End of Watch recap (part 1)

Edited to add the Coming Soon Exclusive TV spot (watch below).

As End of Watch is about to open with a Special Presentation at the Toronto Film Festival (this coming Saturday) I thought a recap of what we’ve been teased with so far would be fun. Part 2 will follow shortly with a selection of reviews and excerpts from interviews.


Red Band Trailer


German teaser

MTV exclusive clip ‘Dating  (click to watch)

Coming Soon Exclusive TV spot

Publicity Stills


Ben Lyons with Jake and David Ayer

Michael Pena and David Ayer at Comic Con

Jake at the Hamptons

Jake on Letterman

Anna Kendrik on Real Style Network (from 2’50)

Official Movie Site

The Gadgets

Stay tuned for part 2.


6 thoughts on “End of Watch recap (part 1)

  1. Thanks for the recap. Soon it will be here. I have only seen one ad for it on TV. Like the German one. Show more of the funny side. 😀

  2. I was also wondering why we see so much of the humorous parts of End of Watch. I suspect there might be a couple of reasons. Marketing a film like this must be pretty tricky – how do you promote it to a widely diverse audience? Some people will dismiss it immediately if all they see are the violent scenes. I think they want to emphasize that the movie is about the relationship between the two cops, not just the situations they encounter on the job.

    • I think you’re right, Susan. And I hope they succeed in hooking different kinds of people and not only those ‘badass movies’ fans (if I read another ‘looks badass’ comment about End of Watch I might explode).

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