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JAKENYCI’m picking up from where I left off in my previous post so you can all get ready and choose how to watch the next big charity event this coming Thursday, 12-12-12 (a date you can hardly forget). Jake will be among the musical artists and celebrity participants who

will take donations via phone over the course of the evening. Viewers from around the world will have the opportunity to call-in to help donate to the Robin Hood Relief Fund and assist those throughout the tri-state area who have been impacted by the storm.A9h-ylDCUAA_Dvl

Starting at 7:30 p.m. EST, on December 12, “12-12-12,” The Concert for Sandy Relief, will be broadcast live from Madison Square Garden via a global network of US and International television stations, Clear Channel radio stations and leading web sites. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


This is a lovely interview from TheaterMania with Annie Funke, Jake’s co-star in If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet. I wrote about her in my review of the play. In just a few words, I think that her performance was stellar. I love it how she talks about Jake.

Thank god for Jake Gyllenhaal.

Annie Funke is one of the stage’s brightest emerging stars. A veteran of pop musicals like Broadway’s Hairspray, Funke recently made her breakout straight play debut with the drama If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet (playing through December 23). But while Funke is delivering one of the most fearlessly vulnerable performances of the fall season as an overweight and isolated teenager left floundering by two inept parents, you’ll be hard pressed to find press on her.

The New York Times review of the play reduced the young actress’s 90-minute performance to two words (“sweet and pungent”) before speeding on to three paragraphs about another cast member—Academy Award-nominee and off-Broadway newcomer Gyllenhaal, whose scenes critics unanimously agreed work best when he’s paired with his character’s troubled niece. Fortunately, that’s Funke. Gyllenhaal’s Hollywood star glow has understandably been If There Is…s draw. It has also cast light on a versatile actress who could have otherwise languished in obscurity. TheaterMania sat down with Funke to put her on your radar, where she belongs.

1.161551You’re deep into the play’s run now. What questions are you tired of being asked about the show?

“Is the water in the bathtub cold,” [Funke takes public bathing to new heights in the production], and “How old are you, really?” And, “What is it like to hug Jake Gyllenhaal?”

Would you like to answer, on record, so people stop asking you?

On a good day the water’s warm, I’m 27, and hugging Jake Gyllenhaal is exactly what you would imagine.


Let’s be actory-y: You’ve spoken about this play having a very “physical” rehearsal process. I have no idea what that means.

Okay, for example there’s this one scene [in the play] when I don’t say a lot, and Jake’s character is trying to get into me. You know, into me—open me up. So our director, Michael Longhorst, said every time [Jake] said something to me, he should poke or touch me. [Jake] and I didn’t know each other that well at that point, so it was a really good icebreaker.


But if someone had told me my freshman year of college that I’d [eventually] be having a poking war with Jake Gyllenhaal, I’d be like, “Really?


The reviews were all about Jake—do you feel Jake Gyllenhaal is stealing your thunder, just a little bit?

Ha! No, not at all! It’s been a gift, honestly. He’s the one who found the play and brought it to Roundabout [Theatre Company] to produce. And working with him every night as an acting partner has elevated my performance. He’s very generous about wanting to bring out the best in his scene partner. I wouldn’t change it for anything.


Final question: You’ve seen what celebrity looks like by working with Jake. Would you ever want to be that famous?

I…[long pause]. I think…gosh, I really don’t know. If that would come my way, then I guess I would go with it. But I pause because if you had asked me before I knew Jake Gyllenhaal, I would have said “absolutely.” Now I don’t—I don’t know. I see firsthand how much people demand his time, how much people ask of him. I see how much people think they really know you when [you’re a celebrity], how much they think you should be giving them your time. I never would have imagined…I don’t know. If that is what is in the cards for me, I’ll take it. But I don’t know that I’d ask for it.


What good can come out of bullying?

I think it makes you resilient. That was my experience. It can be terrible, too. I was lucky. Bullying pushed me to find out what I love to do, which was be in the theater. Once I found it I was surrounded by people who shared common interests and love for each other, and it made the bullying less of a big deal—I had people on my side. I wasn’t alone. I guess I feel now that [bullying] made me stronger. But if you had asked me how I felt back then I wouldn’t have said any of this! I probably would have said it f***ing sucked. [Bullying] is such an epidemic. I was actually scared to go [on stage] and to be that vulnerable again. It was very difficult to go backwards.

Such a lovely young lady. I wish her a long successful career.

YET-0008M-300x300After a two weeks break If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet resumes its NYC run today. On Dec. 9, a special talkback on the topic of climate change will follow the 2 PM performance. The talkback is complimentary for ticketholders to this performance, and a limited number of tickets are still available to purchase. Pia Catton of The Wall Street Journal will serve as moderator of the discussion, focused on the themes of climate change and global warming that resonate within Payne’s play. Joining Catton will be cast members and Mary-Elena Carr and Bob Anderson of The Earth Institute at Columbia University (source)

I kind of missed these stagedoor pics

I kind of missed these stagedoor pics


7 thoughts on “More Charity Work

  1. Fantastic interview with Annie! Thank you! “hugging Jake Gyllenhaal is exactly what you would imagine.” – which means wonderful?! Annie said very truly words about fans demanding too much of Jakes time, thinking, they know him well. Aren’t we all? It needs really a thick skin to stay in balance and keep contact with fans, without loosing his own privacy.
    Very good read. Annie seems to be an interesting person, very nice too.

  2. That was a very interesting question and I understand her doubts about whether she’d wish that life for herself, I can see how frightening it must feel. I think Jake enjoys being a celebrity even with the attached unpleasant aspects of it or he wouldn’t be doing his job with the same enthusiasm, if not more, after all these years. I think Jake’s fans, myself included of course, don’t know anything about his real self and that’s just the way it should be. Sadly there are fans who can’t accept that celebrities are just doing their job and expect from them a connection to their private lives that they can’t possibly allow. This is one of the reasons why I’m glad Jake is not on any social network.

    • Some days even twice!
      I can’t say, I’m glad Jake is not on any social network. But I guess the excitement of having a chance to tweet with him, could be killing for my heart! As much as I want him to be among us, I just can’t imagine him on Twitter. He keeps some healthy distance that way. In some strange way, I’m OK with that.

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