Getting tased with Jake Gyllenhaal

While Twitter and Facebook are literally exploding with enthusiastic messages from lucky students of the UTSC (University of Toronto Scarboro) where Jake is filming indoor scenes as Adam (the history teacher in An Enemy)…

End of Watch, with its new release dates…

Belgium 10 October 2012
Greece 11 October 2012
Netherlands 18 October 2012
Denmark 1 November 2012
Argentina 15 November 2012
UK 23 November 2012
Australia 29 November 2012
Germany 20 December 2012
Sweden 25 January 2013

…hits again the news with this Hollywood Reporter funny interview with Cody Horn, who plays officer Davis in the film. You can see her before End Of Watch in the upcoming film

Magic Mike, in which she’s cast as the normal girl-next-door who steals Channing Tatum’s heart.

I’m sure you noticed the ridiculous number of hot guys she’s been recently working with (Joe Manganiello, anyone? Sorry, I’m digressing).

Horn stars with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena in the upcoming LA cop movie, End of Watch, which is the complete opposite of Mike. “It’s a total guy’s movie. And I got to scratch an itch of playing a tough cop. I was shooting guns, I even got tased!,” she says, a little too enthusiastically.

She got what? “We had gone to this training facility for a tactical challenge and fitness test where you run, grapple, shoot to become a police officer. To pass the test to become a cop, you have to get tased and get pepper sprayed so you know what it feels like.”

Her character, a former Marine turned cop whose dad is the head of the police force, is a real badass. So of course Horn raised her hand first for the tasering. “Then Jake had to do it and then we ended up tasing the entire cast.”

Her descripton is pretty chilling. “It feels like it’s ripping your bones out of your body and simultaneously hammering your bones with a jackhammer. Cops have to tolerate it for five seconds. They did it to everyone else for one second. But they did me for three seconds because I was screaming so much, I forgot to say ‘Stop.”

Getting tased by Jake Gyllenhaal? where do I sign up?

You can skip the official website, ’cause right now it’s absolutely useless. I hope they’re working on it, September is not that far.


8 thoughts on “Getting tased with Jake Gyllenhaal

    • Thank you for reading, dear.

      I’m looking forward to End Of Watch too. Even if cop movies are not my cup of tea I’m sure Jake wouldn’t have signed for a trite bad guy/good cop story.

  1. Look forward to seeing it but… France hasn’t been mentioned yet 😦
    Well I’m gonna wait and watch the pictures…
    Jake-with-his-half-smile is nearly as appealing as Jake-in-his-blue-sweater…
    What about Jake-half-smiling-wearing-a-blue-sweater?… Well… I think I’d better go back to work!

  2. Poland hasn’t been mentioned yet as well. I hope I will have a chance to see it in theatre at all! The story with tased cast is incredible. At last we hear something more about End of Watch. I can’t wait for that movie. I like trailer very, very much, that vibe, tempo, music. Just can’t wait! Thank you Gyllen for a news!

    • You’re welcome, mermon.

      I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the film will be distributed in Poland. I think this is one of those films better seen on a big screen. I can’t wait for more behind the scenes fact, too.

  3. One more thing. I protest against naming EoW a guy’s movie. I bet many women will see it with their men. many single women will see it as well. :)Mainly for Jake. It may have really big audience as for that type of movie.

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