Short Post

6 thoughts on “Short Post

  1. Glad to see you are back, GC, even if only briefly for now. There’s nothing at all wrong with a short post, especially one that includes some fantastic photos. As for the beard… better to have grown and shaved than never to have grown at all?

    Take care of yourself and please know I’m still sending positive thoughts your way.

    • Thank you Susan, your thoughts are appreciated. Yeah, better to have grown it than not, it’s that shaving part that I didn’t like :-) I love these two pics, I wish there were a video of his reading. I miss Jake performing live. The play spoiled me.

  2. Warm feelings from me too! Nice to see Jake laughs again. Beard is sported with dignity it deserves! Did you see how many beards were on BAFTA last night? Jake made it trendy and then shaved himself!
    Take care!

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