He Did It

Silly update I know, but don’t miss this hilarious blog entry!

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Yep. Jake shaved off The Beard.


Let’s not overreact, beards luckily tend to grow back, it’s just a matter of patience.

Pic courtesy of this twitterer. At least he kept the hair.

Jake forgot all about the Golden Globes that denied him a nomination by cheering for good friend Jay-Z’s partly owned Brooklyn Nets at the Barclay Center yesterday, apparently along with Tobey McGuire and the green cargo


Since we’ve been denied the pleasure to see Jake wearing a tux, let’s look back at how totally gorgeous he looked at the Golden Globes in 2011, when he was nominated for Love And Other Drugs. There was a game involved that year, too and you can watch him trying to take a peek whilst talking to Shaun Robinson. I wish I were in her place, I’m sure you can guess the exact moment I envy her for. Anyway, yes, he looks rather distinguished with a beard:

And another interview from Access that I can’t remember having seen before


And a really nice surprise, the hilarious Nick Grimshaw’s ‘BreakfastClique’ video with a short but lovely cameo by Jake at the 0’48 mark



Last but not least, remember that End of Watch comes out on DVD next week (Jan 22). I can’t wait to see the extras, they look promising!


 There are a number of Deleted Scenes (46:41/HD), some of which were clearly cut to keep the film at an appropriate length. There are a lot of good moments in this reel, and some of the material with the supporting cast might just as easily been kept in the film. Finally, there are a couple of Internet Featurettes (10:59/HD), which provide brief interviews from the cast and crew. The segments include: “Fate with a Badge” (2:10/HD), “In the Streets” (2:10/HD), “Women on Watch” (2:00/HD), “Watch Your Six” (2:35/HD), and “Honors” (2:04/HD). Universal also includes its My Scenes bookmarking feature and D-Box Motion Code [source]

In case you missed it, a behind the scenes video


15 thoughts on “He Did It

  1. Hi GC! Fortunately, yes, beards do tend to grow back. I don’t mind a beard on a good-looking man but it’s nice to see the Face for a change. Looks like he has kept the longer hair for now. I wonder when it will get a trim? I’m anxiously awaiting the release of End of Watch on disc too! Gotta check out the goldmine of deleted scenes.

      • Good to see you here, sisimka! Yeah, The Beard and The Face LOL I’m happy for those of you – and you’re so many! – who were dying to see Jake’s face again. I’m not thrilled but he looks heavenly all the same. I just hope he will keep the scruffy look and the longer hair. Bring on the End of Watch DVD! And possibly many pics from the set of Prisoners. Georgia tweeps, the ball is in your court!

  2. I’m very happy to see Jake’s new look. It’s so good. And it means that Jake is ready for a new challenge. I can’t wait for the first Jake’s pictures from the set. I wish he left his longer hair, but I think it will be cut more.
    Thanks for all the goodies, Gyllen, tweets, interviews, behind the scenes vid. Lucky Shaun Robinson to touch his beard.
    I wonder when I will be able to buy End of Watch DVD in Poland.

    • Hey there mermon, I could hear your cry of joy from all the way to my place LOL Shaun Robinson was outrageously lucky to touch The Beard, I could almost feel its softness *rolls eyes and sighs* Anyway, like I said, there’s hope he’ll grow it back so for now I won’t pull my non-existent hair out. I hope you won’t have to wait too long for the DVD to be released in Poland but you could order it from Amazon if push comes to shove.

  3. Silly update? Not at all, GC! The blog post (“Deadspin NBA Shit List: Andray Blatche, Who Has No Idea”) may not have been intended to entertain Jake’s fans, but it coaxed some hysterical laughter out of me. That poor basketball fan’s lament over his wife’s reaction to spotting Jake on the street NYC totally captures most husband’s feelings about being married to a Gyllenhaalic. (Yes, I know this from first-hand experience.) It also reminds us of how difficult it is for Jake to have any sense of “normal” privacy any time he ventures out in public. The most important thing to understand after the reading the post? Get in shape and wear your speed-walking shoes if you plan to catch up with Jake as he goes about his business on the streets of NYC – and be prepared for disappointment when he disappears into the distance. 😉

    • Susan, I hadn’t laughed that hard in front of a screen since this http://www.simonscat.com/Films/Fly-Guy/ (hey, you’ve got a husband, I’ve got a cat :-)).

      I could picture the scene as if it were playing right before my eyes, it was that well written. I can only imagine what it would be like for the partner of a Gyllenhaalic when faced with the ugly reality that you could lose your sweetheart to Jake Gyllenhaal (‘if she gets to Jake Gyllenhaal before I get to her, I will never see her again’ LOL). It must be hard to play cool about it, I mean, a celebrity? how can you compete with that? and not a random one, but Jake Gyllenhaal! You just can’t win.

      As for the right to some privacy for celebrities, I think it’s a very conflicting matter. What keeps me going as a blogger (albeit a very odd one who won’t post paparazzi shots or videos of Jake in private situations, especially if kids are involved) is the fact that I believe that if celebrities really want to keep private they have the means to do just that. Jake was able to disappear for months when he still lived in the paps-ruled Los Angeles, this is why I believe that most of what we see on the internet is managed by Jake’s publicists, because a celebrity needs that kind of publicity and that’s a fact.

      When I saw Jake walking right by me that morning in October and we exchanged a glance, it didn’t even cross my mind to do anything, like take a picture or ask him if I could have one with him, or try and talk to him, or follow him (I’ll admit that I was shaking, though). It’s possible to behave when you’re in front of him and it’s not a ‘public’ situation like the stage-door, for example but just a chance encounter in the middle of the street, like that bloke’s wife on his wedding anniversary day.

      But the truth is that I’m just an old fan and I can imagine how different it must feel when you’re young and you’ve got a celebrity crush.

      I’m rambling, sorry. I guess you can say that this matter is very dear to me…

      • As far as the celebrity privacy issue, I think of it as a usually small price to pay for their obscene monetary comoensation. However, I love it that you don’t use pap pics on your blog. It’s good to know that I’m not the only gyllenhalic with a loving husband! I sometimes thought I was just being silly since I had the best husband in the world.

      • If you think about the money then the lack of privacy is a small price to pay, I agree. I said it’s a very conflicting matter in fact and I’ll say it again, but this won’t change the fact that to silly ol’ me, sometimes it’s a little too much what celebrities have to endure.

        Hey, husbands can be nice, nobody said the opposite.

        Cats are better tho.

        Just kidding.



    • Likemonalisa, I’m so going to slap you upside the head now LMAO

      Just kidding. I know all of you guys are happy and I’m glad for you (but deep down inside I’m totally desperate) LOL

  4. He did it! Yeeees…..How did I miss this post. ;o) I need now some closer shots of that clear face.
    Thanks for sharing the “Deadspin NBA Shit List: Andray Blatche, Who Has No Idea”. So much fun to read. Thanks

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