End of Watch L.A. premiere

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The day after the star-studded End of Watch premiere Jake fans are graced not only with a deluge of pictures but also with more interesting interviews and reviews, not to talk about uncountable tweets from enthusiastic viewers and friends. I honestly had to give up making the nice selection I had in mind, too much stuff around about this crazy event! 

Red carpet with cast and guests

Greeting fans


COMINGSOON.NET interview and exclusive featurette (click the link)

ComingSoon.net: When we spoke yesterday—and I talked to both Jake and Michael since then—you said you spent five months with them trying to build the chemistry. That seems like quite a large investment of time for any actor.

David Ayer: It’s unheard of. It’s really unheard of. I mean, when I got them together initially, they’re professional actors. They’re both talented, professional individuals, and that’s how they’re coming at the job, you know? It’s like, okay, we’re actors. We got the job. We’re going to do this. And I’m like, “No, no, no, no, guys. You gotta be real friends. I need you guys to develop a friendship.” It wasn’t just this sort of run, jump, fight, shoot gun martial arts fight training piece, it was also spend time together. Go and have a beer. Hang out. Get to know each other. Learn each other’s personal histories. Tell each other some secrets. It was through that process and through the training and being forced to work together and become a team. One of the toughest things any cop can do or any soldier can do is shoot, move and communicate simultaneously. It was through that process of learning how to shoot, move and talk that something happened, and I think it was just a trust factor that transcended the immediacy of the job and the work. It was like a switch went off and they were like, thick as thieves after that. I mean, it was really amazing to watch, you know, a real friendship grow before my eyes. It carries onto this day.

Jake and his favorite cop movies in this interview from MOVIEFANATIC

Jake and his love for storytelling and whether he’ll direct


We are privy to the most personal interactions between the two men, from goodnatured ethnic joshing to frank and often very funny discussions about sex and romance. (Mike’s wife is pregnant! Brian’s about to get married! Cop-movie cliché alert… except we shouldn’t necessarily expect the expected here.) We also bear witness to everything from the vulgar, creative insults cop teams lob at one another to all the crazy shit cops encounter in the daily course of their work, things that are sometimes so horrifying that you can’t imagine how these guys endure similar day in and day out.

This isn’t just day-in-the-life: there is a story here, but the less you know about it going in, the better. It becomes an unelucidated commentary on the increasingly complicated law-enforcement environment that even ordinary street cops are contending with in megapolises such as Los Angeles: immigration issues, rapidly shifting demographics, the “war on drugs,” and other matters that once seemed like science fiction and now are mundane. There’s an SF-like intensity to End of Watch, in fact, and not just one that’s about techy stuff, like how the little tiny button cams Brian and Mike wear on their uniform shirts, as part of Brian’s project, capture them in some bad behavior. (Hell, Brian willingly videos them engaging in bad behavior, without any apparent worry that it might impact them negatively.) We are living in the future world, and Watch inhabits it: Women cops — lots of them — are treated casually by the film and by the male cops. There’s lots of untranslated Spanish zipping by (but you understand perfectly well what’s being said). Electronic eyes watch everything, not just Brian’s camcorder but dashboard cams and cellphone cams. This is no longer reality TV: it’s reality.

This is a perfect film. Fantastic work, sure, by Gyllenhaal and Pena that goes beyond performance: even the awareness that we are watching actors with familiar faces cannot spoil the feeling that they are these cops. But more than that, this is that rare cinematic wonder: a movie that effortless combines comedy and drama, sex and violence, rage and introspection. Nay, it is positively bursting with all of that. This is everything we go to the movies for.


Ayer’s choice to have it both ways certainly lends ‘End of Watch’ a freewheeling, go-anywhere-do-anything energy, but it also tends to confuse and distract the audience. Are we watching a class project? Then why is there a sex scene? Are we watching a Hollywood movie? Then why can’t anyone hold the camera steady?

At least Gyllenhaal and Peña maintain a steadier handle on their characters’ relationship. ‘End of Watch’ may not pass muster as a documentary but the actors more than sell the partners as brothers in arms. While most found footage movies take place within a prescribed set of time — a few days lost in the woods, or a series of nights in a couple’s haunted bedroom — ‘End of Watch’ sprawls over months and months of patrols, giving Ayer the opportunity to flesh out Taylor and Zavala’s quirks and foibles.

The way these men shoot the breeze, the way they make fun of each other’s skin color and family customs, the way they toast each other at weddings and vow to defend each other to the end of their lives — it all adds up to a really compelling portrait of a friendship and a partnership. If ‘End of Watch’ had lost the found footage gimmick, it could have been really something. Instead of stripping away the artifice, it just adds one more layer.


Jake and Michael for Blacktreemedia

A video review round-up

Greeting friends in this video from X17

Busy Phillips was at the premiere and woke up still thinking about the film

I woke up thinking about #EndofWatch. I want to go see it again but I’m not sure my nerves can handle it. JG & Michael Pēna are incredible.

Yesterday evening she tweeted this

#EndofWatch was amazing. Seriously. So SO good. I highly recommend it. But it’s super f-ing intense! I almost passed out at one point…

Adam Levine got even more imperative 



4 thoughts on “End of Watch L.A. premiere

  1. I like these serious pictures of Jake and Michael, I like these interviews you posted, I like very much what David Ayer said about J&M, I like the latest interviews and clips and pics. Oh, Gosh! I like everything about End of Watch!

  2. I forgot, I like Jake’s friends tweets too!!! It’s so nice of them to support his movie. They do, what we do. They are just more famous and with bigger power to reach the audience! Touching.

    • I know, we sometimes forget that these celebrities have a ‘normal’ life too, that they have friends and families and everyday issues just like the rest of the world. It indeed feels good to know that Jake’s friends are trying to help spreading the voice about the film.

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