An Enemy: updated list of distributors

This should ease your minds, American and British friends!

For those of you who expressed their concern about the lack of US and UK distributors of An Enemy here’s an updated list. Enjoy!

Also, from IMDB (not officially confirmed yet) Tim Post and Laurie Murdoch seem to have joined the cast. The first is listed as “Anthony Concierge” and Laurie is not yet specified. Anthony Concierge could mean two things but I won’t say more out of respect of those who don’t want spoilers.

Thanks to GB for this picture of Jake I had never seen before (from the Dazed and Confused magazine photo shoot)


15 thoughts on “An Enemy: updated list of distributors

  1. Good news! I’m glad for all the people who would be able to watch the movie 🙂
    I love the first picture of Jake. His look… Damn it! (the second one is nice too of course ;-))

      • That’s possible. I wonder why they made Jake to wear beard in the movie. It was different in the book. It’s just so opposite to bald Jake in End of Watch. Maybe that’s why. 🙂

      • *spoiler alert*

        Jake with a beard was the first thing that made me think that the script would differ from the original story in what regards a rather crucial point.

  2. There’s still no distributor for Germany.

    Jake is represented by WME. I didn’t know they distribute movies, too.

  3. thank you for the update about distributors. I didn’t know that movies looked for a distributor while still filming. I thought that process came after the movie was in the can

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