Meet the cast of If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet

With this video the Roundabout Theater finally get us to meet the whole cast of ‘If There Is’. They were just faces on random pictures, it’s nice to finally be able to listen to them talk about the play.



Updated to add this new movie still

Something more about End of Watch (I bet you thought I was finished).

IAmRogue Exclusive TV Spot

E! Boozy Bromance


While Hollywood loves to expose the seedy underbelly of corruption within the LAPD (often truthfully), there are surprisingly few accounts of the noble side of police work in L.A.End of Watch is such a story, a hell of a piece of action filmmaking led by two tough performances from Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena, whose endearing friendship adheres you to their common plight.


The first person P.O.V. is disappointing and unoriginal, adding nothing to the already hardened world of the L.A.P.D. This is fast-paced action filmmaking, not The Diving Bell and the Butterfuly. Someone should’ve taken Ayers off this beaten path. It’s obvious he’s trying to reflect the times, but he should think of his audience.

Thankfully, End of Watch has a hell of a lot going for it to balance out the wobbly cinematography. Gyllenhaal and Pena have big-time chemistry and seem to really care about one another in the film. The emotional depth of their relationship is why it works, and as a whole, it does work. Gyllenhaal is especially good when he’s let off the leash and allowed to dip into his primal side. As in Jarhead and Source Code, we are treated to a performance of real energy. Gyllenhaal spent months preparing for the role and it shows. He walks and talks like a cop.

The hotel scene is fantastically paced and unnervingly suspenseful. As in Training Day, the end is constantly in doubt as the film seesaws between points of view. The sense of urgency is palpable for our hero cops and Ayer takes you to the edge of your seat in terms of putting them in real danger. He obviously knows the life of a L.A. police officer. Broadened by its fantastic action and admirable characters, End of Watch is a dynamic, slightly messy, tale of real-life heroes.

MOVIELINE (this is really interesting, don’t miss it)

“On my first ride-along, someone was murdered in front of me,” said Gyllenhaal in Toronto. “There was another officer initially on the scene. It was a drug [shoot-out] between gang members. I was probably the safest you can be. And yet I was at the forefront of the danger. There were moments on these ride-alongs when I was afraid. I was amazed with how LAPD took care of us. When there are two actors in the back of the car, you’re an added responsibility and Michael [Peña] and I were very aware of it.”

“For me, this movie was a journey,” said Gyllenhaal who also has an executive producer credit on the film. ” I spent five months preparing for this part. I went on ride-alongs with LAPD two or three times a week and was doing tactical training two times per week, and live ammunition training, as well as fight training, every morning. Everything was an internal journey for me. I don’t pay much attention to the external world… It was about that internal ride for me. I have consequently made some of the closest relationships I’ve had in my life so far. It’s safe to say they’re some of my closest friends at the moment.”

“I’m most proud of the relationship between me and Michael. That took the most time to build,” said Gyllenhaal. “Right now in my life, my focus is my work. It’s what matters to me more than anything. The results of that are what the results are. This movie was a different approach to making a movie than I’ve ever experienced.” Along with the ride-alongs with police officers, the two trained together in fighting and with live ammunition. Gyllenhaal admitted that went it came to fights, Peña had the leg up. “Every morning Michael and I would go to this dojo in [L.A. neighborhood] Echo Park and fight these kids. They were between 14 and 20 and they’d beat the crap out of me. Michael is a much better fighter than I am,” he admitted.

Finally, a footage of the whole Q&A at TIFF has been uploaded on YouTube. I’m not posting it cause it contains a huge spoiler that really would ruin your End of Watch experience (luckily I already knew what it was about or I’d have been very upset). But if you want to watch it, at your risk, I would skip from about 9’40” till 10’20” and be warned that I haven’t seen it till the end yet so there may be other spoilers that I don’t know of. 


8 thoughts on “Meet the cast of If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet

  1. That’s a great video. Thanks! It’s a good reminder that it takes a lot more than just talented actors to bring a play to life on stage. Having said that, I’m afraid I’ll still only be concentrating (mostly) on Jake when I get to see it. THREE MORE DAYS!! Somebody pinch me! (But not too hard, I bruise easily…)

    • *pinches Susan delicately* LOL I can feel your excitement level rising by the minute!

      I think I’ll do exactly the same. Concentrating on Jake, I mean. That’s why I just had to book two dates, I know I’ll miss a lot the first day.

      Three more days!! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it.

  2. Thanks SO MUCH for the spoiler alert. I want to read reviews, but I’m really trying to avoid any major spoilers. Probably best for me now to not read or view anything more about End of Watch until after I’ve seen it. Won’t be long now, just over a week.

    • I know what you mean. One of the very early reviews spoiled the ending for me so I can understand very well. You can watch the first minutes of that youtube video, there’s some fun stuff at the beginning.

  3. I’m pinching you, Susan! You better believe it and get ready!
    Great reviews you found Gyllen! I read so many of them, but I still find a joy reading how Jake is praised. Am I his mother or what? Jake let off the leash and allowed to dip into his primal side? Sounds great! Really it’s a pleasure how EOW is appreciated, comparing to other films, Jake made. I just wish for them a great opening at big office. Though they had so many screenings already that it took away some audience from premiere for sure.
    That video you posted here is so good. Just look like Jake and Michael feels comfortable together!

    • You might not be his mother but the feeling of protectiveness towards Jake is not new among Gyllenhaalics. I’m very proud of him, I feel this way when a friend of mine in real life accomplishes something big. Which is crazy, I know, but what can I say.

      I hope the film will do well at the box office too, he invested 5 hard months of training and I guess a considerable amount of money in this project, he deserves praise and profits.

      I enjoyed that vid too, their bickering was funny!

  4. That Boozy Bromance video – what a hoot! So Jake doesn’t ‘really’ drink? If only he could give up smoking now ….. Okay, I’ve had my ‘protective mama’ moment for today. Won’t be the last time, I’m sure.

    • Hello there lucky lady! TWO more days!

      Well, it depends on how many glasses fit into that ‘really’ lol Anyway, you’re not the only protective mama around, marzena was having her moment yesterday lol

      I won’t say anything over booze and smokes since I enjoy both…

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