Waiting For Jake Gyllenhaal’s Double

We might not have a trailer for Enemy yet but at least we have a couple of new stills thanks to AlfaPictures

From Hollywood Reporter we learn that 

Queen Latifah has lined up an impressive list of guests for the first week of her new daytime talker, which bows Sept. 16 on CBS stations, including John Travolta, Sharon Stone, Jake Gyllenhaal and pal Jamie Foxx. 

Recapitulating, Jake’s upcoming appearances on TV will be on

Sep 3, 2013 - David Letterman on CBS
Sep 16, 2013 - Queen Latifah Show on CBS
Sep 19, 2013 - Inside The Actors Studio on Bravo TV

Since in the meantime both Enemy and Prisoners will have premiered at the San Sebastian and Toronto Film Festivals I’m sure Jake will be running like a headless chicken from one TV studio to the next. Figuratively speaking, of course.

I can’t remember if I posted the release dates for Enemy we got so far according to IMDB (which finally changed its status into ‘completed’) but here they are:

Spain     13 December 2013
UK         7 February 2014
Russia    15 May 2014

I wish I could mark my calendar too. Production companies, are you listening out there?

Speaking of production companies, in Enemy’s Mecanismo Films synopsis page we read that Jake’s name is Abundy Bell. Picture me puzzled. 

[.poster in development]

Sinopsis: Abundy Bell, un profesor de historia, busca a una persona fisicamente igual que él que descubre visionando un dvd. Adaptación cinematográfica de la novela “Un hombre duplicado”, de José Saramago. 

Director: Dennis Villeneuve. 
Writers: Javier Gullón.
Production Companys: Rhombus Media, Roxbury Pictures, Mecanismo Films.

Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mélanie Laurent and Isabella Rossellini 

Estreno: finales de 2013.

Good to read they’re working on a poster, cause this one was embarrassing



10 thoughts on “Waiting For Jake Gyllenhaal’s Double

  1. Thanks for the dates of Jake’s upcoming TV appearances, GC, I need to mark my calendar.
    Enemy – I understand that the movie is supposed to be cryptic, but does that mean the promotion for it has to be equally difficult to decipher? I suppose “next to nonexistent” is a better description of the promotion for Enemy at this point. Abundy Bell? wth?
    As far as running like a headless chicken, I believe Jake is capable of it – no challenge at all for such an athletic young man. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jake on every talk show around the clock for a few weeks solid. It won’t make up for the lack of Enemy, but it might distract me for a short time.

  2. You do the homework really well Gyllenloco!
    I was wondering who Would be the Spanish distributor for the movie and you got it.

      • My, my, my….Hugh Jackman, Donostia Award at the #61sansebastianfes http://bit.ly/17nBAV6 pic.twitter.com/uKavET9KIB
        This is getting serious for me…. Hugh and Jake in San Sebastian? Too hot to handle. OMG! Will they be coming? Chewing my nails. I need to know ASAP. Many more people will want to attend the Awards!

      • Wait! The Awards page says: “Hugh Jackman, Donostia Award: The actor will present his latest film, Denis Villeneuve’s “Prisoners” OMG, OMG. Sound like they are coming, they are coming….My heart beat is crazy just now.

      • Looks like Hugh will definitely be there! Calm down! and start booking that train or whatever! Would you go even if Jake won’t be there?

      • I haven’t decided yet. I’d try for sure if the J was coming. Trying to collect the info I need to make up my mind. Still it’s pretty exciting. :o)
        Looks to me the team is going to enjoy San Sebastian.

  3. Adam seems to be very pensive man. I like new photos. I wonder if Enemy will have Polish release at all. I hope that with a help of two festivals showing it, it will be interesting for distributors. But that silence around it is at least strange.
    I love Jake’s promotional interviews. With two movies to discuss I hope for interesting, not repeated questions.

    • That Details photo shoot is among my all time favorites: Jake looks mature, gloomy, disheveled and let’s not forget that sorely missed beard…

      There’ll be the same questions over and over again and that’s to be expected but I’m sure that here and there we’ll get some gem. Can hardly wait.

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