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As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Don’t you just love it when Jake has a film to promote? Interviews, movie specials, press, talk shows, you name it. It just keeps getting more and more frantic, what with End of Watch being released in Europe these days and being reviewed all around.

This 36’minute-long interview for example…is something I’m really grateful for.

Jake appeared on SHORTLIST magazine. Just my opinion of course, but I don’t think Jake needs a superhero role.

“Sporting the kind of beard an Edwardian cricketer would be proud of, Jake Gyllenhaal looks almost unrecognisable as he sits down with ShortList in a New York hotel. His cultivated fuzz (sprouted for his Broadway debut in play If There Is A Heaven I Haven’t Found It Yet) is even more notable given the clean-shaven, skinheaded look he recently adopted for End Of Watch – a gritty new thriller in which he and Michael Peña play cops on patrol around gangland LA.

And having spent months immersing himself in the South Central arm of the LAPD, it’s clear that, for the fiercely dedicated 31-year-old, preparation went far beyond merely asking the barber for a grade two.

Did you have trouble convincing your agent to let you do it?

It’s interesting you say that because [it points out] how the business is taking over any sense of creativity that anybody might have. Everyone’s going after some goal, be it financial or otherwise and, in my perspective, that is totally out of whack. But no, I wouldn’t work with an agent like that.

How did the cops treat you at first?

I don’t think either of us realised how much we needed to trust each other. The officers were automatically thinking, “Will you be able to handle the things you’re going to see, and can we trust you not to put us in danger?” While I was thinking, “Can I trust you not to tell people who’s riding in your car?” But the trust came more easily than we both imagined. Most of the real bonding was the time spent between calls, just getting to know each other over a coffee. I suppose witnessing horrific crimes with them also helped me connect with them.

Did anyone spot you and ask for an autograph during the ride-alongs?

Weirdly, no. Maybe I did get recognised, but I’d be sitting there with police officers and sometimes detectives wearing bulletproof vests, so most people were probably either too intimidated or too confused to ask for an autograph.


Have you ever been on the wrong side of the law?

Not so much. I’ve been talked to by the authorities after some Halloween pranks as a kid – I can’t remember what they were – and I’ve been pulled over for speeding tickets. But except for a little mischief like that I’ve never been to jail or anything. How about you?

I stole a chocolate bar when I was eight and was told off by a shop manager…

That’s badass! You put me to shame.

You came close to playing both Batman and Spider-Man. Are you over the superhero thing now?

At a certain point you realise there’s always someone more interesting, talented and ready to do a role than you are – and you won’t get every role you go for. All I want right now is to hone my skills and become a better actor, not dream about wearing a cape. But you never know.

After nude scenes in Brokeback Mountain and Love And Other Drugs, are you now impervious to embarrassment on screen?

Do you think there is one person on Earth impervious to embarrassment? And do you think it would be me? That’s a rhetorical question, and I’ll leave you with that.


Jake will be on the Graham Norton Show on Friday the 30th. It’s almost a safe bet that Jake will be in London recording it that Thursday, the 29th.

Tonight’s line-up has the potential for all kinds of off-kilter brilliance — Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal, caustic comic Joan Rivers and Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson and James May. Makes you almost feel sorry for Gyllenhaal, a serious actor, surrounded by that lot. His sister Maggie was a Norton guest two years ago and looked terrified.

He’s here to talk about his latest film, the police thriller End of Watch. Rivers will be triumphant after a sell-out British tour, while Clarkson and May have a Top Gear DVD to plug.


Are you ready for this?

Coming to Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD and On Demand on January 22, 2013
from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

Bonus Features on Both the Blu-rayTM and DVD

· Fate with a Badge
· In the Streets
· Women on Watch
· Watch Your Six
· Honors
· Deleted Scenes
· Feature Commentary with Writer and Director David Ayer


6 thoughts on “More End of Watch

    • Hey LM,

      I can’t wait for it either, I’m totally looking forward to seeing what the deleted scenes are about, and the footage as well. Jake shot a lot of that, if it’s true that there’s a career in directing waiting for him he must have enjoyed working with the camera a lot and we get to see the results.

      • i hope he will direct a movie one day. and i remembered the director of Brothers once said that “Jake may be come a director if he get better pay than being an actor” ❤

      • I too hope he will direct, I think he would do a brilliant job.I remember Sheridan saying that 😉 it just spoke volumes about how little he knew Jake.

  1. I can’t wait for DVD extras too! Too little of Brian & Janet for me. I count on seeing more of them. That long interview is a pleasure to watch. Just imagine having Jake for 36 minute to talk. He’s in very chatting mood, wiping his running? nose, rubbing his ginger beard – priceless!
    So many of the interviews, new from UK will come. I wonder how many people watch all of it like us, crazy, dedicated fans!
    “Do you think there is one person on Earth impervious to embarrassment? And do you think it would be me? That’s a rhetorical question, and I’ll leave you with that.” – Brilliant!
    Definitely, Jake has a time of his life now. Next weekend will be exciting as well. 🙂

    • Having Jake for 36′? I’ll better not comment on that LOL That was a really brilliant interview, interesting questions and yes, Jake was in one of his glorious chatting moods. I believe too that Jake must be enjoying this time of his career, I can’t remember so much praise since Brokeback.
      Not so long for Poland now! and much more to look forward to!

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