Four More Years

Honesty and consistency is definitely one of those things that I think is important and I like to pride myself that I am and this is why I consider myself an Obama supporter, because I believe that about him.” – Jake Gyllenhaal

If you missed Jake talk, among other things, about voting, democratic beliefs (and being an OBAMA supporter, thank you very much), about special polling places for celebrities and those ‘Hollywood types’, about people saying ‘funny things’ about him, about the new Star Wars (!) and much more, you can listen to him here

The Buckethead Show  (click on the link)

via Multimedia

(Honestly Jake, I can’t think of a better cue than the one this guy gave you to say something about that infamous fake Twitter account but I guess you have a good reason not to be straightforward about it)

and here

The Stephanie Miller Show


More End of Watch promotion to look forward to. Jake should be in Europe at the end of November and in London for sure as a guest on the Graham Norton Show on BBC1

StudiocanalUK ‏@StudiocanalUK

Follow & RT to win tickets to see Jake Gyllenhaal LIVE on @TheGNShow talk about his new movie #EndofWatch (out Nov 23).


In case you’re interested, Mumford&Sons have just announced their 2013 European Tour dates 


6 thoughts on “Four More Years

  1. I like so much Jake on air interviews! Jake’s voice is absolutely gorgeous on a radio! I could fall to sleep every night listen to it, he could read a phone book, whatever!
    Jake in Europe – very exciting news! I will enjoy him being that close!
    Mumford&Sons will be in my country, in Warsaw. A bit too far for me to go there. Hm, I have to think it over.

    • LOL @reading the phone book but yeah, I know what you mean 🙂

      Jake in Europe is excellent news indeed, I was wondering whether he would promote End of Watch outside the US and when. I wish the guys at Studiocanal mentioned when exactly will he be on the BBC1 show but I guess we’ll know very soon.

      How far is Warsaw from Cracow? It’s an amazing opportunity to hear them live, if you like their music.

      • Well, around 3 hours to get there, but then, I won’t find anyone to go with me, don’t know the city almost at all, would have to spend night there etc. But it’s still time to make a decision. Will see!

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