Jake Gyllenhaal signing autographs

Update: you can pre-order ‘IF THERE IS I HAVEN’T FOUND IT YET – A PLAY’ (paperback) on Amazon here.I’ve just pre-ordered mine (released on March 2013)


London, leaving BBCRadio1



21 thoughts on “Jake Gyllenhaal signing autographs

  1. Yes, Danny Boy, I believe there are occasions when he does get a little frustrated with the attention. I witnessed it after a matinee performance of If There Is back in late September. Several of us die-hard fans were still milling around outside the theater long after the other actors and everyone else had left. We were still hopeful that we would at least get a glimpse of Jake as he exited the theater, and by some miracle maybe he would take the time to sign a few autographs.
    When he did finally come out of the theater, he was accompanied by two guys, one of whom has been identified as his assistant. There were just a handful of us still clustered around waiting and when he came out of the theater he was walking quite fast. I was sure he wasn’t going to stop. But, miraculously, he seemed to change his mind. Maybe it was because there were just a few of us and it didn’t look like it would take long to satisfy our quest for an autograph. I was ready with my photo and pen but, being the polite person I am, I didn’t shove my way through the group and others got in front of me. On this occasion he had come beyond the barricade you see in the photos and we (the fans) sort of surrounded him. Jake actually borrowed my pen to sign for another person and thanked me for letting him use it. But before I could gather enough wits to hand him the photo I wanted him to autograph, pushier people were demanding photos with him. There were a couple of middle-aged men each trying have their photos taken with him individually, but they couldn’t get their camera to work right. They kept fiddling and fiddling to the point that even I was getting aggravated. Apparently Jake had had enough.
    As Jake suddenly turned away I heard him say “okay, that’s it, gotta go.” He didn’t say it angrily or loudly; it was more like he was calmly announcing that he was running late and had to be somewhere else. He simply took off, walking very fast, with his assistant and the other guy on either side.
    So, based on what I saw first-hand, I do believe that demands for autographs and photos can get to be annoying. I also saw Jake take the time to be nice and friendly to his fans at a time that he probably had not planned to make himself available.
    And I went back two weeks later and got to speak to him and get his autograph, so now I can die happy. 😉

    • I figured that much. I’d flip out after the first two rounds of photos and he’s been doing that for months. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he’s into Zen meditation. Did I hear somewhere that he actually meditates?(Gyllen was that you?)

      Glad for you Cosmic Twins, nice experience. I’d die happy too.

      • I would listen to people talking about their Jake encounters 24/7. Thanks Susan, it was nice to read your story again. Jake is extremely kind, even when fans honestly don’t deserve it.

  2. Demanding fans may be a pain in the a.s, I’m sure. But they also come to the play many times. Jake knows about it, certainly. Some fans who are not fully satisfied, were not lucky to get Jake’s autograph or common picture (like Susan:)) come again to make their dream come true. So maybe there is a reason Jake is reserved. To make his fans to watch the play repeatedly! LOL And of course the play is worth to watch!

    • The play is definitely worth to watch and I’m sure Jake is aware that having fans, even overwhelming ones, means that he can keep working. Anyway, I just pre-ordered my copy of the play on Amazon, at least you’ll be able to read it!! Fans can definitely be a pain in the ass (you can write the word here LOL) and after reading Susan’s story I’m even more convinced.

      • Thank you for letting me to use a word “ass” on your blog. :)) I have no idea if I can order a copy, cause it should be paid in $. I never ordered anything on-line before!

  3. so glad you guys can get him signing autographs, sooooooooooo lucky! i flight long away from China to NYC to watch Jake’s play and couldn’t get an autograph. but at least i saw him live on stage 🙂 and i confessed that i did peep him during his cigarette break 😛

  4. Hi Gyllencrazy! Thank you for the information about paperback of “If There Is” ! I did pre-order for mine.
    I’m very interested to read Susan’s experience with Jake at back stage of his play! Really great!!
    and I think, @Likemonaliza, you are big fan of Jake! I really envy you flew to NY to see Jake’s stage such a far from China! well done!
    I wish I would go to there to see Jake….
    But It’s so nice to see lots of photos of fans smiling next to Jake! 🙂

    • Mayumi-san, I’m glad you pre-ordered the play, I’m really looking forward to reading it. I’d been looking for it on the ‘net for a while and I’m glad it’ll be officially released, even if we have to wait for so long. Like I said to the Roundabout Theater I feel very privileged that I got to see the play, twice!, and I feel bad that so many Jake fans didn’t have the opportunity to see this wonderful story performed by such amazing and talented actors.

    • Thank you so much for the link, mermon! that was a very lovely and interesting review, especially the bits about the differences between the three performances. I didn’t know about the hearing devices either but I can see why someone would need them. Nice of you to mention my blog too 🙂

      • You’re welcome! You’re worth to be mentioned certainly! That collage of Jake and his fans’ pictures is a pricless proof how Jake recpects his fans, while he works. It’s an opportunity, that theater/live performance gives. Direct contact with an artist and his audience/fans. It’s so different with the movies. He may only read box office results or tweets or reviews. I guess, Jake may feel also the emotions&feelings in the crowd, he awakes. He may take that good energy with him. Using it at the performance or to satisfied his artistic ego 🙂
        Merry Christmas every one!

  5. @mermon
    You’re so right. Experiencing the unique thrill of performing in front of a live audience must be exciting and addicting. I’m wondering whether Maggie finally let him read the reviews of the play now that it’s over 🙂 I’m happy for him cause probably in these days he’ll get to read what the majority of people who went to see the play – fans, normal theatergoers and critics – thought about his outstanding performance. That must be a very rewarding Christmas present for him. I hope he can take a break before he starts working on Prisoners, he must be (happily) exhausted.

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