An Enemy: meet Anthony, Adam’s double

I was curious to see how different Adam and Anthony would look. It’s amazing how, with the help of a mere change of clothes and hair-do, Jake managed to comply the uneasy task to portray two diverse characters. It’s all in his posture, his eyes, his hands even, the result being a totally different man from Adam despite the exact same appearance.

Anthony is a self-confident actor (married, in the film) and judging by the helmet we might even see him driving a bike (good lord)

Even though I’m curious to know why would someone who supposedly owns a bike

get on a bus with the helmet…

Here he is having a break with the director Denis Villeneuve,

whom we should all prostrate before for having chosen Jake for this film

(and look at that policewoman! if looks could kill…)

 Can you see the difference?

As you can see in the picture above the lovely Mélanie Laurent joined the cast yesterday, while Sarah Gadon, who plays Anthony’s wife (you sure have noticed his ring finger) was last seen in Cannes two days ago so we might have to wait for her to recover from the festival celebrations.

Last but not least, here’s a nice blog post by Toronto blogger Mr. Will-W with a lovely set of pics, who was on the set yesterday and even got to talk to a very sweet and kind Mélanie:

Exciting day in Toronto as filming for Denis Villeneuve’s An Enemy took to the streets, giving some female Onlookers quite the shock when they saw Jake Gyllenhaal emerge out of a TTC Streetcar!


Today’s filming saw Gyllenhaal and Laurent on a Streetcar, then following her to her Office in hot pursuit.  The Film Crew took several precautions to protect their Talent and Gyllenhaal was veiled by not one, but two umbrellas.  Fans watched across-the-street in awe as he ran through multiple takes, snapping Photos with their Cell Phones.

Two umbrellas? One for Anthony and one for Adam, I assume.

Laurent was incredibly sweet, stopping to chat with a couple French-speaking Fans on a bench and also snapped a Photo with me too during a quick break from filming.  “Parlez-vous Francais?”, she asks. Sheepishly I replied, “Je comprends. But cannot speak v. well”, drawing a smile and a nod from her.

More about An Enemy soon. Stay tuned!


13 thoughts on “An Enemy: meet Anthony, Adam’s double

  1. that’s curious, an helmet? maybe a way to remark the differences between the two? Adam-teacher- quiet life-old car Anthony-actor-motorbike-bad boy?definitely i love the bad boy look 🙂

  2. I like Anthony’s look very much! It’s weird to choose between two Jakes, but judging from pics only, I prefer Anthony. Opposite than in a book. We’ll see how it’ll prove to be in a movie. You’re right. Jake gave/showed the differences perfectly, with small things. He’s really great actor. No doubts! That role is a challenge for him.
    I was wondering about the helmet and street car as well. Maybe it will be some disguise? SPOILER: When Anthony observes Adam’ s apartment, maybe he will wear helmet 😉

    • I knew it would have been hard to choose between the two and seeing as there’s Jake behind those same two it’s even harder 🙂 The helmet and the bike (there must be one at some point) are a strange addiction indeed. It fits with Anthony’s character, a man in the movie business, comfortable in his clothes. They might have needed a way to make the distinction between the two more apparent, considering that they don’t have a 240-page book to explain things.

  3. Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph! *thud*

    You know me Gyllen, boys on bikes are my kind of thing lol Seriously though, you’re right. Jake’s Adam and Jake’s Anthony both look pefectly fitting with the character. I forgot to tell you that I finished the book. What an incredible story. Thank you for dragging me into it.

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