That’s a wrap

Filming of An Enemy was supposed to end this Saturday but according to this tweet by the second unit director wrap time was yesterday. She is understandably sad that filming is over and shares this nostalgic city-scape pic with what I guess is director Denis Villeneuve’s back. And this one, really lovely, this time with Denis Villeneuve’s face.

Second unit scenes will be shot today (see the letter sent to the residents of the area and look at the lovely letterhead. I’m glad they kept the reversed letters). I wonder if there’s been a wrap party, Jake seems to be  on his way back to NY right now, according to these tweets

It saddens me a little that we won’t be hearing from our Torontonians  Jake watchers anymore, they were funny and very committed.

A little hint for those of you who want to try to get orchestra seats at the Lara Pels theater – see seating map – before the sale to the general public starts (VERY soon!). You might want to consider a donation, which doesn’t mean that you need to rob a bank. Donations start from $75 (it requires an age between 18 and 35, though). Read more about donations and benefits here


19 thoughts on “That’s a wrap

  1. LOL just RT the same… i’m laughing ..”he’s a bit smaller than i expected” ..poor jake, ok he’s not so tall but neither so short..has a normal hope he decides to partecipate at the comic con…..

    • Yeah, that tweet and its replies were funny. As for his height you should try and google “Jake Gyllenhaal height” and see how many people have been and still are debating about it 😉

      As for the Comic-Con, I don’t know what happened. There’s still his name on their website.

    • My daughter Alexis worked with Jake on the “An Enemy” set last Tuesday. She tells me he’s an extremely pleasant and down to earth guy who went out of his way to advise her on her scenes and also showed an interest in her own life in Toronto.

      • That’s Jake Gyllenhaal for you. Thank you for sharing with us, I would love to know more if your daughter is willing to post here. I hope she enjoyed her time with Jake, and I wish her great success in her career. Again, thanks for posting, that was awfully nice of you.

      • Jo! I’m joining in thanking to you! So nice you shared that. I wonder if your daughter is Jake’s fan or was just lucky to work there by “his side”. Even if I know how great Jake is, it’s always good to read about these personal experiences with him 🙂 I hope we will see your daughter on screen!

      • Hi there. My daughter is an actor/model in Toronto and she had a small part in “An Enemy”. Her name is Alexis Uiga. Google her if you’d like. She’s a blonde beauty but, more importantly, a sweet, kind, funny and intelligent woman!


      • Thank you, dear Jo.

        I just googled her and my, she’s really beautiful!!

        I will definitely look for her in the film scenes with Jake. It’s good to see how supportive of her career you are, I’m sure she appreciates it.

        Come back any time, it’s nice to have you here. And give my regards to Alexis!


  2. People seem to expect movie stars to be giants, and many actors are short. But Jake is six feet tall – not sure why so many people perceive him as short/small.

    Thanks, GC, for that 2nd unit twitter link. I hadn’t seen her tweets before. Seems like she had a good time on the film.

    It is sad that the Toronto shoot is over. It was fun to follow.

    • Sarah, I so agree.

      We’ve both seen him from up close and neither of us thought of him to be shorter than expected. I think he’s perfect the way he is, with his 6′ and his beard 🙂

      I’m sad it’s over, it was a fun ride and my first one on Twitter. But luckily we have so much to look forward to!

      • I have not been as lucky as you. I’ve never seen Jake in person, GC. But that will change at the theater!

  3. Thanks for the update. It just seemed like yesterday Jake started filming and now it done. We must wait a yr to see all of his effort on screen. I do hope he gets a chance to go to comic con. Now I wish I still lived done by San Diego :(. If he makes it down there I would love to see/read the tweets and any thing else. You better be on ur game GC LOL.

  4. Well it seems to be time to say goodbye to Denis Villeneuve’s team 😦
    Looking forward to hearing new things about the play now… 🙂 A new adventure is starting now! YAY 🙂

  5. Thanks for those news, Gyllen! It is sad it ended. It was fun to look for tweets, pics and news. It went so fast. I wonder why Jake got so upset by security. Usually they treated him well in Toronto, even extra sometimes. We will miss Toronto’s tweets. I checked that seating map. At least I’ll have an image of it, not being able to be there.

    • Roundabout Theater facebook page shares pictures from plays so there’s hope you’ll at least get to see those. Filming in Toronto went by really fast but it was a fun ride!

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