Checks ready?

The day has arrived: tickets go on sale today! I know you know what tickets I’m talking about but to those of you who have incomprehensibly never heard of the off-Broadway play If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet here’s firstly a slap over the back of your heads and secondly a recap of what this Fall will bring:

“Tickets go on sale July 23 for the American premiere of Nick Payne’s If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet, featuring Annie Funke, Michelle Gomez, Tony Award winner Brían F. O’Byrne and Jake Gyllenhaal. Performances begin Aug. 24 at Off-Broadway’s Laura Pels Theatre.

Michael Longhurst (making his New York debut) will direct the Roundabout Theatre Company production that will mark Academy Award nominee Gyllenhaal’s American stage debut. Opening is Sept. 20. This is a limited engagement of 13 weeks through Nov. 25.

The play first surfaced at the Bush Theatre in England in 2009. Here’s how the new work is billed by the nonprofit Roundabout: “Provocative, insightful and laced with fresh humor, If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet is an entertaining look at a regular family stuck somewhere between knowing what the problem is… and doing something about it. […]”


If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet will play Tuesday through Saturday evening at 7:30 PM, with Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2 PM. Visit or call (212) 719-1300 for more information.

I got my tickets to two showings. Is it Fall already?

Also, read here Mr. Feldberg’s article titled “Stars like Katie Holmes, Jake Gyllenhaal lighting up New York’s stages”. He says nice things about Jake:

“I’ll focus here on film actors of greater magnitude who sometimes choose to exhibit their stardom on smaller stages.

At least until the Holmes announcement, much of the season’s attention seemed destined for an off-Broadway play called “If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet,” by Nick Payne, a highly regarded young English writer who’s barely known in this country. It begins preview performances late next month for a Sept. 20 opening.

What lifts its profile way above the crowd is the casting of Jake Gyllenhaal, making his American stage debut. (He’s done some theater in London.)

An appealing, sexy Hollywood leading man gives an enormous publicity charge to the production; to the not-for-profit Roundabout Theatre Company, which is presenting it; and to all of New York theater.

It’s less evident what’s in it for a popular entertainer like Gyllenhaal: The pay is meager, and his thriving movie career hardly needs the boost of an off-Broadway play.

In its announcement, the Roundabout said, “Jake Gyllenhaal loves this play, and the part.” You could take that as the typical blah-blah-blah of a press release, but I would guess it’s true, and it’s the reason he’s doing the play.”

I too think that that’s the reason, yeah. Also in the article something about Maggie Gyllenhaal,  Peter  Sarsgaard and Anne Hathaway performances at theater.

Back to cinema, according to IMDB Jake would be rumored to star in the film Mobster: A Call for the New Order along with seemingly rumored Leighton Meester, Andy Garcia and Mickey Rourke. To take with a grain of salt, but potential co-stars are talking about it.

Jake would play

[…] an under cover FBI agent, Billy Marcello, considered to be the mastermind behind the downfall of Cosa Nostra, betrayed by his own agency, and his family murdered by the REDs. He survives and escapes to Rabat, gets taken to be a foreign assassin and lands in a Moroccan prison. Declared dead by FBI and lost in the annals of the forgotten under cover agents, Billy gets a shot at redemption when he makes a deal with the local drug lord to buy his freedom in exchange for his allegiance. After returning to the States, he calls for a new order to wage a battle of epic proportions against the REDs and the system that betrayed him in the first place.

I’ll wrap this with this pic from the set of Jake’s mum’s film Very Good Girls, where Jake has been spotted these past few days (thanks to IHJ also for the crossed legs picture above). Looking at it I can relate to this tweeter‘s thoughts:

Last but not least, from Facebook:

Emily A. C. Osborne
Yesterday at 01:04 near New York, NY ·
Fun day! Rockaway beach and I got to walk a few blocks right behind Jake Gyllenhaal.

Todd Weber Stalker 🙂 I love him, I would too..

Yesterday at 04:29
Emily A. C. Osborne Ahahaha yeah it was a nice view. He had a little kid on his shoulders. Turned around and glanced right at me and my beach umbrella.

I’ve always liked men with kids on their shoulders.

And with their bicycles…


19 thoughts on “Checks ready?

  1. Susan, I’m so happy for you! It came so fast!
    Gyllen! Such a full post, I don’t know on what should I focus! Thanks for finding all those small tasty things about Jake. Nice words Danny E Fendley said about him. I’m sure Jake will play with a big pleasure on stage and I bet that this play got huge attention because of him. Lucky people started to get their tickets and tweet about it. I feel strange tension in my stomach, knowing I won’t see it! Lucky you Gyllen, having a chance to see it twice! Maybe second time you will be able to focus on a play!
    I always liked handsome guys taking care of kids, didn’t know it works on men too 😉

    • Hey mermon, you’re most welcome. The minute I got my tickets I wished I could already pack my bags, I’m that thrilled. Good thing I managed to get tickets to two shows, I’m sure the first time I’ll be too stupid to understand a thing 🙂

  2. Sorry, I made mistake with the name of the article’s author-Mr. Feldberg. Danny E Fendley is the actor who got a role in new possibly Jake’s movie “Mobsters a call for the new order”. It means-the movie will be made. Just let’s wait for confirmation about Jake’s part.

  3. Congratulations to your tickets!
    I must admit I’m not intrigued by “Mobster”, I’d even prefer “Puzzle Palace”, directed by McG who’s not exactly my favorite director. I hope Jake will find a more interesting project.

  4. The Hollywood Reporter’s review of Nagendra Karri’s one and only movie:

    “A murky hodge-podge of horror elements, “Where Are You Sophia?” seems like a student film from the 1970s, albeit with lesser production values. Filmmaker Nagendra Karri has crammed together a don’t-go-in-the-woods/haunted mansion scenario that is so poorly assembled that it never generates any sense of fright or peril. Audiences will be lulled by the confusing and labored storytelling in this movie from Eternal Mind. Sodden with a narrative that patches itself with expository dialogue and inner monologues, “Sophia” is a muddle. At the core, it’s central characters are not particularly appealing or entrancing, owing to the lackluster scripting of director Karri. Plot-wise, a sullen stranger (Peter James Elias) tries to unravel the mystery of an enigmatic woman, Sophia (Amanda Boyd), whom he has met on a dreary beach. His quest leads to his having a blackout in the woods and he ends up in a seedy motel at the base of the eerie Highlands. Throughout, he labors to figure out what has happened during his blackout and who is the mysterious Sophia. Ladling in a requisite amount of ogre-ish local folks, Karri never generates any narrative dynamic. Periodically, Karri heaves in some out-of-the-frame assaults on the beleaguered protagonist but never develops a sense of real jeopardy. Ultimately, we never care about the characters.”

    Sounds awful. I don’t mind if Jake stars in only one movie per year, but that movie should be good.

    • Hi Hagen, thanks for posting that review, which I had read out of curiosity. It’s still too early to despise this new alleged film or Jake’s rumored role in it, we better wait for an official statement. As for good movies, I believe that just like beauty, goodness is in the eye of the beholder. A good film for me and you could be silly or awful to thousands of other movie-goers. I’m all for drama, for example, but I can’t deny Jake’s skills for comedies. Let’s wait and see and let’s have a little faith in Jake’s taste 🙂

  5. I’m trying to keep my envy in check. I try telling myself that vet bills and tuition take precedence.

    Jake is one special guy to be doing a play. I hope he does more in the future.

    Please don’t think I’m not happy for everyone who can go, it’s just that envy is a bitch. I hate feeling that way.

    • Vet bills and tuition DO have precedence. I can safely say that I’d feel the same if our positions were reversed, though. I know this isn’t of any help but I don’t know what else to say. There might be other opportunities to see Jake in the future, don’t despair 🙂

      • What you said did help. I’m feeling better (again) at the moment. Thanks for putting up with my Jake swings!

  6. I’m depressingly jealous, G! But I expect a full report…like duh! Have a wonderful time (how could you not?!)!

  7. Elizabeth, lovely to see you here. No worries, as soon as I’ll be able to function again (I expect it’ll take a couple of days) a full report will be posted 🙂 Thank you, I know it’ll be a unique experience and I’m sorry you can’t be there, too (I assume you’re not able to attend?).

  8. When you go to see the play, sneak some pics if you can! I emailed Roundabout asking if any autographed memorabilia will be for sale, but haven’t received a reply back yet.

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