London Calling

The full Graham Norton Show episode. It was hilarious! That Joan Rivers is a hoot.


Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined little ol’ me chatting online with Jake Gyllenhaal but thanks to MSN movies (click on the link, the chat is still there, not sure for how long) this actually happened a few hours ago:

CaptureMINEShould the webchat not be there any longer when you read this, you can read its highlights here.

I’m sure many of you were eagerly waiting for someone to finally ask him this crucial question.

Kon asked: When are you going to shave your beard?
Jake: After the run of my play, which ends Dec 23rd, I start shooting another movie a few weeks later, so depending on the external trappings that character will have… This beard is for the play I’m doing now.

He’ll shave in less than a month, then. I guess he’ll get a haircut too. I’m not happy, but I know you all are breathing a sigh of relief. To each his own.

No more of this

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal leaving BBC Radio 1 studios in London

or this

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal leaving BBC Radio 1 studios in London

or this

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal leaving BBC Radio 1 studios in London

or this

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal leaving BBC Radio 1 studios in London
Fine. I’ll get over it (just kidding).

More from the chat.

Erin asked: Jake, what’s the strangest thing a fan has ever said to you?
Jake: I’ve never really found anythng a fan said to me strange. People definitely have a lot to say and there are many different opinions and they express them to me. What I think is wonderful about being public with your career, is that people are allowed to express themselves. Nothing strange though, I’ve been doing it long enough not to find anybody strange, everybody is unique.

Em asked: You travel a lot. What aspect do you enjoy the most about travelling? Whats your favourite thing about London?
Jake: My fave thing about travelling is how each culture expresses themselves stylistically and culinarily. I love food, so it’s wonderful to explore that side of any culture. Some of my closest friends live in and around London and that’s what i love the most about London. A handful of my closest friends are British.

This is one of my faves, which I dedicate to all the followers of that infamous Twitter fake account (Jake_Gyllenhaal)

CapturenotwitterFor those of you unfamiliar with that word, “Luddite” is a term describing those opposed to industrialization, automation, computerization or new technologies in general. Gotta love a man who answers with a term like that.

After the webchat Jake, The Beard and The Hair ran to the BBC1 Radio studios where they chatted graciously with a very happy Nick Grimshaw


You can watch and listen to them chatting here


Something he shared during the chat with Grimmy:

“If I wasn’t acting I’d be a cook, or working on the line in a kitchen, which is actually a dream of mine, so I’d be doing that,” Jake told BBC Radio One.“I don’t have anything I like to cook especially but I like to go down to the farmers’ market and then cook with what’s in season. I like to go back to the old school, Beastie Boys style with my cooking. It’s all about the fresh produce!”

Jake is currently promoting his movie End of Watch in the UK. He’s been enjoying his visit to London, and told how he bumped into his old friend British singer Lily Allen by chance yesterday. Jake joked that when he first knew Lily she was a teenager who hung around on the set of his 2005 movie Proof, as her mother Alison Owen was the film’s producer.

“I ran into Lily Allen yesterday. Yes, she is a bit of a British icon. We were at a restaurant and she was there having lunch. She was going to see my movie End of Watch, coincidently, at the time of speaking. I’ve met her before, her mum produced the movie called Proof that I was in with Gwyneth Paltrow,” Jake explained. “I knew her then, which was before she started singing. When I knew her then she was a teenager, and she’s the same now!”

The actor explained what he is like as a friend. He always speaks his mind, which lands him in trouble occasionally. Jake joked that he likes to hang out with his non-famous friends so he gets all the limelight at dinner parties.

I pride myself on being brutally honest, I always say something honest but the other person doesn’t always like it. I’ll then have to make up for it by sending flowers or something,” Jake admitted.

I do have a lot of actor pals, but actually most of my pals aren’t. They are not a scary as me. I like to be the centre of attention at dinner parties [laughing].” (source)

Someone was glad to be at work today


Photo by kiri_phoenix • Instagram

Not content yet, an Empire podcast followed

An interview triple bill for you on this week’s Empire Podcast with actor Jake Gyllenhaal (End Of Watch), director Ben Wheatley (Sightseers) and producer Stephen Woolley (Great Expectations) all dropping by to talk a whole load of glorious waffle with the team.


Listen to it here

Apparently he was then headed to the British GQ premises


Watch this space for more from London and don’t forget he’ll be on the Graham Norton Show tonight!


25 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. I love Jake’s long hair! And beard is OK, just could be shorter and showing his upper lip as well.
    Nice pics from today. Radio interview is so good, rich. His voice again…
    Congrats on having your question to be answered by Jake. Very personal experience!
    I would never tell, that Jake is painfully honest, getting himself in troubles with his friends sometimes. That’s something new about him.

    • Yep, I loved that bit about his character, something new to me too. We share something besides the good looks LOL just kidding. I could listen to him talking for days. Thanks for the congrats! reading books is like breathing to me, I really hoped they would pick my question. I’m really happy he replied.

  2. I’m so happy for you that he answered your question! I missed the chat session, but would’ve asked if he would be willing to do frontal nudity, if a role required it.

    • Hahaha! I wonder if they would pass that question? And really wonder his answer. I think he would say “No!” Unless for very good reason. He refused to starr in Dreamers, too brave for his willingness.

      • It’s too bad that he refused to star in Dreamers. His bil did a frontal nudity scene in Kinsey. Jake should do it. 😉

      • Well, he was much younger then…same reason he didn’t want to do bbm at first. He was only 16 (what WAS van sant thinking?)… Give him a few years ;p


      • Sixteen is a bit young to be showing off the crotch, lol. Here’s hoping that he’s willing to do it in the future.

      • He did Love and Other Drugs. He was covering his crotch with his hands but apart from that he was frontally naked. And he showed his butt. *nice memories* I think that more than the frontal nudity it was the act he would have to perform that got him to refuse. Just my opinion.

    • Thank you Rebecca, I was very happy too. I’m sorry you missed the chat but at least you’ve got the highlights. I doubt he would have answered your question but you never know.

  3. Thanks Gyllen for these clips! I really enjoyed to watch them. This show was very funny from what I see. I hope we will see all of it!

  4. I can take or leave the beard (prefer him with stubble…source code time really) but ohhhhh that hair. *drool* again, my favourite look is source code and zodiac time but those little curls at the back of the head and oh just Damn…

    Nice collection. Thanks 😀


  5. Hi Gyllencrazy! Sorry for long time no comment. But I’ve read your posts regularly. and I want to say thank you for writing up “the chat with Grimmy”. So that I’m able to understand what Jake said.
    I’d like to translate it to Japanese in my blog, ok?
    Last, I’m happy that you did a good job with webchat!! Really good question! so, I’m going to read “East of Eden” 🙂

    • Mayumi-san, good to see you! I’m glad you’re still reading, you were missed. Go ahead, translate and post away! I’m glad I’m not the only one who felt a sudden wish to read that book again 🙂

  6. I was away for the weekend as well, so I can say it now – thanks for the great post, GC! Such wonderful, wonderful, Jake-iness! I have to say I pretty much agree with Nev about the hair – I like it longer and I don’t mind the beard at all. Maybe one day he’ll do a movie set in the same time frame as Argo – I was surprised at how handsome I found Ben Affleck to be in all that hair he wore for the role. Then it dawned on me how old I am and how I used to find long hair on men so attractive when I was young… Apparently I still do even though it may not be as common now. LOL

    • I love the hair, too, don’t get me wrong. The fact that I always mention the beard doesn’t mean that those hair are not beautiful cause they are and the fact that he likes to finger comb them well don’t get me started about that. Anyway, I just thought The Beard needed more support LOL

  7. I think Jake made me like the beard. All negative comments as well, cause every time hearing negative opinions I thought, it’s not that bad! it’s quite OK, actually it looks good. Especially when beard goes with such beautiful, slightly wavy hair. And the face of course. Jake just looks good with a beard. Don’t you think, that he behaves differently with his changed looks. He’s more goofy, when bald, more serious, deep when bearded. I wonder if he feels different too. That was my question to him, but had no chance to get the answer.
    I liked Graham Norton Show a lot. Saw it first time. That one with Maggie made me feel uncomfortable at times, but this one was very funny. All the guests were so completely different. Jake did very well, in distinguish way. Joan was hilarious, sometimes too much, but I enjoyed her anyway. Jake didn’t have much to say (beard & name theme again)a bit of End of Watch, but his interaction with other was fine and funny. I think he had a good time.

    • Mermon, thanks for commenting about The Beard, I’m sure it appreciates LOL I’m amazed at how slowly but surly that facial hair has grown on so many people. It was a fascinating process. And you’re right of course, bearded Jake, and bearded people in general, look deeper. Can you imagine a philosopher with a clean face, or say, Freud or Marx? 🙂

      The Graham Norton Show was hilarious. I think Jake was embarrassed and a couple times he gave me the impression that he was feeling out of place but all in all I think he had a good time, too. I wish they chose another clip from End of Watch but I guess Jake gave them permission to pick that one.

      The day that journalists finally stopped making silly jokes about Brokeback Mountain when talking to Jake can’t come soon enough.

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