics, you know where to turn to for all things Jake these days, so have fun with the Toronto madness and rejoice over the incredible raves our guy is getting from practically everywhere. We know it’s well deserved and we’ve always known.

I’ll be back, most likely after I get back from NYC.

See you very soon and thanks for your patience!







4 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. You have all our patience you need. But it’s awful you have to work that hard. Unless it’s your absolutely choice. Though when you’re in NYC you may check all the places Jake likes. Wait a minute! You won’t have time for that! Will you? So maybe you may stay there till Jake will come back?
    We have a flood of so many things, that I’m not sure, I don’t miss something. Overall, Jake looks great, movie is praised. That’s the most important. And we have all those interviews coming!
    Gyllen, catch the most relax and rest you may, enjoying TIFF on the way.

    • Thank you Twitter Queen, I appreciate your support. Yeah, I really have no choice but work these endless hours and it’s fine, I just wish I had more time to dedicate to this blog, as silly as it may seem it makes me feel closer to Jake. Anyway, I’ll keep in touch from NYC and I’ll keep my eyes open for a sighting of course! (my trip is Sep 17-22)

  2. No apologies necessary, GC. If only blogging about The J could pay the bills, we would ALL be doing it! So thank you for fitting in some time to share the latest news and reviews with us. Like Mermon said, you have our patience and we understand.
    The Playlist article about Enemy was a real goody, wasn’t it? I hope Enemy starts getting some traction and maybe borrows some interest from Prisoners along the way because I will be heartbroken if it bypasses the local cineplex. Everybody needs something a little outside the mainstream now and then, particularly when it includes The J.
    Have as much fun in NYC as time allows and we’ll see/read you back here when you’ve had time to catch your breath.

    • Having followers like you makes me feel better, thank you!

      Now that Enemy has premiered at TIFF we know for sure that the film is not for everybody but that just makes me more eager to see it. If we ever will.

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