Tweets, reminders, hopes and Bear.

Edited To Add:
The Canadian Press
Jun 04, 2012
MONTREAL — A new Denis Villeneuve film starring Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal is one of nine new feature films to receive funding from Telefilm Canada.

The federal agency has allocated a total of $14 million in funding to the projects, which include eight English films and one French.

Villeneuve’s An Enemy, based on Jose Saramago’s novel The Double, tells the story of a teacher who discovers he has a double and seeks out the man.

Didn’t I tell you that I had a good feeling about this film?
Back to the original post!
Hello folks, I hope you all woke up on the right side of the bed!
I woke up to new pictures from the set
and some funny tweets:
Sorry I was late for brunch, I had to wait for Jake Gyllenhall to cross the street. #Jubilee
I guess the guy was witnessing this street crossing:

And while Jake is busy crossing streets and crashing cars

paul gettlich@416P
Spent the other night on a camera car with Jake Gyllenhaal doing 70km/h along Lakeshore shooting a car crash sequence.

…a reminder for all of you Torontonians: the WorldwideShortFilmFest starts tomorrow and The Shoes “Time to Dance” AMAZING video featuring our very own Jake is among the contenders of the Award for Best Short Music Video.Can you imagine watching Jake slaughtering hipsters on a big screen?? I wouldn’t want to miss it if I were in your shoes (pun intended). It’s scheduled for Friday, June 6 and after the screening you can also join the after party

I very much doubt Jake will attend either but who knows, if he’s not too tired from filming and decides to spend a weekend in Toronto instead of NY … One can hope, right?

Last but not least, a reminder for all of you dear Queen’s Subjects in England: don’t miss Bear Grylls’ BORN SURVIVOR on Discovery tonight, 9pm sharp. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Worth re-listening to Bear talk about Jake in this lovely interview

P.S. Adam is definitely my favorite Jake.  I know, I’ve said this before.

P.P.S. I’ll probably say it again.


12 thoughts on “Tweets, reminders, hopes and Bear.

  1. The one and only episode of Man v. Wild I’ve ever watched was the one featuring sweet Jake. That man can lure me to watch all kinds of things I wouldn’t normally seek out.

  2. Are you one of those who doesn’t like Prince of Persia? For me it was my life changing movie 🙂
    I never heard about Bear Grylls before, never watched any episode. It was fantastic show. Both guys were great. Thank you Gyllen for a vid, never seen it before.
    It’s nice to look at Jake in his almost private clothes. I like that he looks like himself. I mean the pants, shoes, beard. We have so many pics. Unbelievable. What do you think about Jake’s longer hair? I see some waves. I wonder if it’s natural or is made for purpose. Interesting. The glasses are not my favourite. He has couples of much better ones.

  3. I wish I knew if there’s a hidden meaning behind those butt ugly glasses. I hope there’s one, I don’t want to think they’ve just chosen the worst glasses ever just for the sake of it. Everything that adorns our Jake must be flawless, don’t they know?

    Back to most serious concerns yes, I noticed the hair waves. I like him whatever hair-do he chooses and I like him bald. One could say that I’m not picky when it comes to Jake.

    As for Prince of Persia I didn’t say I disliked it, I just meant that if it weren’t for Jake I would have never seen it. I liked his long hair there, it was funny to see those pics of him constantly wearing a beanie to hide that dreadful mid length phase before he started shooting.

  4. The Hollywood Reporter: “Also getting taxpayer coin from the Canadian Feature Film Fund is the Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer ‘An Enemy’ from writer-director Denis Villeneuve, which received $3.6 million.”

    Adam probably needs extra wide sunglasses when he’s tracking down Anthony. Maybe he’s borrowed them from his girlfriend or – by the look of them – from his mother.

  5. I will never forget the first time I saw Jake in this episode.. over the rope .. and his fear before starting the feat … I was scared for him and I’m not afraid of heights .. he was really “a great” even if i prefer to know him “at safe”…for the rest…i prefer Adam too 😉

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