First Prisoners Trailer – Let The Promotion Begin

My jaw almost dropped in surprise, I didn’t expect it to be this dark and gripping. Here’s a little background from an interview with Jake and Hugh Jackman courtesy of USAToday

“Things are getting tense between Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners.

patternThe thriller (out Sept. 20) features Jackman as a frantic father who is searching for his kidnapped daughter and is frustrated with the police detective (Gyllenhaal) on the case. For Gyllenhaal and French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, it’s their second collaboration in a row, with their thriller An Enemy due out later this year.

Gyllenhaal says his Detective Loki and Jackman’s Keller Dover are working on different levels in Prisoners. “This is instinct meeting institution, and neither of us looks very happy. But there are similarities between the two of them, which is why they butt heads.”

A scene in which Jackman confronts Gyllenhaal in his car, about keeping a suspect in custody, also marks a key point in the unfolding drama.

“They have a chance to work together, but at this moment, my character goes off on his own,” says Jackman. “This is where there is a parting of the ways. And it’s the beginning of some pretty hairy stuff.”

Prisoners Car

Torture to be exact. Jackman kidnaps the man he believes committed the crime (played by Paul Dano in full creepy mode). It’s a desperate, criminal effort to extract vital information about the disappearance of his daughter and another missing girl.

“The movie doesn’t condone violence,” says Gyllenhaal. “But at that same time it’s so relatable to need to solve the situation yourself as a parent, taking things into your own hands.”

prisoners-posterIt’s a feeling that Jackman, a parent to two children, can relate to. Even thinking about the concept of a child going missing causes a physically powerful reaction inside of him.

“As a parent, you immediately feel sick to your stomach at the thought of it. It’s so devastating when that happens. And so unnatural,” says Jackman. “That normal desire to protect is so strong. When a child goes missing like that, it’s almost too much to bear.”

“I am not someone who feels the end justifies the means,” he adds. “But then again, when it comes to my child, I might feel differently.”

The momentous act spins the volatile situation even more out control. Meanwhile, the question lingers about who actually committed the crime. Even Gyllenhaal’s brooding detective, who’s obsessed with the criminal mind, is not above suspicion.

“It is a full-on whodunit,” says Gyllenhaal. “By the end, you’re thinking anyone could have done it.”

Prisoners‘ supporting cast includes Maria Bello (as Dover’s wife), along with Terrence Howard and Viola Davis (playing parents of the other missing girl) . Villeneuve says he needed a deep bench on the Atlanta set.Prisonersgun

“This is about a parent’s journey, what they are willing to do to find their daughter,” says Villeneuve. “We had to dig into the human soul. And we needed the right actors. The movie is only as good as their performances.”

Having read the original script I don’t share the view of those who think that the trailer gives too much of the plot away. Even if the final result will differ from the script, which has been around and in the black list for years, plot twists are guaranteed.


And to think that Denis Villeneuve thought he wouldn’t get it and that it was a fragile project:

After that, they were still looking for a director, and they kept coming back: “They would really like to meet you.” I said, “What do I have to lose?” I will meet, and the script is fantastic, and I’ve been very inspired by the script, but I know that I won’t get the gig. I will just meet the people, just for the culture of meeting executives, just to see what it looks like, just to experience it. That’s what I said to my wife, “I’ll go there, I’m going to Los Angeles, and I have no pressure, because I know I won’t get it. I won’t do that film. It’s too big.” But I did get it! 

[…] I didn’t expect to make a film as quick [after Incendies]. The truth is the script is fantastic, but it’s a very tough and dark script, and right now there’s nobody attached to it. And that kind of script, it has to have a strong cast in order to work – strong actors. Maybe in three weeks you will learn that it doesn’t work because it depends on the casting. I was the first one surprised it[his attachment as director] was out in the press, because for me it’s a very fragile project. Maybe I will do it, I will see. I will be thrilled to do it.

Nothing to be excited about but here’s the official website of the film.


14 thoughts on “First Prisoners Trailer – Let The Promotion Begin

  1. I wonder what that maze drawing means, maze theme is also on official movie site. Thriller is intense and good. I’m glad to see as much Jake as Hugh. I like det. Loki, he seems a right guy, doing the right things to solve that case. His specific look and voice give me that feeling and a kind of calmness around him. I tried to avoid to read the plot of the story. Usually I don’t care but in thriller case, I want to be taken by surprise. ““By the end, you’re thinking anyone could have done it.” – very interesting!

    • Yep, the maze is going to be an important reference in the movie. I understand what you mean, not willing to know too much about the plot, the film being a thriller and all, but I just couldn’t help myself, I had to know what Jake had been reading that draw his attention and made him accept this role. I like his character too, something between Zodiac and Rendition.

      Good to see you here Mermon, I thought I’d lost all my readers. Commenters, those I’ve never had many anyway *winks*

    • Glad you do, Julie. It’s not a very original one but the trailer shows a promising dark and intense thriller. Looking forward to Sep 20, although I’m still waiting for any kind of news at this point about An Enemy. Getting worried here.

    • Yep LM, he does indeed look great. I have an idea about his choked up look but won’t share it here. The maze drawing is intriguing, as is the general dark atmosphere. Hope all is fine in your neck of the woods anyway, good to see you here.

  2. Gyllen, I started to read a summery of script and went too far, felt I need to stop to see the movie with my eyes wide open. Usually I don’t care too much about spoilers. But I understand your point of view!
    Between Zodiak and Rendition, right! I see few traces from other characters as well – Tommy, even a piece of Dastan and Jack Twist from his more mature time – like in Thanksgiving scene.
    You didn’t lose your readers, we lost you for a while from known reasons. 😉 You’re back in the right time. 🙂

    • There’s undoubtedly something of Tommy too, the tattoo for sure 🙂

      I know my readers are still there (I have a hit counter) and I thank you all for bearing with me. Comments have never been many, so no reason to whine about that, either *winks*

      Again, thanks for putting up with this crazy Gyllen here.

  3. Hi GC, so glad to see you posting again! The images of the maze in the trailer are very intriguing – and so appropriate for a dark, psychological thriller. I’m starting to worry just a bit about the lack of news/trailers for An Enemy. Wonder what’s up with it?

    • I’m worried, too. I wonder if we’ll have to book a flight to Moscow on Sep 12, seeing as its first (and only) release is reported to be that day in Russia. I have still hope that it will be presented at the Venice Festival, I wouldn’t mind a trip there!

      I hope life is treating you well, Susan and thanks for your kind words.

  4. Don’t you think that Denis Villeneuve is just too busy to give the final touch to An Enemy? Prisoners goes forward so strongly and fast, that he must concentrate on it mainly, probably. Hopefully is nothing wrong behind it.
    Gyllen, the quality is as much valuable as the quantity! 🙂

    • You’re so right about the quality, mermon 🙂

      Let’s hope it’s just a matter of more pressing matters but I have a feeling that An Enemy’s problem has more to do with its complex plot.

  5. If there are any problems with An Enemy, we’d better wait longer to get better movie. Story is great, Jake is fantastic, let’ s hope Denise knows how to deal with all of that. In the meantime, we have other Jake’s things to focus on.

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