‘Blessed to be busy’

Tribute interviews Jake, Michael Pena, Anna Kendrick & Natalie Martinez at TIFF.

The Showbiz 411

Associated Press (click to watch)

We too are all very glad that you’re this busy, Jake.

And how nice of buddy Adam Levine to tweet this


14 thoughts on “‘Blessed to be busy’

  1. Michael Pena mentioned in 3 interviews so far, how they didn’t get along at the beginning. Jake – not even once. Great they got along, feeling common support!
    “I’m blessed to be busy” – yes Jake, we will survive somehow 🙂
    From series is also an interview with David Ayer – very interestingly talking about his actors.
    Adam Levine’s tweet surprised me, first time he reacted like Jake’s friend, not even mentioning his name 🙂 Maybe that’s a power of that movie!

    • I honestly wish Michael Pena would refrain from repeating that bit at every interview. Jake said that it was an initial lack of synch, that it was like yin and yang and he didn’t put it as if it was a negative thing. I think Michael Pena did, in a way, and it bugs me a little. But then he also said very nice things about Jake and what it was like to work with him so I guess it’s fine.

      Adam Levine did a really nice thing for Jake, I agree.

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