Jake Gyllenhaal’s Best Friend

Hello there folks, it’s good to be back!

Holidays on the mountains are a tough job but boy, that smell of pine needles and that pure, cool air were worth every sweat drop. 

No earth-shattering news about our guy whilst I was away, apart from the announced TIFF’s line-up that includes both Prisoners and the highly anticipated Enemy, which means a triple Jake for the lucky attendees. Actually quadruple, since Jake will likely be there in person along with director of both movies Denis Villeneuve.



So far, the official release dates for Enemy are:

Canada – September 2013 (05-15 September – TIFF) Special Presentation – World Premiere

Spain – September 2013 (20-28 September – San Sebastiàn International Film Festival) – Official Selection

UK – February 14, 2014

Russia – May 15, 2014 (?)

If you’re curious about the plot and you don’t mind spoilers you can take a look at Saramago’s novel ‘The Double’  Wiki page that inspired this thriller. 


OK, for once I’m disregarding my own rules and post a couple of pictures of Jake during his private time (in LA), but since my attention was drawn particularly to his four-legged old friend Atticus I won’t sue myself.

It’s good to see old Atticus again (and Jake’s smile isn’t bad, either).

JG8112013- (3)

JG8112013- (16)

JG8112013- (7)


[more pics here and here]

More soon.

And just because



7 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal’s Best Friend

  1. Hi, GC! Glad you had a great vacation and happy you are back. Aren’t the photos of our boy with Atticus lovely? He has found his smile and looks relaxed and happy. Is Atticus wearing a t-shirt? With some kind of harness? He’s not on a leash so I can’t figure what the harness is for, but I’m not a dog person so I don’t know what I’m talking about. Frankly, I’d rather be talking about Enemy and/or Prisoners but you take what you can get, right? 😉

    • Susan, I know what you mean LOL plus I’m a cat purrson so what do I know? but yes, Jake looks happy and relaxed (dogs can do that to you, or so I’m told) and to see that that sweet dog is fine and dandy is relieving. I honestly have no clue what he’s wearing though 🙂

      September will be a hectic month, this is just the calm before the storm.

      Thanks for the welcome back! Hope you enjoyed your holidays (or will soon).

  2. Hi, Glad to see ya back and you had a great trip. Jake is very happy here. The t-shirt could be because Atticus has a skin problem or to stop the harness from rubbing off fur. We have on our large dog and it rubbing off fur. We will be getting him a caller.

  3. Upon closer inspection of the recently posted photos (this is how bad it is when there isn’t enough news about new Jake movies), Atticus is not – I repeat, NOT – wearing a harness. His t-shirt says “Friendship Jam 2012” on the back and that’s a guitar on the front. So it looks like Atticus was busy with his own life, attending concerts and such, while Jake was busy back east. Please, can we start to get some movie promotion interviews soon? 😀

    • LMAO!

      It really IS bad! Speculating over Jake’s dog life isn’t healthy, c’mon people, bring those trailers on, have mercy.

      Thanks Susan, I needed a laugh this morning!

  4. Welcome back, Gyllen. I’m more a sea person, than mountain one, but I know how great the scent of needles trees can be. So you charged your batteries and are ready for action! Good, the hot time comes.
    The news about two Jake’s and Denise’s movies at one festival are very exciting for me! I’m sure it will be noticed and discussed. Good for Jake’s career for sure!
    Atticus and Jake look lovely together, I imagine how happy his dog was to see his master’s back. Goodbye will be sad again.

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