Apropos Of Nothing (With A Little Of Jake Gyllenhaal On The Side)

I apologize (again) for my absence. Blame it on my poor delegating skills and superhuman capability of working 24/7 (a double-edged sword, I’ll tell you that) but since Jake Gyllenhaal is presently working on nothing but

his chef abilities 

Jake Chris MV


and making a few hard workers happy


…I’m not feeling too guilty. There’s practically nothing that a blog like this can sink its teeth into these days and yeah I’m deliberately avoiding to mention a certain Boston Terrier and the humans attached to its leash cause if you are reading this post then you know that GC abhors gossip and all those awws and ahhs and omg-how-cute-is-that-dog or aww-they’re-just-perfect-for-each-other kind of squeaks and too bad if Jake, as an actor, needs those too but I honestly can’t be bothered (sorry bud). 

So you can imagine how surprised and happy I was this morning when I finally found something worth posting here today, thanks to the unequaled GyllenBabble who has presently more time on her hand and faithful Jake news bloodthirsty hunters on her payroll (just kidding!).

Among these three clips from the show ‘Starstruck’ where fans got to interview their idols,  there’s one that got me teary-eyed and again if you know GC then you know why. 



All I wish for is a teaser trailer, is that too much to ask? According to Pathé UK ‘Enemy’ is going to be released in the UK on September 13 and will hopefully premiere at the Venice Film Festival (August 28 – September 7) so there’s really not much time left. What’s keeping those people from releasing something, anything? 


And by teaser trailer I don’t mean this, although I’ll admit it did titillate my already impossibly growing curiosity

Anyway, the 70th Venice Film Festival line-up will be announced on Thursday 25 July, at least we’ll know in a little more than a week if ‘Enemy’ makes it. I strongly hope it will, I know that the European audience has the right taste for it.


I’m leaving in a few days and won’t be around (again) for a couple of weeks

but will update the blog with news about Enemy if there’ll be any

Enjoy your holidays, folks!


gone crazy


9 thoughts on “Apropos Of Nothing (With A Little Of Jake Gyllenhaal On The Side)

  1. Glad to see you back, GC, even if only briefly, and thanks for the update. I’ll have to come back later to look at those video clips all the way through – I’ve never seen those before and I’m really looking forward to it. I feel like i’m going to explode with anticipation or expire from lack of news.with regard to An Enemy! What could they possibly be waiting for? Aarrgghh!! In the meantime, don’t bury yourself in work. We need all the intelligent bloggers we can get.

    • Hey Susan, good to see you and thanks for commenting. I honestly don’t know what to think, Enemy or better the lack of news about it is driving me insane. Let’s hope the hush-hush around it is going to explode in a firework promotion at the Venice Film Festival. Fingers and toes and all appendages crossed.

  2. think that i never be so excited for a movie in these latest years as for An Enemy, have fun if u will be on vacation bud 🙂

  3. So we have some goodies in post! Starstruck’ clips were very enjoyable. Specially the first on. In some way I liked Allison’s interview more than made by a professional. She was lucky, I would never be able to do it in such a cool way. Heath and Michelle were really sweet! I wonder, if this is first time we got a chance to see it? First time for me for sure! Good stuff. The girl from a second clip was so funny, speaking very slowly, like she had no nerves or was on some tranquilizers.
    I like all Jake’s pictures that surfaced lately. He’s such an active man, resting by working. I’m happy for all the news we got about him.
    I’m not so impatient like you with Enemy. I rather collect my energy for September. It will be hot, exciting time with two movies, promotion, interviews, pictures, our impressions and comments. In the meantime we may focus on Jake and his “activities”. 🙂 He seems calmer, happier lately, even smiling to cameras. Good sign!
    Have a good vacations Gyllen! Get ready for a hot time!

    • Thank you Twitter Queen! I’ll try and drag this ass to the mountains tomorrow and recharge my batteries for the exciting good times ahead of us. Lots to look forward to this coming Autumn, that’s for sure.

      Those clips are nice, especially the one with Heath. You’re right, that girl sounded and looked rather stoned LOL but I can see where she comes from (ooops, did I just say that?)

      Well, keep an eye on our guy whilst I’m climbing those mountains.

      • To the mountains? So you will experience Everest vibe? Just be careful! I’ll keep an eye on “you know who”.

    • Maybe it won’t be like in Iceland or on Everest, but like on Brokeback Mountain in summer, nice and warm! 😉

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