Jake Gyllenhaal honored at the Edible Schoolyard Spring Benefit

…in NYC yesterday and he never looked more handsome

Edible Schoolyard 2013 III

Jake Edible Schoolyard 2013 II

Jake Edible Schoolyard 2013

People could place a bid to have Jake as an edible tour guide. I mean, as an Edible Schoolyard  tour guide. It ended up with $14K for a pizza with the handsomest man alive. Not bad.

Yes, that Jake. Jake Gyllenhaal, actor, our Spring Benefit honoree, and longtime supporter of Edible Schoolyard NYC, is taking you and your friends on a private Edible Schoolyard at P.S. 216 tour. He knows the garden well — he planted a pear tree in it at the groundbreaking ceremony in 2010. Oh, and he’s staying for lunch! Famed Brooklyn restaurant Roberta’s is transporting its pizza oven to P.S. 216 to prepare lunch from the garden, in the garden, for you and your guests.
Jake ESYNYC 2013
esynyc 2013 V
Jake’s patented smirk
Last but not least, Jake made a fan very happy. All you have to do is ask.
reneenizI asked @jakegyllenhaal if I could take a pic with him. He said “Sure, I’ll take it!”

Don’t forget that Jake wants you to read, or re-read,  Fitzgerald’s classic ‘The Great Gatsby’. He spent hours reading it for you so you have no excuses (you can even download the book here). I’m curious to know about your experience, if you have already listened to the whole thing (someone called it an ‘eargasm’ and yeah, I can relate) so share it with me if you will and I’ll post it. This is the first review I got (many thanks to you-know-who). As soon as I finished reading it I felt the urge to light up a cig. Just saying. Enjoy!

I know you won’t think any less of me when I confess that I was a Gatsby virgin – until Jake corrected that flaw. I had never read The Great Gatsby, not even in high school. What can I say? Small school, rural area, economically depressed citizenry – I never had a required reading list until I went to college. I read all the time, any books I could get my hands on, but certain classics never found their way to me. I read The Glass Menagerie and To Kill a Mockingbird for the first time just last year. I am woefully ignorant of many of Shakespeare’s plays and am only familiar with Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey from movies. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Shame on me! And it can be a crippling defect when playing Trivial Pursuit, but I’m trying to make up for it.

 So I happily surrendered my Gatsby virginity to Jake and I am so glad I did! His voice, so gentle and sweet, enveloped me like a tender lover’s embrace, gradually drawing me into the story. The words rolled off his tongue like a dulcet melody next to my ear, warm, entrancing, intoxicating, yet firm and strong. He really knew what he was doing and I could tell he was enjoying it, too. As the story unfolded I found myself breathlessly eager for each new chapter, experiencing this tantalizing journey with Jake as my guide. I listened timidly, passively as he read the exposition, setting the stage for later, more dramatic events. I was transported into Gatsby’s world as he delicately caressed my ears with subtle changes in pitch and tone, emulating the different characters’ voices and accents ever so gently.

Before I knew it, I had given myself with complete abandon to the story arc, anticipating the rising action with fevered intensity. Jake was relentless – expertly relentless! – yet patient, taking his time to bring me along with him to the climax. I never knew a story could be so powerful, so passionate, so energizing! Jake had brought me to the heights of great literature as only a lover of literature could. As wave after wave of emotion coursed through my body, I didn’t want it to end. Finally, sensing his reluctance to end the story, after nearly five hours he was done. My ears still quivering with sated desire, I promised him that I would listen again soon. Very soon.



18 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal honored at the Edible Schoolyard Spring Benefit

  1. It’s springtime and that means it’s time again for the Edible Schoolyard benefit – with Jake as the main course. Well, if I were organizing it, he would be! How can facial scruff look so irresistible?
    Eargasm? LOL! Describes it perfectly! I’m with you GC, about lighting up a cig – I’ve never smoked, but it seems appropriate after reading that review… phew!!

    • Oh the eargasm, I had to laugh out loud at that, it was so perfect. And that review really is something else, kudos on the writer.

      On serious notes, how proud are we of Jake’s work for the Edible Schoolyard? That is one fine project indeed. And he looked incredible.

  2. Hi Gyllencrazy I’m so happy you are back 🙂 I hope your real life is getting better and better:)

    How sexy is looking Jake in this pics. lol I can’t wait for some news about An Enemy !!!

    • Hello there FP, good to see you too! Thank you, life is slowly getting back to normal, whatever normal means. Jake is looking more gorgeous than ever, it was about time we got new pictures of him, wasn’t it?

      I’m eager for more about An Enemy, too! Especially if it’ll be presented at Cannes, wouldn’t it be great?

  3. Surely it would be great, if An Enemy, was in competition at Cannes, although I’m a little afraid of those that whatever the movie is scream boooo,They did it even with Terrence Malick and his beautiful The tree of life. On the other hand there would be a lot of Jake’spics in the beautiful sunshine of Côte d’Azur 🙂

  4. Audience and critics at Cannes are well known for their negative reactions whatever the film. But it would be good if Jake were more popular in Europe and I think Cannes would be a great opportunity, An Enemy being not an ‘easy’ film, if you know what I mean. Not to talk about the fact that Villeneuve is Canadian. I’m not holding my breath but I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed anyway.

  5. That review is amazing! Audible should post that to entice new listeners!

    I am thoroughly enjoying listening to Jake. Took me a while to get into it. It’s my favorite novel, and I don’t like being read to. But it’s Jake, so… 🙂

    • Hi there Sarah, yeah that review is fantastic. I’m thinking of giving it more emphasis, maybe trumpet it on twitter.

      I don’t like being read to either, I had never listened to an audio book before and I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for Jake so I totally get what you’re saying. I’m at my second earga…errr, listening and I’m enjoying it more and more.

  6. Hey GC! So good to have you back. You were greatly missed.

    Wonderful pictures and an excellent review. If I’m not completely mistaken it’s written by a most wonderful person with a hand for putting my thoughts into words.

  7. Listening to Jake read The Great Gatsby..oh my pure pleasure! I am into Chapter 3, just started last night. He has a beautiful reading voice! I could listen to him all day!

    • He’s got the most amazing, soothing and expressive voice. I too could listen to him all day. And maybe I am 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Kimberly, lovely to see you here.

  8. Lovely post, great GG’ review of a person writing beautifully :), fantastic Jake’s pictures. I’m just too tired to write anything with more sense. Good night!

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