It’s all about family

It’s hard to keep up with Jake’s news these days (not that I’m complaining)!First things first, a way too short interview with Jake from

“The bottom line is that it’s just fucking great writing,” Jake Gyllenhaal says of his American stage debut, Off-Broadway play “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet.”

[Note from GC: I think something of Jake’s role as uncle Terry in ‘If There Is’ has rubbed off on him. I don’t know if you heard, but Terry swears. A lot. Did I mention that I can’t wait to see this play?]

Gyllenhaal stars as the couch-crashing Uncle Terry in Nick Payne’s British drama, opposite Brían F. O’Byrne, Michelle Gomez, and Annie Funke. “It’s about family,” Gyllenhaal says. “I think family is the most important thing in the world. I think your own family is the most complicated thing in the world, and I think it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. I think it’s what I love the most.

“Somebody was trying to get an angle on why I moved to New York, and I was like, ‘Because my family is here and I love them. And I want to be with them and they mean everything to me.’ This is the best possible place for me to be, to be near my family, doing a show about the mess of a family, and then maybe having my family come watch it.”

As for his newly acquired stage relatives, Gyllenhaal can’t rave enough. “These actors are fucking amazing. Wonderful! And I’m a harsh critic, you know? I am. And they’re probably just as harsh as I am. But so far it’s been wonderful.”

The four-person dramedy, set in England and directed by Michael Longhurst, has what Gyllenhaal calls an ambitious physical production. “It takes what you sort of assume the play is going to be and it makes it so much bigger and grander. As much as I am one for real human interaction, I also want to make a show that’s entertaining and that people want to see,” Gyllenhaal says. “And I don’t think anyone here has any desire to make some quirky family drama. That’s not what it’s about. And Michael has done it. It’s ambitious. It’s daunting for us because I think we have to pull a lot of stuff off.” He laughs, adding, “But it’s not like ‘De La Guarda’ or anything.”

From what I gathered so far audiences are enjoying Jake’s performance a lot. Main criticism is towards the play in itself but that’s what previews are for: there’s enough time to tweak it and I have no doubt the four actors are giving their best to bring a brilliant product to the opening night.






A few comments from people who saw it:

(from the guy in the picture above): “Jake is making his American stage debut in New York in “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” and if theatre is your thing, you won’t want to miss this show.  […] Thanks Jake for being a cool guy!

Rebecca Spykerman Just watched Jake Gyllenhaal in the preview of “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet” and am appreciating the view of him being swamped by fans post show 🙂

sadialatifi : Watched Jake Gyllenhaal perform in the new play ‘IfThereIs, IHaven’tFoundItYet.’ Fantastic cast, play, set. Not sold out – go see it!

Vmarshmellow : After IfThereIsIHaven’tFoundItYet there was huge crowd waiting for Jake G. We walked out late w/ 2 actors & everyone cheered. Weird.

Vmarshmellow : Apparently tonight was the first night they flooded the stage for If There Is I Haven’t FoundItYet. The water is ankle deep.

TheJenKlein : Saw “Ifthereis, Ihaven’tfoundityet.” Some really interesting water effects. Also, Jake Gyllenhaal with a British accent smoking weed.

Splrge24 Ifthere’s a better title for “IfThereIsIHaven’tFoundItYet” than “The Jake Gyllenhall Play” Ihaven’tfoundityet.

This nice review from Nick May’s blog just begs to be shared. I wish more people were blogging, tweeting, posting, smoke-signaling their impressions (did you hear that, theater-goers?):

[…] Annie Funke shines as Anna the adorable troubled teenager that struggles with being bullied while searching for a human connection. Jake Gyllenhaal as Terry is a brilliant foil to Anna’s distant parents, offering Anna solace and questionable guidance. Terry and Anna share a journey of growth as they learn more about themselves through their new found friendship. Anna’s parents Fiona and George are almost completely absent from her life as they are completely caught up in their struggling relationship with one another.

All of the actors were completely on point with their performances. Jake Gyllenhaal’s English accent was perfect, enhancing his performance and drawing you deeper into his character. His commitment to character choices were evident and he maintained energy throughout the show.

Annie Funke was a standout performer. You’d want to jump on stage and give her a big hug as she struggles with learning that life can get better. She spends the entire show on stage including an entire scene in a bathtub filled with actual water, occasionally quick changes are made behind stacked set pieces. She never breaks focus.

[…] Of course we stayed after the show to catch a quick glimpse of the gorgeous Jake and to shake hands with all of the other actors. Jake seemed shy and humble as he exited the theatre signing playbills and giving everyone a quick smile. We geeked out and had our playbill signed.

So for all of you Jake fans out there, he was great! And so was the show! And so was everyone else in the show!

A heartfelt thank you, Nick.

Last one for today, a video review of a theater aficionado (from 7’15”).


On a very silly note, here’s what Esquire thought of Jake’s attire for his appearance on Dave Letterman

Take notes from Jake Gyllenhaal, who was on The Late Show with David Letterman to discuss his new movie, End of Watch, last night. The look you see here is a great example of suit you might wear to work, and then to whatever you’ve got happening after work, even if the latter is never going to involve any television cameras. The tailoring is by Burberry, a brand that offers a slim fit, slightly-shorter jacket stance, and fabric with a slight checked texture, as to turn a regular navy suit into something a bit more interesting.

His styling choices — by which we actually mean, “how he chooses to wear this suit” — are also spot-on: The perfect amount of cuff showing, no tie, and black shoes that make the whole thing feel sort of casual. Approachable. […] And, though the beard is something the guy grows out often when he’s not filming, it feels especially right now, as we approach fall.

Hard to disagree.


10 thoughts on “It’s all about family

  1. That beard….I don’t like beards but man on Jake… *swoooon* ..He looks amazing.

    Those reviews are fantastic. I’ve heard that people thought the play wasn’t good but the actors were. Well, I’ll never know unless someone films it 😉

    Thank you for this 😀


    • He just keeps looking better and better, doesn’t he? I hope the director is keeping an eye on people’s reports, there’s some concrit worth to be taken into account for the sake of the play.

  2. Thanks for the post. Things are looking up for Jake. Who says he short. He has to bend down to take photos. HAHA. So, happy you guys are going and so far there are many good things said. 😀

  3. More and more very good comments. Great! It comes to me more clear with each day, how different, from watching movies, experience it will be to see Jake live for two hours, sharing the same space, breathing in the same air, hearing his voice live as well and having a chance to see him after the play, maybe. I may imagine how happy you, lucky ones will be!

    • I’m starting to regret not to have gotten tickets to see at least one preview but alas I have to make do with two shows after the opening. Which I know may sound offensive to you who can’t be there, and I’m sorry about that, but I know you know what I mean. I wish I were there already!

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