Jake on stage now and then

The NY Daily News interviewed Jake and the rest of the cast of If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, plus we finally get to see how Jake looks like as Terry.

An excerpt from the interview:

Daily News: Jake, what drew you to this play to make your American stage debut?

Jake Gyllenhaal: I read it a few years ago and fell in love with Nick’s dialogue. I think any story about a family is fascinating, too, because it’s filled with complications both universal and specific. There’s never-ending inspiration in that. If you’re going to do a show eight times a week, you need to have stuff to draw on every night.

DN: Jake, you’re an uncle to your sister Maggie’s two young kids. Has that informed your work here?

Gyllenhaal: Of course. I think real life is bound to affect any sort of artistic process. I have two beautiful nieces and they’re both an inspiration to me. One of the things that I love about this play is that it’s about a relationship that I understand.

DN: And hopefully you’re less inappropriate than Terry, who has a knack for poor decisions.

Gyllenhaal: I don’t have a similar experience to the one that we have in this play, but being an uncle is something I draw up on every day and night. The family is a microcosm for political themes that are involved in this play — the environment and the issues going on of how we treat the world.

DN: I’ve heard that water plays a significant role in the Roundabout production — and that there’s 3,750 gallons of it. There’s even a “splash zone.” Without spoiling things, what’s up with that?

Gyllenhaal: When Michael pitched to us what he was going to do with water in this show, Brian’s face changed — his eyes got wider than I’d ever seen before. He may have wanted to walk out at that moment. [O’Byrne nods, and laughs.] The water is a beautiful metaphor. I really think that Nick and Mike are a new wave of British talent and this production a perfect example of how to work together. This production is very different from the one in London a couple years ago.


A never seen before photo (courtesy of tumblr) with the rest of the cast of This Is Our Youth, his first play back in 2002)


8 thoughts on “Jake on stage now and then

  1. Thanks so much for those photos, especially the ones from This Is Our Youth. He looks so “Donnie Darko” there, doesn’t he? 😉
    “The family is a microcosm for political themes that are involved in this play — the environment and the issues going on of how we treat the world.” I’m thinking that if anyone ever wondered why Jake chose this play, all they have to do is read that quote.

  2. Wouldn’t it have been nice if some of these photos came out during the summer drought of Jake news! I’m not complaining (well, maybe a little!), since it’s great to have so much Jakeness going on. It’s just getting hard to keep up!

  3. Good interview and great pics. Such a difference to see them from the stage. Jake looks so neat as Terry, I imagined him more like a tramp. Old pictures are fantastic, never saw them. Thank you!

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