From all the lucky ones

and from the less lucky
whose soul you’ve equally touched


Jake will be onstage today, twice Theater

I hope the lucky audience – and his family, if they’ll be there – will stand and clap and wish him a very Happy Birthday for all of us

May your life be filled with joy, health, happiness and love

(Merci à Jake Gyllenhaal France for some of the pictures)


  1. Unfortunately I haven’t find myself on any of these pictures! Hm… 🙂 Great collection and evidence of Jake’s great attitude toward his fans. Lucky people! All the best for Jake!

    • Thanks Susan, these photos with his fans are priceless.

      I agree, he only gets finer, more appealing, handsomer with age. I hope his family is at the theater today. I’m very jealous of today’s audience.

      • I also hope, he will get a standing ovation today. Happy Birthday would do too. If there is enough of big fans to know it. Thank you Gyllen for pouring a bit of hope in my heart! 🙂

    • How cool is that! Thanks for commenting, I was hoping someone would show up! I hope you enjoyed the play, Corinne. Thanks for joining me in wishing our guy a very Happy Birthday.

  2. That was great. Happy Birthday Jake!!! I was so there in in sprite. Hope tonight goes well. So many great happy faces. BTW- Didnt susuan post a pic w/him??? It would have been her 2nd trip. Also which one is u GC?? Lol. Keep up the great work. 😀

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