100 dollars (and reasons) to see Jake on stage

Edited To Add: the End of Watch website is finally up



You don’t really need me to write down a detailed list of why we should all go see Jake Gyllenhaal on stage portraying…

“… a free spirit who does not always adhere to lifes rules. For some reason he is able to connect and get through to Anna. A bit of a wild card, his behavior can be crude at times.”

… right? And now finally this soon-to-come-true dream has got a price: $100 exactly.

Casting for the play is still in progress it seems, since no actresses have been cast for Anna’s role yet. Also, if you are in the theater business and have understudied before you might want to try applying for one of the main roles:

231 W. 39TH ST.
SUITE 1200
NEW YORK, NY. 10018

*Please note – All characters are English*



[ONE WOMAN ] (early-mid 40s) to UNDERSTUDY-FIONA. FIONA is Annas mother and her teacher at school. She is struggling to manage her sick mother, withdrawn daughter and often absent husband. Must have a strong working lower middle class English accent.

[ONE MAN ] (30s-early 40s) to UNDERSTUDY GEORGE & TERRY. GEORGE is Annas father and Terrys older brother. A teacher writing his manifesto on sustainable living and locality, seasonality; and moving away from corrosive egocentrism. He is a workaholic struggling to connect with his wife and daughter. Must have a strong working lower middle class English accent. TERRY is Georges younger brother and Annas uncle. He is a free spirit who does not always adhere to lifes rules. For some reason he is able to connect and get through to Anna. A bit of a wild card, his behavior can be crude at times. Must have a strong working lower middle class English accent.

On the End of Watch front, it looks like Deadline’s statement the other day (about how totally unfitting End of Watch is in the context of the Comic-Con usual panel) just got an answer from Hollywood.com:

9. Why is Jake Gyllenhaal’s police drama End of Watch anywhere near Comic-Con?
Over the years, San Diego Comic-Con has evolved into something much bigger than a straight-up comic convention. At this point, if the movie/tv show/game/whatever can be considered pop culture, it fits. Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest, a gritty, crime drama directed by Training Day writer David Ayer, might be the antithesis of everything Comic-Con was founded on, but that may not matter anymore. The panel may be the ultimate litmus test — will people accept End of Watch just because it has someone famous in it?

Not exactly a thorough answer IMO and also a little weak but I guess promotion needs to start somewhere so why not in San Diego at the Comic-Con. What about a little flexibility, Deadline?

Speaking of End of Watch, ET Canada shared this sneak pic and this one on Twitter

And here’s another one from the End of Watch twitter page

The Comic-Con reminds me of the WonderCon which reminds me of Prince of Persia which is lately being mentioned again, and not in a favorable way. It all started with the news of hunk Michael Fassbender being cast for the adaptation of another video game – Assassin’s Creed – into film, which rekindled old perplexities over the whole Prince of Persia affair. Comments like this one (thanks to UV for the heads up)

The Irish-German hunk of cyborg (re: Prometheus) was the “first choice” for Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Paris-based Ubisoft Motion Pictures; “Michael (Fassbender) is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor.” In layman’s terms, he isn’t Jake Gyllenhaal.

…make my blood boil but unfortunately my blood doesn’t count and we have to admit that Fassbender’s agency is doing a great job. Which doesn’t mean that he’s a better actor than Jake, not by a long shot.

I’ll be curious to see if Fassbender will get the same kind of criticism that Jake got if he’ll be portraying a non-white character (Altair). I guess time will tell. In the meantime, tweets like this and this and this were unfortunately bound to surface.

I’ll cheer us up with a picture I had never seen before of Jake with Bono Vox and Lance Armstrong

and another cute Yearbook picture  (thanks again to UV for the great findings)


16 thoughts on “100 dollars (and reasons) to see Jake on stage

  1. I would spend any amount (or almost) to be able to go see him on Broadway … but unluckly I can’t afford. I’m sure will be a wonderful show.
    Beautiful pic with Bono ..of the rest… who can afford to be sitting next to Bono Vox in shorts and flip-flops with a coffee cup on the ground.. if not “our” jake 🙂

  2. I am on pins and needles hoping that I can get tickets to the play. Time will tell.
    About video game adapted movies – I am a huge Prince of Persia fan. (Some would say irrationally so.) Those comments regarding Assassin’s Creed and Fassbender make me so angry! I suppose that’s just how it works, PR people feel the need to mention past so-called failures to drum up interest in the latest effort. But still, it seems very petty and snarky. Who in their right mind would not consider Jake to be an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor?

    • I hope you make it to New York, Susan! As for those petty comments they royally piss me off, too. I’m not a big fan of Prince of Persia but I don’t think less of Jake’s talent because of that. I just hope that An Enemy will grant him an unconditional success. And I have high hopes for his American stage debut, theatre is nothing like cinema, his acting skills there might shut some mouths. It’s sad, really, but Jake’s role in Brokeback Mountain might have something to do with the fact that some moviegoers don’t buy him as a badass or a superhero or simply a tough guy. As if an actor should only play the same kind of roles over and over again.

      • It is definitely sad that BBM has prejudiced some moviegoers – such a beautiful and powerful movie. I am hoping End of Watch will help reverse some of those opinions. I find his movie performances to be amazingly compelling, so I can only imagine (for now!) how that talent will come across on stage.
        I know Prince of Persia wasn’t the most spectacular movie ever made, but there’s something about Prince Dastan that only Jake could bring to that role. I am a sucker for an old-fashioned swashbuckler and, even with all of its flaws, I think it’s a great family-friendly adventure – unlike the games upon which it is based. Not to be petty or snarky, but… it wouldn’t bother me if Assassin’s Creed crashed and burned spectacularly.

  3. Yearbook pic is cute. That smile! And the one with Bono and Lance Armstrong probably, is so full of testosterone. Jake looks so hot. That tiny cup of coffee between his legs adds a taste to it.
    My blood boils too reading those insulting, harmful tweets and stuff regarding Jake’s “failure” in POP. In these moments I’m glad Jake is not on twitter. It’s a chance he won’t read that. I can’t imagine cinema world without POP and prince Dastan. I love it so much. I can’t see any Jake’s part in poor POP Box Office results. Referring to this out of the blue, talking about MF and his new film project is so heartless. People don’t care anymore that actors, celebrities are living, feeling human being and feel free to spit out whatever they think.
    Regarding Anna’s role casting – don’t you think it’s possible they’ll hire more than one girl. She supposed to be 15. Playing schedule is very intense. Would be difficult for one school girl to fit in it.

    • Yes, that yearbook shot is precious. To think that that same smile would make people weak at the knees a few years later!

      I’m sure Jake spends some time on the internet and if he misses something his agency surely won’t. You’ve got to be ready to deal with one of the most cynical worlds if you want to be an actor and Jake was made aware of this since his adolescence. He’s an experienced actor and definitely not a softie, but some of those comments are gratuitously mean.

      As for Anna’s character I agree it’s not easy to find a girl that age who’s not busy with school.

  4. @cosmic twins media
    LOL @ “it wouldn’t bother me if Assassin’s Creed crashed and burned spectacularly.” — I second that! 🙂

    As for Brokeback Mountain, I hope Jake will never regret doing it.

  5. I know I am a little late. But Roundabout theater has a program called HIPTIX I joined ghat its free for anyone 18-35 years old. My friend and I are seeing Makes play September 2 and we paid $22 a piece for tickets. Just wanted to let people know you don’t have to pay a $100 a ticket!

    • Thank you for pointing that out Stefanie! Yes, that’s a great opportunity for youngsters, I think many Jake fans got tickets at that price and I hope many more will.

  6. I bought tickets to see ‘If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet’ for December 19, 2012 at 7:30pm. Just realized that this is Jake’s birthday. I am wondering if I now made a mistake, that he may have his understudy there because it IS his birthday. :/ I have paid quite a bit of money to fly up and stay in NYC to see Jake. Any suggestions? Opinions? Thoughts? Thank you in advance from one Jake fan to another. 😀

    • Hi Tonya,
      I don’t think Jake would use his understudy the day of his birthday, he has showed that he’s a very committed actor despite personal stuff going on many times but of course I could be wrong. I guess there’s no way to know for sure, but if I were you I wouldn’t be pessimistic.

      • Thank you for your optimistic reply to my concern. 🙂 I was getting ready to post and share something that I found out from the Roundabout Theatre Company with you and other Gyllenhaalics. I spoke with a lady there and she said that Jake WILL be doing ALL of his shows! I don’t know why I would ever doubt his commitment anyway. 😉

  7. Hey, I’m glad for you! I’m not surprised, Jake truly is a reliable guy when it comes to his job. You can sing him happy birthday when he signs your autograph 🙂 I hope you enjoy the play, come back here and tell us what you think of it!

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