Jake Gyllenhaal 2013 Projects


Gyllenhaal, Jake 091012 57 WEBFirst of all, sorry for the lack of updates. Not only did work get in the way at the end of 2012 and interfered with impunity with my blog time, but what felt like the nastiest flu ever hit me and then hit me again when I thought I was already on the mend. But you know what they say, ‘only the good die young’, so here I am, almost as good as new (stress on ‘almost’).

Anyway, back to business. Pictures from the past week show us that The Beard was still at its legitimate place, which means that growing it had indeed to do with the character of Terry in the play ‘If There Is’ but also to Jake’s personal taste, which nobody can syndicate. Get over it folks, Jake probably feels very comfortable with the extreme facial hair and will likely trim it or shave it (god forbid!) when people stop fussing over it. And I know what you’re thinking but sorry, no, fans don’t decide a celebrity style.


If not when people will get tired to rack their brain over why Jake Gyllenhaal and The Beard are still a couple – ‘Is He Depressed’?, is the concerned fan’s question (I mean really, guys?) – it will be the filming of ‘Prisoners‘ that will put an end to the Mountain Man look. Despite the fact that it hasn’t even started filming (it’s rumored to start next February in Georgia), we not only already have a release date  (September 20, 2013) but we know that Detective LOKI, Jake’s character, will be probably partial to Timmy’s brew, and – more seriously – that the film could be an underdog for awards. In my next post I’ll give you an outline of the script.


benmendolsohn-headshot-tsrRemember the gambling drama project Mississippi Grind? According to Variety, it looks like Ben Mendelsohn is in talks to round out the cast:

American audiences might not be familiar with the name Ben Mendelsohn quite yet, but it shouldn’t be long before that changes. The Australian actor has already turned in a number of solid supporting performances in movies as diverse as Animal Kingdom, Killing Them Softly, The Dark Knight Rises, and the upcoming The Place Beyond the Pines, but now it looks like he’s headed for a bigger spotlight as Variety reports he’ll play one of the lead roles opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in the new gambling film Mississippi Grind with Half-Nelson duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Half Nelson) writing and directing. Read on!

Gyllenhaal is also producing the film, which follows a young gambling addict who teams with a washed up gambler fraught with debt as the two travel through the South to hopefully change their luck. Gyllenhaal plays the younger gambler, while Mendelsohn, who is eleven years older than Jake, stars as the older down-and-out player. Mendelsohn has been showcasing his talent stateside for quite a while – he played one of the crazy brothers in the mountain climbing actioner Vertical Limit back in 2000 – and continuing to work with big name talent (including Gyllenhaal, who impressed a lot of folks with his work in End of Watch) is a great way to make sure his proverbial star stays on the rise.

We’ll see how this project develops. In the meantime, Tweeps seem to have spotted Jake out and about in Atlanta, GA and guess what? It looks like someone chose a Georgian barber to trim their beard.
I’m sure clearer pics of Jake’s scruffy look will follow.

I wouldn’t mind a dark detective Loki looking like this

Jake Gyllenhaal

But I’m sure you would prefer Jake looking like this again



12 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal 2013 Projects

  1. Good to see you still kicking it. Sry to hear about u being sooo sick. Sounds like it was on the mend. How rude of work and flu to get in the way a spreding the word of Jake. 😀 That is such a bad pic. Time will tell if that is Jake and if he is filming. Cant wait to see more pics. You take care. 😀

  2. Hi GC! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Really glad you are back where you belong, blogging for all of us Gyllenaddicts. It’s killing me to know that Jake has been spotted in Atlanta and I am a mere 4/5-hour drive away. Part of me wants to jump in the car and speed over there in hopes of scoring a Jake sighting. Isn’t that ridiculous?! Fortunately I have too much to do at home and work to be so silly. Oh well. *sigh*

    • Thank you Susan, it’s good to be back. It’s not silly at all, what are you talking about? Despite my name I feel healthier than ever (well, apart from this nasty cough that is).

      ‘Gyllenaddicts’, I love it!

  3. I love “Gyllenaddicts” too!
    Gyllen, I hope you will only be better now!
    So something exciting is starting already. That pic is not very convincing, but people from out there tweet it’s Jake. Mean, in Atlanta. Let’s hope for local tweeters!
    I never heard about Ben Mendelsohn. “Prisoners” starts to cast. Look like two movies’ news are on the way! Farewell quieter time!
    Gyllen, get well, now is no time to be sick anymore. 🙂

    • Thank you mermon, I feel much better now and more than ready for a new exciting GyllenYear. I honestly can’t wait for more info about An Enemy, a teaser trailer would be a good start, we’ve been patiently waiting for so long, we deserve it! As for The Beard I think that if it’s really Jake in that pic he might have just trimmed it (I hope so!)

  4. Was just listening to the news about how bad the flu is this year, so glad to hear you are hopefully on the other side of it. Agree with you on the kind of over the top snarkyness about his beard. I like him either way…as long as he’s happy. Just have a lot of respect for the guy. I’m currently slogging through the book that An Enemy is based off of – “The Double” by Jose Saramago, and let me just say… Jose…dude…it’s called Punctuation!! Learn it. Use it! Well, actually, there is punctuation, but the whole thing reads like a gigantic run-on sentence with no new paragraphs. Yeah, it’s a hard read. But I’m still intrigued enough to keep going. I mean, when you think about all of it: End of Watch bluray in a few weeks (it’s on iTunes now), Prisoners, Mississippi Grind, An Enemy, finally getting to read “If There is…”, this is just the best time. I hope these projects bring him as much joy as they do for us!
    Okay, end of ramble. Take care of yourself!

    • Hey there Katsbreez, thanks for commenting. It really was a nasty flu, please everybody take as many prevention measures as necessary and for godsake stay home when you feel sick, no use in spreading the bug to your co-workers, you hear? sorry, end of rant.

      I remember when I read The Double for the first time years ago, it wasn’t an easy read but after the initial puzzlement about the punctuation I found that I couldn’t put it down; it’s one of those unexpected page-turners, like Dostoevskij’s ‘Crime and Punishment’, it just won’t leave you. And then I read it again when I knew about the film and I focused on trying to see Jake behind the words and it worked. I’m really psyched about this film.

      As for The Beard, I think I said enough. I’m glad you agree with me though, thanks for commenting about it.

      I agree with you that it’s a great time for us fans and I’m sure Jake is enjoying being so busy. He loves his job, that much is undeniable. Awards are not everything, but I wish his stunning performances get the recognition they deserve. I have high hopes for An Enemy.

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