Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman: Shooting ‘Prisoners’

Thanks to TuckerPatch.com here are a few pictures from the set of ‘Prisoners’. Jake is in a white shirt (and  had a haircut). 

A movie called “Prisoners” is shooting scenes this week at an industrial complex in Tucker.

Prisoners Set

The scenes shooting locally are set in the fictional city of Conyers, Pennsylvania. When Patch visited the set on Tuesday afternoon, actors and crew were working on a scene in which a young couple walks out the front entrance of a police station and is accosted by press photographers.

Gyllenhaal plays the role of Detective Loki, who follows the couple out of the building. Jackman’s character is Keeler Dover, seen sitting in a pick-up truck near the station.

Prisoners Set III

Prisoners Set II

A building belonging to a Tucker soft drink business has been converted into a police station in Pennsylvania

Prisoners Set IV

A pick-up truck, left, belonging to Hugh Jackman’s character, Keller Dover. The black SUV on the right is Jackman’s personal mode of transportation during the filming of “Prisoners,” complete with driver

Prisoners V

Credit: Kevin Madigan

Hopefully more pictures (and a longer post) soon.


Jake was at Doppler Studios two days ago for ADR work on ‘An Enemy’. A clip from the film wouldn’t be bad.



18 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman: Shooting ‘Prisoners’

  1. Wow, what a scoop, GC! These are the best – and first, I think – photos I’ve seen from the movie set that actually show Jake and Hugh at work! So… what happened that moved the setting from Boston, or near Boston, to Pennsylvania? When I see the movie I am afraid I will have to work my brain overtime to suspend disbelief and accept that they are in Pennsylvania knowing that filming took place in Georgia. It would be easier if they had a different name for the town. Now I’m left wondering why they didn’t just place all the action in Conyers, Georgia.

    GC, It’s so good to have you back, even if only briefly. I still think about you every day and continue to pray for you and your loved ones.

    • Hey Susan,

      Good to see you and thanks for your thoughts and prayers. My friend is still struggling but things are slowly improving.

      Honestly, I have no idea what’s the reason behind the choice of locations and town names, it’s downright confusing.

      Not all moviegoers are Gyllenhaalics though, they will hardly notice 🙂

      • Well, it’s got to be cost effective to use real police cars in some shots that already say “Conyers Police Department.” And various billboards and whatnot around town probably refer to Conyers as well. That will all contribute to making the place feel real. So setting the action in a town named Conyers makes perfect sense. Initially, though, I was under the impression that it was important to someone, somewhere, somehow that the setting was “near Boston.” Maybe that’s not rural enough? Has a Boston location been overused in recent movies? Whatever. The real irony is that I’m currently in Pennsylvania for a while, no where near the real Conyers! All this idle speculation is more a result of the way my brain works, not my raging Gyllenhaalism and it will all be forgotten once I get to see the movie. Then my brain will be busy with other things!

  2. Yay, you’re back posting! I’m glad your friend is improving. Jake sure does look different buzzed and shaved. I look forward to seeing “Prisoners” whenever it comes out.

  3. Hi Gyllen! Nice to have you back. I’m happy for you, that your friend feels better.
    Good to have some pictures from the movie’s action and see Jake and Hugh make a scene together.
    It’s good that seeing so little we may find some things to discuss, like place of action or Jake’s hairdo change! Let’s wait for more!

    • Marzena, my Twitter Queen! 🙂 thank you for your nice words about my friend.

      It’s like the first pics from the set of An Enemy, isn’t it? That thrilling feeling of seeing something taking shape before our eyes. I just hope that somewhere in the script Det Loki has a bad night and wakes up with at least a 5am shadow 😉

      • Twitter Queen? LOL!Thx! I thought about that too, that during complicated case he may get frustrated and forget to shave for a while, to receive nice shadow to our pleasure 😉

  4. Hi GC! I’m glad to hear that your friend is improving! and yes, you is back!! 🙂
    Thank you for the news with present pics of Jake! The first one is very nice even it’s out of focus a bit.

    BTW End Of Watch will be on big screen in my country on this summer! 🙂 I’m excited!
    so, I really hope “Prisoners” is going to release on same time all of the world!

    I keep praying for your friend.

    • Mayumi-san, how sweet of you, thank you! It’s good to be back and you’re the best followers.

      YAY for End Of Watch FINALLY on your big screens! You haven’t seen it yet, have you? I do hope that Prisoners will be released in Japan at least in the same year as the rest of the world!!

  5. From Facebook:

    Kriss Melby Johnson
    16 hours ago near Snellville, GA ·
    OMG we are famous again. Couldn’t figure out what all the commotion was around the corner from where I work in Tucker yesterday. Come to find out Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman were here filming their new movie “Prisoners”. Just down the street from me. eeeeekkkkkk. They must still be filming there as police were all over today too. Love how Georgia is such a movie destination.

    Lucky girl!

  6. Yes, she is! Can you imagine, small town and such a famous gang of people arrives there and what a focus in media on them! Lucky local habitants. Cause it’s much easier to spot the actors in a small town, wherever they go to eat or do sports, etc.

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