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I’m posting this picture again in case you missed it in my previous post. To me it’s one of the most beautiful shots of Jake I’ve seen so far. I’ll also add the other pictures from the Toronto press conference, courtesy as usual of the amazing IHJ (there are more there). You’ll find excerpts from End of Watch reviews and a couple more End of Watch TV spots interspersed among them along with a few tweets.


End of Watch goes above expectations with its depth. At its core, the film regards partnership and teamwork as its prevailing message, but there are other elements to its thematic qualities that are surprisingly moving. At a certain point early in the second act, End of Watch proposes it will be something more than your standard police flick, and it’s neat to see Ayer keep his promise. The crime narrative here is much larger than the typical homicide or drug deal. This is big theatre on a small stage, and the drama is palpable.

The handheld cameras also serve to create intense claustrophobia, as every house visited is cramped and filled with places to hide. End of Watch’s handheld approach provides us a front-row seat to the risky business, and every turn around the corner we’re reminded how fragile the human body is.

It’s a good thing the chemistry between Peña and Gyllenhaal is excellent, as the two are side-by-side on screen for the film’s entire duration. When the stakes are low, Taylor and Z crack jokes (mostly racial) and recount chestnuts (mostly graphic) with each other. But when lives are on the line, the pair command attention with their laissez-faire police tactics and level-headed cool.  On the road, between these ups and downs, the two also wax poetic about life: working with the LAPD, their relationships at home, and the prospects of the future. These police cruiser conversations are engaging and thoughtful; at times bordering on profundity.

Despite the initial silliness at the top of the film, End of Watch becomes so engrossing that we roll with its gimmicks, giving in to the sheer adrenaline and shaky-cam octane. The whole “found footage” thing is getting old n’ busted, but End of Watch shows some promise as the new hotness: Ayer has combined traditional filmmaking with handheld footage to create a truly riveting cop drama, going further and deeper than most ever do.

From Chron Blog some food for thought: one of the reasons why End of Watch is different from other cop movies. I’m ashamed to admit that this is an aspect of the film that I hadn’t considered.


Actors like Michael Peña, who costarred with Jake Gyllenhaal as an L.A. cop in soon to be released “End of Watch,” are breaking the media stereotype of Latinos portrayed as criminals. About 70 percent of those surveyed said they see Latinos acting as criminals on television and in movies.

“Ten years ago it would have uphill battle to a part in a film like this,” Peña said during the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute panel Wednesday. “Now is a great time for Latinos in media.”


David Ayer’s “End of Watch” is violent, exciting and aesthetically different from most cop movies.

Taylor’s pet project of filming his shifts really helps establish a new aesthetic for police movies. Ayer is clearly making a statement about today’s current social media age and the need for people to constantly see themselves living their lives. From the cops to the criminals, everyone likes to record what they do. Unfortunately, the rule established at the beginning of the film, that Taylor is the one doing the filming, is broken quickly and frequently. Many angles are used in the editing that he could not possibly have shot. I question why the mix of conventional shooting and this new doc style are being used together, because it can be distracting at times. I wish they would have stuck to their original idea, it could have made for an even better film. Fortunately, this is really the only issue and to some it may even go unnoticed.

Car chases, severed bodies, drug busts, shoot outs, murders, crimes and killing, if you like seeing any of those, get a ticket you won’t be disappointed.

A few enthusiastic tweets after the pre-screenings yesterday:

#EndOfWatch is a gritty and powerful film. Jake continues to impress. Be sure to watch it when it comes out.
Super funny, lovable characters, and easily one of the DARKEST films of the year! #endofwatch #amazingmovie #greatnight
(this one made me laugh) #EndOfWatch Good movie. Its early but Pena and Gyllenhaal could get some awards attention. Oh and…..
@iamBenLyons #EndOfWatch was terrific & well done, jake & pena’s banter added levity to a super intense movie. can exhale now it’s over!
GREAT JOB @OpenRoadFilms & @MPAA w/ tonights screening for#EndOfWatch#TripleMustSee#RealStories
Gyllenhaal blues, from the NYP:
Some of Jake Gyllenhaal’s closest pals are NYPD cops. The actor became tight with members of New York’s Finest after shooting the movie “End of Watch,” and was overheard at the Toronto Film Festival saying “three of his closest friends today are cops” he met while working on the action thriller, said a source. Gyllenhaal hit a private dinner for the film at Toronto’s Soho House with co-star Anna Kendrick. He earlier attended a screening for 300 NYPD officers, telling them that training with police for the film “changed his life.”
Last but not least, from Hollywood Outbreak, a brief audio interview with Jake talking about If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet. Too short, alas.
“We sat down with GYLLENHAAL, who took a moment to talk about his excitement over the play. (open the link and CLICK ON THE MEDIA BAR FOR AUDIO)
Oh, and it looks like Jake was at the CBS recording center. Picture courtesy of this lucky girl who for obvious reasons loves her job there.

8 thoughts on “More goodies

  1. Wow! The temperature in here just went up about 30 degrees – so much hotness cannot be contained! Thanks for the lovely photos. Just think – I get to see those beautiful blue eyes in person in just a little more than 48 hours!

  2. Susan! I wish you so much so you could stare into those eyes from the very close distance! Breath in Jake’s air and don’t faint! You have to memorize everything!
    Gyllen I Think Jake read at least some of these reviews and is very pleased! Mother hen again!
    Pictures are great, but with this face, no wonder! Good time for you – beard, beard, beard. Have you noticed? No one complains about it anymore !
    Clips are short, fast, good to watch. I think this movie will attract new audience to Jake, action movies likers!

    • Oh yes, I did notice! About time people realized how incredibly handsome he is with that beard.

      I’m so happy about the positive response so far, I hope Jake is happy too. True, there are negative reviews but after reading almost everything that’s being pubished I believe he has reasons to be satisfied.

  3. Taking another look at the first shot, I can see why you deemed it a favorite. I love the soft focus used and how his blue eyes pop with color. He looks very receptive to hugs in that photo shoot. I want a hug and kiss on the cheek from him. 😉

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