Break a leg!

Fingers and toes crossed, Jake.


“What I loved most about working in London, in the theater, there was a real appreciation of potential,” he said. “No one comes out of the gate 100 percent perfect. No one. I have a great sense of comfort onstage because I know taking risks is appreciated.”


Mr. Payne said that he and Mr. Gyllenhaal first bonded over the staccato structure of Terry’s dialogue. While the other three characters in the play are given to well-formed sentences and occasional speeches, Terry speaks mostly in fragments and leans frequently into pauses as he struggles to express deep-seated anger and self-loathing.

“Jake really got the rhythms and desperation in the dialogue, and its switches — the way a few words could be heartsick, and then there would be a period, and then the next few words could be furious,” he said.

It was Terry’s capacity for cruelty that appealed to Mr. Gyllenhaal most of all. “The intentions of Terry are very different from anything I’ve played before, especially his vicious side,” he said. “It intrigued me so much, and that was the sign. I want to come home at the end of the day and be wiped out and feel I’ve torn my heart out from acting and feel fulfilled. At this point I don’t have the desire to do anything other than projects that make me feel that way.”

(excerpts from the NYTimes column I posted yesterday)


14 thoughts on “Break a leg!

  1. Good luck Jake! Don’t torn your heart too much, find some fun too!
    I love all those last interviews. First reviews will come at night, my time. Wonder if Jake was able to memorize all his part in that incredible busy time. Fingers crossed.

    • Oh I think he did memorize everything but I bet he had room to improvise. I hope he got some much deserved rest, it must have been exhausting. As for reviews, I’ll wait for those coming from theater critics.

  2. Break a leg Jake. I hope when he says he wants to take parts that make him feel tired and felt like he wore his heart out, that he felt that way when he played Jack Twist. I know I felt worn out emotionally after seeing BBM

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