Breaking: Big Easy Express now available on iTunes


If you want to see three folk/country music bands having the time of their lives on a train ride across the country, sharing long sleepless nights of chats and music and thoughts and booze in a long narrow space for days, meeting enthusiastic crowds at every gig or playing for their own delight till 5 am and feeling like kindred spirits, if you want to join them in this declaration of love to music and train rides and friendship, then you can’t miss this little gem.

And it really doesn’t matter that there’s very little of Jake in it.


Remember the Big Easy Express documentary?

It’s today’s news from Mumford& that

It may have been over a year ago now since the great journey, but the memories remain bright and crystal clear in HD. Not only because it was such an incredible, life-affirming experience for all but also because of director Emmett Malloy’s film documenting the whole thing, ‘Big Easy Express’.

The film is made up of footage shot aboard the train, parking lot performances, one-off moments, interviews with participating band members and some really stunning cinematography of the American landscape.

It gives us great pleasure to say that from today, now those of you who couldn’t be there get to be a part of the whole experience too!

Big Easy Express is now available to download or rent from iTunes. Head this-a-way to find out more:

M&S HQ x

Also, from Deadline New York:

Director Emmett Malloy’s documentary about a train tour by folk bands Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Britain’’s Mumford & Son has been generating strong buzz on the film festival circuit. But regardless of how it performs, S2BN Films’ Big Easy Express has the distinction today of being the first feature film distributed globally (in 50 countries) for sale and rental on iTunes ahead of any other platform, including theaters. The producers and the bands were able to make the deal with Apple because they own all of the global rights to the film and music.

Apple also will be first to offer the soundtrack when that’s released. “We always wanted to incorporate a global digital platform into our release strategy and to find a novel approach to bringing Big Easy Express to both new and traditional film audiences,” Malloy and the film’s producers said in a joint statement. “We are delighted to be working with all of our partners in crafting an innovative distribution model.”

More release news:

On July 24 Alliance Entertainment will introduce Big Easy Express in a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack. Later this year it will go to multiple subscription VOD outlets and theaters before moving to conventional television in early 2013.

Jake with director Emmett Malloy (pic courtesy of Bo Bushnell)

I wouldn’t mind seeing him this relaxed in the film:


6 thoughts on “Breaking: Big Easy Express now available on iTunes

  1. This film really made me smile! The concert film does not so much provide interviews or reflections on the indie rock/folk/country music scene. That’s why I wouldn’t call it a road movie or documentary. While I sometimes wished to get to know the band members a bit better and hear about their thoughts, I appreciate at the same time that the live songs were not annoyingly interrupted by interviews, as happens so often in musical documentaries.
    I wrote a long review after watching it:

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by! and thanks for sharing your lovely review. I agree with everything, especially when you say that you would have loved to know more about the musicians. But it was good to listen to the songs and concentrate on the music and the apparent love for it that floated on that train.

      I’m glad you found this place and shared your thoughts about this beautiful film, thanks again!

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