“In the newest issue of Vogue, newly minted off-Broadway star Jake Gyllenhaal proves he doesn’t have to take it all off to be sexy. The Academy Award nominee, who is currently starring in If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, sports a Tom Ford coat and Prada shoes with style and sophistication on the pages of the iconic fashion mag. Check out this smoldering Hot Shot of the stage and screen favorite, then see him in If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, opening officially on September 20 at off-Broadway’s Laura Pels Theatre” (source)

I think this shot really needs no commentary. All I’ll say is that I wish this photo-session will be shared soon.


Back to End of Watch, judging by the flood of video interviews available today Jake must have been talking non-stop for hours, he probably kept talking even in his sleep. Poor guy. 

End of Watch NEW featurette

Entertainment Tonight

I’m NOT commenting about the 50 Shades question. I think Jake’s answer spoke for itself but if people like to misinterpret then go ahead. I’ll just post this radio interview cause it’s always good to hear Jake talk. Yes, you got that right, I’m not a fan of that so-called ‘story’. 

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/416232/1697129&tbid=309992&p=4484&height=402&width=560]


In this film everyone seems to have a handheld camera. Gyllenhaal’s Taylor rarely turns his off, giving the film a cinéma vérité feel that adds to the honesty and humanity of the characters. What the movie may lack in traditional narrative it makes up for in realism highlighted by humor and exceptional performances.

KIRK HONEYCUTT(former chief film critic for the Hollywood Reporter)

If I were a cynic, I would say David Ayer’s “End of Watch” is a movie-length testimonial for the LAPD. But instead I left my cynicism in the Newton Station locker room and went on patrol with officers Taylor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Zavala (Michael Peña). I’m glad I did.

A real-life mayoral candidate, L.A. City Councilman Eric Garcetti, gets to audition for that role in a cameo as the mayor during a medal of valor ceremony.

Jake with mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti (GC insert)

Thanks to superb cinematography by Roman Vasyanov that imitates all sorts of photographic devices from night-vision surveillance to the handheld camera Brian takes (illegally) on patrol, the action rings true in every instance.

There is nothing super human here; no action a cop might not be expected to perform while on watch. One might quarrel with the ending, which involves moments that do feel fictional. If so, it’s a small lapse compared to the edge-of-your-seat action that has come before.


Mannie The Movie Guy (Jake’s expression here is priceless)


How did you develop that deep bond that your characters have in the film?

Michael: It was funny, because we’re totally different people. The first couple of months were a little difficult, but it helped that we trained on the streets and went on ride alongs. But he’s a a friend now. We really wanted the best form each other; all that training does something to your psyche. This idea of brotherhood really came into play.

Jake: This movie, my very first meeting with David, going over to his house and his wife cooking me a meal as his children ran around, really changed my life. The Hispanic culture that Dave and Michael introduced me to; such a loyal brotherhood and their families are incredibly strong.


Were you in any danger during the ride alongs?

Jake: We saw people who had been shot in the face, there were domestic disputes, robberies..etc… One time, I was riding without Mike, who had just left because he needed to get his kid up in the morning. We responded to an apartment when someone had thrown some rocks through a window that looked like bullet holes.

As soon as we got there a call comes over the radio about a stolen vehicle, which passes by as it’s being chased by other officers. We hop in the car and the chase ends at a railroad track.

The car’s on the track surrounded by cop cars and a train is heading that way. I was like; am I in a Denzel Washington movie?

NBCChicago Interview with Michael Pena – freaking handcuffs!

What was the cop skill that you were able to get really good at? And what was the thing that you never quite mastered?

The thing that both Jake and I got really good at is shooting handguns, because we shot so much. It was pretty incredible. And then the one thing that I wasn’t too good at, for some reason I just couldn’t get it, was the freaking handcuffs, man! Like, really tossing them on there and making it look easy to slip on those handcuffs.


Combine mismatched police partners, fake found footage and worried spouses, and “End of Watch” sounds like just another cliched cop movie.

Not so. Writer and director David Ayer manages to overcome the shortcomings of the genre, many of which are present here, with great chemistry between his actors and sheer momentum. The film starts with a car chase that leads to a gun battle and only slows down for quips between Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña, as two LAPD officers working a particularly tough neighborhood.


Of course, telling two gung-ho LAPD cops to take it easy is like asking the elephant to pass the peanuts. It’s not in their make-up. And to his credit, Ayer, who wrote “Training Day” and wrote and directed “Street Kings,” does not skimp on the danger to his protagonists. This lends the movie an almost unbearable tension near the end, as we, more so than Brian and Mike, wonder and worry about what’s around every corner.

The answer? Nothing good.

The action and the chemistry is stronger than the story, because Gyllenhaal and Peña are good. In that respect “End of Watch” works better as a series of vignettes held together loosely by a larger story.

But it does work. Given all the places it could have gone wrong, that’s an accomplishment.


Jake will be on several TV shows (he’s apparently not finished talking). Check this list out and get your DVR ready!


To wrap things up, a nice review of If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet (a little spoiler-ish though, so I won’t post snippets of it) from this blogger.


4 thoughts on “Vogue

  1. So I’ll share a few of my thoughts on this latest post… Firstly, I had to stop drooling long enough to force my eyeballs back into my head – the Vogue photo is absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to see more of the photos from that session.

    About the 50 Shades question in the Ryan Seacrest interview – I’ll say it: Jake was NOT indicating either a desire or a willingness to take on the role of Christian Grey should that movie be made. He was politely responding by saying it was always flattering to be thought of for any given role. Then, while laughing, he joked about being interested in the role BECAUSE HE IS ALWAYS INTERESTED IN WORKING, IN BEING EMPLOYED. Of course I’m paraphrasing, but it was obvious that he thought it was a silly question and responded with a less than serious answer. Politely. End of story.

    The interviews and reviews for End of Watch are all over the place now. I am so excited that the wait is nearly over! It’s nice to hear some Oscar buzz for the movie as well. Wouldn’t it be great for it to get several nominations? I’m hoping the Blu-ray will contain numerous special features like behind-the-scenes footage as well interviews with cast and crew and deleted scenes.

    GC, thanks so much for providing a place to see all the best “stuff” in one place. I appreciate your hard work even though I know it must be a labor of love for you. 🙂

    • Susan, I know what you mean, my eyeballs haven’t rolled back from their sockets yet.

      Thanks for your pitch perfect interpretation of what Jake really meant, I couldn’t have explained it better (as if it needed an explanation). Of course the silly misinterpretation got viral and I don’t know whether this is worse than the days of TS’ song but it sure comes close.

      As for the Oscar buzz of course it would be great if the film and/or the actors got nominated but I’m not keeping my hopes up (not tempting fate). For now I’m extremely happy that the reception is being enthusiastic and reviews are mostly positive. Jake and the whole cast deserve the praise.

      I’m loving my ‘job’ so much these days. Yes it’s a labor of love, a tad time consuming and at times frustrating but comments like yours make it all worthy. Thank you!

  2. After so many reviews I still find some interesting stuff in new ones, like Jake being a guest at David Ayer house and other things.
    Vogue picture is fantastic! Very stylish. I can’t wait to see the rest of photos either!
    I like that radio interview a lot. The way Jake handled the question about 50 shades. But the most I like that part when Jake turns out to be a perfect guest, stripping the sheets in the morning! Very cute story!

    • Jake is so polite, isn’t he? 🙂

      There are indeed still many new behind the scenes info being revealed, after all they trained for 5 months. What I’m enjoying the most is how everybody from the cast and David Ayer himself praise Jake, they all share the same respect and appreciation for his skills at acting, for helping his co-stars, for being protective of them, of Anna Kendrick especially. That feels good to know, not that it’s surprising.

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