Jake Gyllenhaal – All In A Weekend

This is too sweet not to post



June 8 and 9, 2013 probably mark the so far most hectic, hilarious and multifaceted weekend of Jake’s career.

Jake nonchalantly managed to go from this DUDE

to this dude

through this

and this

and this (give it a moment to get animated)










Eclecticism at its best.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Caricature courtesy of Steve Robert

GQ listed him among the most stylish men of the Tony Awards, and who can blame them, I’m still trying to recover from how incredibly gorgeous he looked in this Tom Ford blue tux (but I prefer him in Salvatore Ferragamo)



Don’t forget to welcome Jake’s sister Maggie Gyllenhaal in Twitterland


(videos and most pics courtesy of the unique IHJ)


28 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal – All In A Weekend

  1. 13thsun: after all these years it’s unbelievable how this man has the capacity to leave me with my mouth open.. with butterfly in stomach and …well it’s better than i stop here.. (but i know that you know what i mean)

    • LOL Yeah, I know what you mean. My jaw dropped at the first pictures of him in that tux. But I must confess that I find Jake with the blond wig oddly attractive, too.

  2. Love your choice of photos for this post, GC. And that CARICATURE! Priceless!!
    Unnerved is a good word to describe my feelings about An Enemy/Within/Enemy or whatever it is now. Why no word of a release date in the U.S. at all? Is this going to be another cult hit like Donnie Darko that initially does best in the U.K.? If not for looking forward to Prisoners, I would be a basket case, not simply unnerved!

    • I agree Susan, funny and nice caricature. I posted a comment on Steve’s blog pointing out that the mole is on his upper lip thank you very much 🙂

      Enemy is driving me nuts. I’m worried about the back and forth with the release dates and the deafening silence about the film from every party involved. If it’s true that it’s set to be released in the UK on September 13 then it means three weeks before Prisoners, which will be released in the UK on October 4 and which is already out with a trailer.

      By the way, looks like a kid is going to have the time of his life working with Jake and Johnny Depp, according to this less happy father on FB “Today I have to take Fred into London for an audition. For a film. A film which will feature a Mr Depp and a Mr Gyllenhaal. The little B*****d.”

      LOL It looks like I need to prepare myself for Into The Woods.

  3. CARICATURE is fantastic! Maggie on Twitter I discovered yesterday. She’s there since May 22nd. How come we didn’t know?! I hope she will stay for longer. Is she a small step before Jake entering it as well? :)) I guess it depends from tweets. Some people use to write ugly stuff about her. Her hubby – Peter is also on T., but doesn’t tweet too much.
    Jake in tuxedo was breathtaking. I like, that he’s so casual and at ease every day and then… he’s so smashing at the right occasions.

    • Hi twitterqueen, I don’t know about Jake joining Twitter but it’s good to see Maggie there, I too hope she’ll tweet often.

      Jake can work a tux and look equally smashing in his green cargo LOL

      As for Enemy or whatever they will agree to call it eventually I wish they made up their minds and tell us what’s going on with it already. As much as I’m looking forward to Prisoners it’s Enemy that has Jake as the leading (double!) role and I can’t wait to see it.

  4. I’m tired of waiting for Enemy’ news. How long ago I read J. Saramago’s book?! Good that Jake keeps us busy anyway.

  5. Regarding Enemy, do you think they are having a difficult time finding a distributor in the U.S.? Is there some strategy going on here, are they waiting for a better offer, waiting for the right moment to announce an opening date in the U.S., waiting for it to first get rave reviews in the U.K.?
    Maybe after Prisoners gets top box office in September, that will help with the promotion of another dark psychological thriller? The storylines aren’t really similar, as far as I can tell, but could they be holding off because they don’t want Enemy to be overshadowed?
    I saw the preview for Prisoners on the big screen yesterday. The people I was with couldn’t understand why I was so excited…

    • It’s hard to tell what’s going on. WME is listed to manage the distribution in the US http://screenbase.screendaily.com/films/2825-an-enemy, so that’s probably not an issue or at least not the only one. I’ve always had a ‘European vibe’, if you know what I mean, since I first heard about this film so probably your idea of the production people wanting to wait for the UK to give their first impression might be spot on. Who knows.

      You saw the preview for Prisoners?! You lucky …uh… fan! 🙂

      Can you tell us something about it?

  6. Ooops, I might have misspoken (mistyped?) when I said “preview.” What I saw was the same trailer that’s been online, just on a huge theater screen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWhS0xN3C0g So it isn’t anything different than what we’ve seen on our computer screens, I was just happy to see it getting promoted. I think in my head trailer and preview mean the same thing, and a pre-screening is seeing the movie before its official release. If I had seen Prisoners at a pre-screening, you KNOW you would have heard a lot more from me! Sorry for the confusion. 😦

    • Blame it on my eagerness to know more! LOL I was actually surprised that you didn’t mention about it anywhere, I even checked both your tweets and your blog *shakes head* well that was fun, thank you Susan

      Pat, sorry I mislead you 😉

  7. LOL I would have let him hit me too!

    From FB:

    Near fender bender with Jake Gyllenhaal – New York City welcomes you. — with Jane Henderson.

    Sam D’Arcangelo I tried to register him to vote at the Watch the Throne MSG show. He wasn’t interested.

    Chris Reed Helen Hunt would have taken him down!

    Jane Henderson For the record, completely his fault because I am a perfect driver.

    Jonathan Perri Did he call you a fuckass? http://bit.ly/13Z0ZRc

    Keely Gerhold I’M SORRY WHAT

    Kristin Woods I love him.

    Jane Henderson Ladies, look for a Mazda M3 with CT plates and a shitty driver.

    Abby Brazina He can drive as shitty as he wants, as long as he keeps looking that good

    Celia Gregory my favorite jake: http://images6.fanpop.com/image/polls/1144000/1144975_1353357884069_full.jpg

    Megan Sullivan u shouldve let him hit you

    Paige Worsham-Audia I probably would’ve let him me. That way I could hug him to help him feel better.

    Becca Anderson He reads the Great Gatsby for the audiobook and I spent that 4 hours falling in love with him

  8. Just the other day I was thinking that whoever lives next door to him is ridiculously lucky. I mean, can you imagine?!

    From Twitter:

    TWEET LIMIT FUCK ‏@OTYsYoungsters
    The only famous people I know is Jake Gyllenhaal and Nick Hodgson from the Kaiser Chiefs but they’re hardly famous

    ☮☯ heyitissalma
    @OTYsYoungsters i think i know the first guy

    TWEET LIMIT FUCK ‏@OTYsYoungsters 15h
    @heyitissalma_ he’s an actor but he lives next door to my uncle in new york

    ☮☯ ‏@heyitissalma_ 15h
    @OTYsYoungsters OMG

    TWEET LIMIT FUCK ‏@OTYsYoungsters 15h
    @heyitissalma_ what

    ☮☯ ‏@heyitissalma_ 15h
    @OTYsYoungsters … he’s fucking fit omg

    Charlotte ‏@OTYsYoungsters 15h
    @heyitissalma_ no he’s not

    ☮☯ ‏@heyitissalma_ 15h

    Charlotte ‏@OTYsYoungsters 15h
    @heyitissalma_ no he isn’t

    ☮☯ ‏@heyitissalma_ 15h
    @OTYsYoungsters ok

    TWEET LIMIT FUCK ‏@OTYsYoungsters 15h
    @heyitissalma_ my uncles wife thought he was fit and it was awkward

  9. Thx Gyllen for those funny posts and tweets. I saw some similar tweet yesterday:
    ‏[@TheNerdyBird – And on the way home, Jake Gyllenhaal crossed the street in front of my car while the light was green.] – I guess a green light was for a driver, LOL. Does it mean, Jake is in love, or something?So scatterbrained? 🙂
    So Jake has Mazda M3? what CT plates means?
    “He can drive as shitty as he wants, as long as he keeps looking that good” – LOL! That’s a good one!

    • Yeah those were fun! Whatever the reason of his head in the clouds I wish he were more careful crossing the street and driving that car, we need him in one piece 🙂

  10. Thanks for the tweet from Naomi. I heard Maggie joined twitter but didn’t know Naomi did too. I wonder if Jake will. I read somewhere that someone said they quit FB because they felt it was too time consuming but stayed with Twitter and instagram. I am not on twitter. I have no idea if I’ll join or not

  11. Hi Lily, you’re welcome. Naomi joined Twitter a long time ago, she just never posted anything. I’ve said it in the past and will say that again, I hope Jake steers clear of social media.

    They are all time consuming but I agree that Facebook can be overwhelming. I find Twitter more fun. I’m all for short, to-the-point discussions myself.

    • He surely has his motives, Pat. Maybe he’s got enough on his plate as it is, or maybe there’s yet another project that we don’t know about? time will tell 🙂

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