Jake Gyllenhaal’s Charity Work


More generosity and Jake won’t miss this opportunity to help

The producers of “12-12-12” announced today that Steve Buscemi, Jessica Chastain (‘The Heiress’), Chelsea Clinton, Sean Combs, Billy Crystal, Leo DiCaprio, Jimmy Fallon, Jake Gyllenhaal (If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet), Karlie Kloss, Seth Meyers, Bobby Moynihan, Chris Rock (“Mother F—- With the Hat”), Adam Sandler, Susan Sarandon, Jon Stewart, Kristen Stewart,Quentin Tarantino, and BrIan Williams will participate at Madison Square Garden on December 12, 2012 to show their support for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Event producers James Dolan, John Sykes and Harvey Weinstein issued the following joint statement: “We are incredibly grateful to the numerous entertainers and celebrities who have graciously donated their time and talent to be a part of this unprecedented fundraising effort. It will be a special and memorable evening televised around the globe to ensure we can raise the most donations possible for victims of Hurricane Sandy.”

Beginning at 7:30PM at the start of the live concert, a phone bank will be set-up where musical artists and celebrity participants will take donations via phone over the course of the evening. Viewers from around the world will have the opportunity to call-in to help donate to the Robin Hood Relief Fund and assist those throughout the tri-state area who have been impacted by the storm.

“12-12-12”, which will be distributed worldwide to nearly two billion people through television feeds, radio and online streaming and will be distributed across networks and feeds in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Thanks to the generosity of concert organizers, sponsors, and Robin Hood’s board of directors, every single penny from ticket purchases and donations will go to serve the victims of Hurricane Sandy through the Robin Hood Relief Fund.The Robin Hood Relief Fund provides money, material and know-how to local organizations that are serving families and individuals in the regions hardest hit by the storm.

The most up to date information on “12-12-12” can be found by visitingwww.121212concert.org.



That smirk should have a trademark

That Jake Gyllenhaal has a philanthropic side is something we all know. Just one more reason to love him. The last of a long list of charity events that he attended took place on Wednesday 5th December in New York. As a representative of the New Eyes of the Needy organization he participated at the ICAP Charity Day and helped raise $ 17.7 million in one night.



CAP Charity Day has made a greater impact than we could ever have imagined – by giving away all our revenues and commissions on just one day each year, we have positively changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people less fortunate.

Thanks to the efforts of our customers, staff and suppliers, an amazing £11 million / US$ 17.7 million was raised bringing the total amount over 20 years to more than £100 million!


From what I gather from these pictures it looks like they all had a great time.



Other celebrities attending were Michelle Williams, Reese Witherspoon, Michael Phelps, Rachel Weisz.



I like this picture of Michelle Williams and friends



Terrence-Howard-726x248Newsflash: Terrence Howard joins the cast of Prisoners.

Principal photography starts in February. Alcon is targeting a fall 2013 release through its output deal with Warner Bros. Howard was most recently seen in Red Tails, The Company You Keep and the upcoming On the Road. He is repped by CAA.


From Entertainment Daily News, a longish version of the interview

The two leading actors took time to bond on set and it was a lengthy process, explained Gyllenhaal.

He said: “It was forced at first, and had we had less time I think it would have felt forced, but we had so much time that we moved through that period of time of feeling forced into knowing that we needed each other.

“We were doing live ammunitions training, shooting with live rounds together and doing tactical exercises together, fight training where we were fighting every morning for five days a week and then we were on the streets with the police officers where we had to look out for each other.

“When they’d go run off and go chase a suspect or something was happening or we were in the middle of something, Michael and I had each other’s back and that was a real situation, so all of those things created a friendship.

“We knew we were really friends when we started to fight, we knew that we had gone past the point of us being forced friends and into real friends. And that took two months.”

According to Gyllenhaal the real test of friendship is when you can tease each other.

He recalled: “There was a lot of bantering between us at the time because he was trying to get into really good shape, so we would all have these wonderful Mexican meals at Dave Ayer’s house that his wife would cook, and we’d all sit around the table and Mike couldn’t eat any of them.

“There was teasing all the time. I think that’s what makes the movie good, is because true friends within the right context get to tease each other.”

As well as a vigorous training process, the actors were put through a lengthy research period where they spent time shadowing real life officers in the field in order to help make their characters as realistic as possible.

“We had a special connection with a lot of these police officers because of David Ayer, our writer and director, who wrote Training Day, and wrote a lot of other really amazing cop movies. They knew that the goal was to make a real, a realistic portrait of what’s it’s like to actually be a police officer.

“And in that sense I think they were open to showing us who they really were.”

End of Watch is back in theaters in the US, go see it if you (unforgivably) missed it!


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  1. Jake doesn’t stop, not for a while. Jake and Reese at the same event? I didn’t see her or any pictures. Jake is in very good mood on the pics. He likes his charity work. Obviously.

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