Nominations and Donations – Jake Gyllenhaal catch-up part1

Sorry this is just a quick catch-up post, work is keeping me awfully busy and waking up at the crack of dawn on most days is not helping anything but my crankiness. Anyway, here’s a jumble of Jake news from the past few days.

Firstly, Jake was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award in the BEST ACTOR IN AN ACTION MOVIE category for End of Watch. I was disappointed to see that Jake wasn’t nominated for either the SAG Awards and the Golden Globes but I mentioned in the past that I’m sure that the film that I’m most drawn to, An Enemy, will finally get him the recognition he deserves (wanna bet?). It’ll be released in the fall of 2013, I’m very much looking forward to seeing the first teaser.

Variety gives an Oscar nod to Michael Pena as Supporting Actor:

“Sidekick to” is far from a thankless role when it’s played with Pena’s brand of commitment. On the street, his Mike and Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Brian wordlessly execute their tasks with practiced precision. In the squad car, Mike’s sensitivity to his partner’s psychic pain is always evident, even during their jivey, gleeful and profane give-and-take. Perf is reminiscent of Roy Scheider in “The French Connection,” whose Oscar nom jump-started his stardom. History could repeat.


12-12-12 was not only an unrepeatable date but also the day when Jake Gyllenhaal and many fellow celebrities joined the rock and pop music élite to lend a hand during the star-packed concert benefiting The Robin Hood Relief Fund to aid the victims of Hurricane Sandy at Madison Square Garden. It was an eventful night with wonderful music. You can pre-order the soundtrack on iTunes here (expected release Dec. 18, 2012) and remember that you can still donate

With Susan Sarandon

With Susan Sarandon

Jake told the story of Patricia Farrell of Long Beach:


“Patricia and a lot of other EMT personnel were in a painful situation of being both a victim and a responder,” Gyllenhaal said. “Despite her home being in jeopardy, Patricia remained at work caring for 32 critical care patients. Once they were evacuated safely, she still did not go home. She and her friend and training partner Robin worked with the National Guard operating out of a trolley taking supplies from Southside Hospital to help set up a triage area.”

When Farrell returned home, her house was completely flooded.

“Since then Patricia has been crashing on couches, living out of the back of her car and continuing her work,” Gyllenhaal told the crowd standing next to Farrell, who had the honor of bringing on fellow Long Islander, Billy Joel.

Many thanks to IHJ for uploading these videos

Is it me or do I detect a strange accent?

Apparently Jake bet Brian Williams 10K and lost




After a two-week hiatus Jake and the rest of the cast of If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet have reunited at the Laura Pels Theater for more shows. Remember that the play runs through December 23, only 9 days left, don’t miss the chance to see this incredible play.

In THIS VIDEO (can’t embed it yet, sorry) 

Jake and the cast talk about how it feels to return to the show, what they’ll miss when it’s over, how Hurricane Sandy changed their performances and more. Jake opens and closes the video.


A9tJg7fCQAAUDYiSpeaking of the play, I’m very glad to report that AP’s Mark Kennedy picked If There Is among the TOP 10 Theater Moments of 2012

7. “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet”: Nick Payne’s clever, edgy domestic drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal is a delight. Making it even more special was the set design by Beowulf Boritt under the direction of Michael Longhurst: All the furniture was piled in the center of the stage and each piece was taken and then discarded after every scene (appropriate for a play that discusses trashing the planet). It culminated in major watery magic as the stage flooded. Can sets get a standing-O?

If only there were an Award for Best Male off-Broadway Theater Performance it would have Jake’s name on it.


Thanks to Sasha4Jake for finding this lovely picture of a very young Jake


8 thoughts on “Nominations and Donations – Jake Gyllenhaal catch-up part1

  1. Gyllen, you work hard, almost like Jake! Too bad you need to get up so early! Thank you for finding time to post the news! I missed 12.12.12 event. I watched first hour and then I fall asleep. It started at 1:30AM my time. Thankfully we have Jake on a vid, but I’d love to hear the music as well. How was P. McCartney with Nirvana?
    The girl, taking calls close to Jake, tweeted that no one payed attention to her till the moment, she mentioned sitting next to Jake 🙂
    I was mad that neither Jake, nor EoW, nor Michael were nominated for either the SAG Awards and the Golden Globes. BEST ACTOR IN AN ACTION MOVIE nomination in CCA is fine, but the competition in this category is very strong.
    Lovely to see Susan with Jake. Amazing how he has changed since Moonlight Mile, becoming a man. She almost didn’t.

    • Thank you mermon, it’s indeed a tough time at work but I’m doing my best to keep this blog up to date. As for the awards it’s not really surprising that Jake didn’t get nominated but it’s disappointing all the same, especially for the Independent Spirit Awards. That tweet from the model was hilarious but I bet she was more than thrilled to be sitting next to Jake. Susan Sarandon seems to never age!

      I don’t really like Paul McCartney but Cut Me Some Slack was great.

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