End of Watch night in East Hampton


Sheepish and unshaven, Jake Gyllenhaal greeted guests at Sunday evening’s screening of his new film, End of Watch, in which he not only stars but also executive-produced. Fondly remembering the six months spent shooting the action drama, about two young LAPD officers who unwittingly become embroiled in a drug cartel in South Central Los Angeles, Gyllenhaal stated, “The neighborhoods where we shot couldn’t be more different than where we are right now,” to the crowd seated inside the intimate screening room at the private home in Wainscott.

Before the film started, early arrivals sampled the hors d’oeuvres buffet of pigs-in-a-blanket, spring rolls, and spanakopita. Max Osterweis and Kate Foley chatted with Stephanie LaCava and Brian Weiss while hostess Gwyneth Paltrow looked end-of-August-appropriate with beach-mussed hair and a tie-dye shift dress at the event, which was presented in part by Samsung Galaxy SIII. Standing at the foot of the path leading into the house, she sipped a flute of champagne and welcomed guests including Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Rufus Wainwright, Molly Sims, and Katie Lee. Chris Martin lingered near his wife and caught up with cohosts Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld.

Once the credits rolled, guests filtered up the plushly carpeted steps of the screening room: Alexander and Lisa Immordino Vreeland stopped to say hello to Bruce Weber and Nan Bush who were seated with cohosts Ingrid Sischy and Sandra Brant. The more conspicuous Brants in attendance were, of course, Peter, Jr., and Harry, who arrived with a group of friends and proceeded to hold court. A bottleneck leading out of the basement screening room simply provided more opportunity for post-movie socializing. One woman in floral chiffon turned to her husband and sighed happily, “That was in-tense.” So were the pineapple cocktails waiting for guests on trays at the exit.

Nice to read that good friend Rufus Wainwright along with his partner Jorn Weisbrodt were there as well (congrats to the happy couple who are about to tie the knot!)

From The Hollywood Reporter

The couple appeared happy and relaxed on Sunday as they mingled with guests at THR‘s “Hollywood in the Hamptons” screening of the upcoming cop drama End of Watch, starring Jake Gyllenhaal.


ORIGINAL POST — Jake attended yesterday night the The Hollywood Reporter and Samsung III private screening of End of Watch in East Hampton, NY, with good friend and ‘Proof’ co-star Gwyneth Paltrow.

Picture courtesy of Patrick McMullan. Thumbnails from the same series on his website.

Pictures courtesy of IHJ

With John Lesher (Paramount President) again

With Jerry Seinfeld

With Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow

I’m glad to report that reviews are being enthusiastic so far (like this one and this one, to give you an idea), but many more are being shared. 

In the meantime, The Hollywood Reporter guys have changed the version of their ‘exclusive’ again – remember?, Jake’s role in the new movie Mississippi Grind?


Indie darlings Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are delving into the world of gambling for their next film and have enlisted Jake Gyllenhaal for a lead role


Indie darlings Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are delving into the world of gambling for their next film and are in the process of luring Jake Gyllenhaal for a lead role

to the present one

Indie darlings Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden are delving into the world of gambling for their next film. Jake Gyllenhaal will produce and is in talks to star and produce.

*picture me rolling my eyes* 


A big day’s coming! This Friday previews for ‘If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet’ will begin and Jake will be on that stage at the Laura Pels Theatre. 

The play is #1 in the Top 10 NYC stage shows for the week of Aug. 19, 2012 and according to this column it’s a tough ticket. I’m not surprised. I can’t wait to hear from the lucky people (you know who you are!) who will be there. 


P.S. I hope you noticed that I didn’t mention The Beard. Not that I didn’t want to. OK, maybe just a word. Two? Welcome Back *grins*


15 thoughts on “End of Watch night in East Hampton

  1. Interesting glimpse into how the 1% live – I didn’t know celebrities hosted movie screenings at their homes with big corporate sponsors. Looks like it was fun. I can appreciate that quote from Jake: “The neighborhoods where we shot couldn’t be more different than where we are right now.” That’s probably the understatement of the decade.

    I wonder if he is keeping the beard for the play. It would seem to fit his character very well.

    • Probably of the century.

      I think Jake will keep the beard for the play. Seriously now, forget about my personal attachment to it, but I too think it would fit the character.

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