Apologies and a Jake’s schedule update

I’ve been silent for a while, as I’m sure one or two of you might have noticed (just kidding, I know there are at least three people out there still reading, I have proof).

Something very scary happened with my blog and I’ve been debating for the past few days whether to keep it running or close it. After a long inner quarrel that a schizophrenic would be jealous about I’ve come to the conclusion that everything we’re given in life comes with an expiry date so keeping that in mind I’ve decided to be philosophical about it and stay a little longer.

Things (and tweets) seem to have quieted down on the Jake front, which can mean a few things: they’re shooting indoor scenes, the security crew is doing a good job or the initial frenzy was maybe not really arranged but probably welcomed by the production that decided to let the guard down for the few days necessary to hook people’s attention.

An Enemy in Toronto should wrap on July 14 (a virtual slap on the back of the head to the Toronto Film & Television Office for misspelling Jake’s surname)…

…and in the meantime the guys at Pathé International have started watching the rushes of it the other day…

…so they are presently probably going over scenes that need to be re-shot before the final editing starts. Is it me or does it seem like yesterday that we first heard that Jake was in talks for this film? Boy, time sure flies.

I very much doubt Jake will stay in Toronto until the 14th since he’s expected in San Diego that same day at the Comic-Con for an End of Watch early look that he will attend with co-star Michael Peña

12:45-1:45 Open Road Films: End of Watch and Silent Hill: Revelations 3DGlobal exclusive! Catch an early look at the highly anticipated action film End of Watch, with special guests Academy Award nominee Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña who play police officers patrolling the meanest streets of south central Los Angeles, and writer/director David Ayer (Training Day).

Jake is not new to the Comic-Con, I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded of how he looked at the WonderCon of 2010 in San Francisco for the Prince of Persia promotion (I didn’t choose a picture from that day for my Twitter page background for anything)


After the Comic-Con event Jake will presumably fly back to New York to start rehearsal for his much awaited American stage debut

Speaking of which, I had a few chats with the guys at the Roundabout Theatre and I have to say that they are a great team, they not only work hard (even on the 4th!) but they are very patient and kind and helpful and they managed to keep calm even after my umpteenth attempt to draw out  a date for the tickets sale to the general public. Which they eventually told me. If you are interested to know when to mark your calendars, DM me on my Twitter page or my Tumblr page and I’ll be happy to share the great news with you. Since this date has not been made public yet I prefer to keep it private until the Roundabout Theatre will advertise it on their website.

I have updated my INTERVIEWS page with a lovely old radio interview. I was listening to it the other day and that’s probably the reason why I’m still here. Go listen to it.

Last but not least, here’s a footage of Jake (from the DVD extras, so nothing new) having his hair cut for Jarhead. What I love the most about this few seconds vid is what the lady has to say about Jake. So true. Oh, and also his cute giggle fits. A friend of mine reminded me about this video while he was helping me shaving my hair this morning.


23 thoughts on “Apologies and a Jake’s schedule update

  1. Ow. I told u I saw teeth. XD. I enjoy reading because I am new at following Jake around on the net. Plus u post great things about him. Thanks. Also like the video of him getting his head shaved. I would have loved to have done that. 🙂

    • Oh, look what the cat dragged in 😉

      Thanks, I like writing about Jake, he’s a great subject.

      I would have loved to shave him too. Or have Jake shave me, whatever suits him.

      • I would shave Jake wherever he wanted. He could shave me anywhere except for my head. 😉

  2. Hi Gyllencrazy,

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve experienced some problems with running this blog. I’m also a bit perplexed by it, as your fan-site seems pretty harmless and about as non-offensive as they come.

    Anyway, I thought I’d take this opportunity (while you’re still around) to just let you know that I visit it frequently and really appreciate the up-to-date factual information you always provide. I’ve never posted here because, well… I do like to gossip! But I’m happy to hear you’ll stick around. Jake’s online fandom is already quite small and I’d be sad to see it further reduced.

    Funny you should link to the KCRW interview; it’s one of my absolute favorites. Actually, I think it’s what finally “won me over” and made me stick around in the Land of Jake Fans. His voice is so soothing, the music is lovely and it’s a very touching topic (the joys and difficulties of family) – I just loved it!

    Thanks for sharing – and thanks for all the time and effort you put into bringing information to the “lazier fans” such as myself ☺

    • Why thank you. This is one of the loveliest comments to my blog so far, I really appreciate it. I’ll stick around for as long as the powers that be will allow me, at least.

      That interview is one of my favorites too. The River brings back fond and heartbreaking memories and listening to him talk about his father hits chords that well…it really is something.

      So thank you for reading, it’s nice to know I have such lovely readers.

  3. Thanks for coming back Gyllen 🙂 Hang on! We’re gonna support you for the good job you do here!

    You’re right… Time flies… I just remember the time when you posted the amazing cast 🙂

    See you!

  4. I noticed you were silent, but thought it’s because of no Jake’s news for a while. I have no idea what anything scary could happened to your good blog. Certainly you didn’t do anything inappropriate. Are you tired of it already? 😉 Would be very big waste if you’d stop to run it. It’s really nice place to talk about Jake. I don’t agree with you. Not everything we’re given in life comes with an expiry date. Absolutely not. Some things may have little stops, some floats endlessly like true friendship, admiration, love etc. So don’t give up, whatever reasons you might have.
    About An Enemy – they started filming from outdoors scenes, which in book were rather seldom. We had more of it than I expected. So I think you’re right, they make indoor shooting now. Though we can’t complain, we had a lot of tweets from Toronto University students. Take care and keep going!

    • Oh no, I’m not tired of it, at all. I’m not sure if it shows but I’m pouring all my love for Jake into this blog and I too would hate it if one day I’ll see myself forced to close it. But like I said, I’ll stick to it for as long as I’m allowed to.

  5. How come that Jake’s voice works on both sexes? Gyllen, no doubts about your flooding love for Jake. Shows in every line. 🙂

  6. I agree with what others have said already. We enjoy reading and u sharing all that is Jake. We all enjoy talking about him. I am a little concern when u said as long as u r allowed to. It sounds like someone is tring to stop u from writting. I hope that it is nothing to serious. Me and others r here is u need anything. :)A laugh, cyber hug and for sure a great talk about Jake and all that he is. I am glad that Jake’s voice works wonder on everyone. 😉

    • Thank you Jessica, I appreciate your support as well as that of all readers who commented. That’s really kind of you. If I’ll ever close this blog it won’t be because I want to, that’s for sure.

  7. Dear Gyllencrazy

    I was very surprised to read this post, and I’m very sorry that I didn’t know about that you have a problem with your blog…
    I also agree with everyone here.
    I want to say that I’m loving your blog so much! It’s already one of the most important place to me. I know that you’ve dedicated yourself to Jake Gyllenhaal for a long time. and I appreciate you making this blog enthusiastically.
    I think your efforts for the blog is praise worthy. So, I can’t understand that you have to close it….
    Ohhh Please don’t leave us behind. Please keep the blog running. Remember I always look forward to reading your blog even though I’m not able to leave comments so offen, you know…
    awwww I wish i could express all my thoughts in English!!

    • Mayumi-san, you’re a doll. Thank you so much for stopping by and showing your support to my blog, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. I will stick around because my love for Jake is worthy of all efforts for keeping this blog running so no worries, and please don’t apologize for your English, it’s just fine! Again, thank you.

  8. away for a few horrible days and I find this? no eh? I have always a lot of problems with internet and my old pc (is alive since 1998) but I always read and I missed you a lot! hope now goes better and I hope to be there more often

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