Jake finally talks about An Enemy

Just an emergency post, more to follow. Don’t miss this, folks!


20 thoughts on “Jake finally talks about An Enemy

  1. Oh, thanks so much for sharing this! It makes me impatient for more interviews about End of Watch as well. Jake said so many interesting things about An Enemy it will be difficult to wait for it to hit theaters. But we should also get some interviews about If There Is I Haven’t Found it Yet, and that will be terrific! I love hearing him talk about his projects, getting a sense of what attracted him to a particular story.

    • I’m sorry that the video has been removed (but there’s still a chance to see it, just DM me on Twitter). I was eager to hear him talk about An Enemy and this was an unexptected surprise. We’re bound to get many more interviews, so much in the future for us Gylenhaalics!

  2. It was so strange to watch Jake talking about An Enemy, being so tired. Especially comparing him to last gorgeous pictures we had lately. He said many interesting things about the movie. But I have to watch it few more times to focus on his talking, cause I was distracted by watching his look. I was afraid he will fall asleep! I didn’t get this spider thing. Don’t remember it from a book. We have so much time to the movie release. It’s great that we have such a long interview about it. Thank you Gyllen for finding this! The longest Jake’s interview since a long time!

    • I really wonder how a giant spider crawling over Toronto will fit in the movie. LOL
      I like the idea that the distinction between Adam and Anthony gets a bit more blurry than in the book (maybe different stages of one personality). And again – as in “End of Watch – Jake had to improvise.

      • The duality aspect is not surprisingly pivotal in the film and I like it that Jake talked about how much he loved it. I have a strong feeling that this role will be one of his most appreciated.

    • There’s no mention of spiders in the novel, I guess it has a metaphorical sense. I have a feeling that the film drifts a bit from the original story. Hearing him talk about the film just made me even more eager to see it. I wish we had a release date so I could count the days. And yes, he looked very tired.

  3. Oh it’s sooo good to see him again… which sounds weird cos you just put on a dvd and voila but I guess you guys know what I mean. πŸ˜‰

    The spider-talk confused me but I can’t wait for the film.

    Also…he so looks like his 25 year old self here… *swoon*


    • I definitely know what you mean. It’s different when he talks about his projects or roles, it’s like having a chat with him on a face-to-face basis and boy, wouldn’t that be just awesome? I’ll state this again, I loved him with The Beard πŸ™‚

  4. Despite my shyness, I watched the clip. On a side note, you seem like the type of person I would like to hang out with.

  5. Oh! No! This interview had already deleted. It’s regrettable that I miss it…. 😦 I hope someone upload it on youtube or somewhere..
    Jake looks so tired in the interview?? but he said many interesting things?? awww really I’m regretful…

    • Either you’re useful and adapt (to the tight work schedule) or you’re fired, as Jake puts it in the interview only half-jokingly. It’s slightly creepy when he bursts out laughing.
      Obviously it wasn’t not easy to play two leading parts in a low-budget production with a tight work schedule. He didn’t seem to be overly happy with working conditions, but tried to make the best of it.

      • You picked the one bit of the interview that really said something important about Jake’s feelings about this project and probably about his line of work in general that we know so little about. His laugh at the end of that sentence gave me the shivers, too.

  6. If I were single, I would love to hold Jake in my arms while he dozes off. It just looked like he needed someone to hold him.

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