An Enemy: first pictures of Mary with Adam

I don’t know why exactly but I’ve always found myself in agreement with a minority of people, whatever the controversy. As for Jake, I’m a fan of his beard and his green pants, which lists me under a teeny-weeny minority of people, if such minority even exists 🙂

Also, and this I’m sure won’t come as a surprise to a few of you, I prefer Adam’s look (shocking!). Maybe it’s because I read the book and totally fell for his character, or maybe because I’m more of a haunted-look-kind-of-guy person, but Adam does it for me.

Anyway, I’m posting this to update the blog with new pictures of Jake (Adam/Anthony) and Mélanie (his fiancé Mary) from the set, but also to express my wish and hope that Jake and the crew will soon be left alone. I know we are eager to know more and we’re curious to see Jake in action (I was the first one to fall off the chair when the first pictures made their appearance) but maybe things are going a little too far. Those people are working and paps and fans are in the way. And it doesn’t take a genius to see that Jake is not thrilled about it.

I’m going to post a few pictures that make me feel a little less uncomfortable, you know by now that there are tons around the net if you want to see more. I’m not saying I won’t post pics from the set anymore, I’ll just try and post the less “private” ones.

I like the way she looks at him here

What’s with those pant legs?

Lovely smile, both of them

Mélanie looks very sweet, I hope they clicked.

Jake with what looks like his stunt double

A closeup from a lovely shot (courtesy of Sean O’Neill)

There, pant legs fixed (?)

On another note altogether, those of you lucky Torontonians might want to live – or re-live – the unique experience of watching Brokeback Mountain on a big screen and with an introduction from the amazing Annie Proulx to boot.

The Luminato & TIFF festival presents


Adapted from Annie Proulx’s short story, Brokeback Mountain tells the story of Ennis del Mar (Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist Jake Gyllenhaal, two young ranchers in Wyoming meeting in 1963 and their secret romance over the span of twenty years.

A huge commercial and critical success, Brokeback Mountain went on to win Ang Lee his Best Director Oscar and be considered as one of the most important commercial film in history for its organic integration of gay content.
This film will be proceeded with a short introduction by Annie Proulx.
The New Yorker at Luminato: Aspects of Annie Proulx will be presented June 10, 2012 (7:00 PM) at the Festival.

I know I wouldn’t want to miss it. I might have seen this masterpiece at theaters more times than I can publicly admit but I know I’d be sittin’ in the first row again.

Toronto is all about Jake, lately.

God bless this city.


21 thoughts on “An Enemy: first pictures of Mary with Adam

  1. Would be lovely to be able to see BBM while Jake is in the city! Who knows maybe he’ll attend festival and that special screening with Anne Proulx. i bet, for him it’s a great pleasure and honour that his few years old, but the best movie is played during movie festival. You’re right GYLLENCRAZY – “Toronto is all about Jake, lately. God bless this city.” I believe they will try to invite him.
    Melanie on that pic when she’s alone – looks great. I also count on their chemistry. I tweeted with one guy who said that there is a security on the movie set. So maybe they allow some spectators to watch from the distance.
    With Jake we never know if he’s upset or not. When he was younger he was smiling constantly and laughing a lot. Now he’s a mature man, more serious and when he doesn’t smile, is concentrated, we got impression he’s in bad mood. It may not be truth. Hopefully. I also think he gets himself in Adam’s character, trying maybe to stick to his personality even in private time on set.

    • “I tweeted with one guy who said that there is a security on the movie set. So maybe they allow some spectators to watch from the distance.”
      Yes, I think it’s quite likely that the production team allows some paparazzi to take pictures on the set. Probably they want to create buzz for “An Enemy”. Pathé International’s marketing campaign for the distribution rights is all about Jake’s popularity, as evidenced by the poster. The paparazzi might be somewhat annoying for Jake, but I think there’s nothing wrong when blogs publish those pics.

      • Nice to see you again, Hagen.

        “The paparazzi might be somewhat annoying for Jake, but I think there’s nothing wrong when blogs publish those pics.” I never said there was something wrong with publishing those pictures on blogs, I said that they make me – Gyllen – uncomfortable. You might be right about the buzz. I hope then that there really is a security service that keeps paps and fans at the distance that Denis Villeneuve and the production want them to be.

    • @mermon

      Watching Brokeback on a big screen is pure magic, I really hope you’ll get to see it at a theater one day.
      This opportunity in Toronto shouldn’t be missed, a screening of Brokeback with an introduction from Annie Proulx herself? that’s priceless. I wish I could go.

      About the intrusive paps and fans, maybe it’s because I have this tendency to put myself in other people’s shoes that I care about this issue. Would I want people peeking in, taking pictures, yelling, swooning or whatever it is they’re doing there, while I’m trying to concentrate on my work? I know I wouldn’t.

      Jake is being kind to his fans, he smiles and he lets himself be photographed with them but this happens when he’s “off duty”. I think that – either being Adam or being himself – Jake can’t be pleased with distractions when he’s working. Would you?

      But maybe I’m just being oversensitive while in Toronto Jake is inwardly laughing his nice ass off about it all 🙂

      • I wouldn’t like to be disturbed while working for sure. Let’s hope people are not stupid and don’t shout/yell when they film. Maybe they take pictures. I believe it doesn’t bother too much, cause set is full of lights anyway, probably. I would rather think they gather around and watch in silence how the movie is made. After the shooting, at time off – it’s different thing. They may shout for Jake’s attention – pics, autographs, shouting out their love to him:) I read yesterday, on IHJ I believe, that Jake and Melanie were posing for pics by their trailers. So they also promoting the movie since the very beginning. In these times of so many movies in making, box office’ competition – promotion is very important. And as we know – Jake promotes his films wonderfully.

      • Promotional pictures are official pictures taken by professionals. I doubt paps’ pictures would be welcome by the producers or the publicists but who am I to judge. It might all be welcome or even asked for and I’m the only one who was concerned about it. All’s good in Jake-land, anyway.

  2. As one who hates the green pants, I do try not to mention it every time he wears them. I’m just not a chinos fan. I prefer Jake in jeans. But again, he doesn’t ask my opinion!

    I’m trying not to get worried about Jake’s demeanor. Another couple of tweeters said he was rude tonight, but he was filming and they seemed like excitable types. I’m hoping he was reacting to something that was done or said and not just being jerky.

    We do all have our bad days, so I’m not condemning. Especially since we have no real details. But I wish for Jake to have a happy shoot.

    • LOL! I know you hate those pants! 🙂 He never asks us our opinion about anything, does he? he really should start doing that.

      I’m not exactly worried about Jake’s demeanor, I just wonder if we really need to watch his every move, I mean, looking at him drinking from a glass outside his trailer? do I really need to see that? I don’t know. I’ve stated more than once that celebrities have chosen their line of job and therefore can’t complain about being papped everywhere everyday, but I think that that, too, has its limits. But maybe, like I said to mermon, it’s just me being oversensitive and he doesn’t care.

      • I am among those who like green pants very much. The colour and all those pockets 🙂
        I hate when paps are too aggressive, coming too close with their lenses, really bothering celebrities in their private life, photographing and posting pics of their kids etc. But they do, because they may. That should be a law, a line they couldn’t cross. Like some limited distance they should keep, while photographing or avoiding kids pics or blurring them while posted.
        On the other hand Jake has so many wonderful pics with his exes, he would never had them if not paps. Maybe it was bothering him then, while were taken, but now he has such a souvenir. He could collect all of them and keep in album 🙂 In a way paps save his life on pics in different placed, with different people. I just try to look at that from other point of view.

      • I agree that there should be a law preventing paps from taking pics from too close and especially when kids are involved pics should be blurred. I know in many countries this law already exists. I wish it did in the US, too.

      • If I were to see Jake out and about, I would try to be discreet about it. I wouldn’t want him to think poorly of me. That would make me cry.

      • I don’t think Jake thinks poorly about his fans, he’s aware of how much he is loved by so many. If fans waited for him to be off duty before asking him for a photo or an autograph that should be fine I guess. Intruding whilst he’s shooting is another story, IMO.

  3. Hi, I’ve only recently found your blog *faint* so just yeah.. *waves* 😀

    I have never read the book so don’t know anything about it (and don’t want to know either) but I despite liking both looks I think the leather jacket does a bit more for me.. However, that last pic before the BBM bit..woah… :p

    I would kill to be able to see BBM on the big screen…have no idea why I never did when it was on 😦


    • Hiya Nev! good to see you here.

      I understand people who don’t want to know about the plot, this is why I’ve tried to keep mentions of it to a minimum.

      Oh yes, that leather jacket is a killer! I swear I heard the noise of all those jaws dropping.

  4. Two actors have been added to the cast of “An Enemy”:
    Tim Post as “Anthony Concierge” (?) and Laurie Murdoch

    Antonio / Anthony played a concierge in a movie, but more likely Tim Post is a concierge in Anthony’s apartment building who gets confused by Anthony / Adam. We’ll see.

  5. “If I were to see Jake out and about, I would try to be discreet about it.” I think exactly the same.
    The thing is, finding myself close to Jake may be so emotional, that I could behave stupidly. Irrationally. I could faint, cry, stare motionless as a pillar of salt. Or just be speechless, too shy to react in any way, miss my only one opportunity to have any personal contact with Jake and regret it till the end of my life.

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